Friday, November 2, 2007

Let's Talk About The "Blogroll"...

Well, well, well, here we are and it is time to have “The Talk”. Bloggsville why are you so cliquey? As you all know I am fairly new to blogging so I have not quite been briefed on all of the blog do’s and don’ts. But in my blogger travels I have come across enough blogs & comments to form a pretty good idea of some things. Not acknowledging someone’s comment or not visiting them once they have visited you for the first time is just plain “RUDE”!
That having been said…
Let us discuss the “Blogroll”.
I understand the concept of the blogroll, and peoples need to have a blogroll. I also respect your right to have a blogroll! OK, whatever!
If you notice in my side bar the column heading is “Blogs That Are Catching My Eye” what that means is something I saw or read on a particular blog interested me so I basically bookmarked it on my blog! It does not actually say “blogroll” because I don't want to be exclusive that way. No, I have nothing against those who do have a blogroll (whatever works for you)!! I came out to meet new people, learn new things, and extend the love of Christ to those I might not meet in person! Now if for whatever reason you do not want to be mentioned on my blog feel free to comment and let me know, or email me at and I will remove you. If you do not want “others” to link to your blog from mine then you can be removed with no problems! Anyone who wants to put my name/blog on their “blogroll” please feel free, I think it is an honor!
Who ever visits my blog will be extended hospitality, respect and God’s Love! If you do not want respect, hospitality & the love of God then do not return!! (I’ll pray for you anyway!!)


P.S. Keep in mind this is my opinion, but since it is MY blog I can pretty much post what I want!

13 People Saying Something! 02 November, 2007 17:28

Hi, I am back online!! I am so glad to be out and about again!! It felt like I was gone for so long and it was just a coupie of days!!
I have added you to my side bar! Now I don't have to go to bookmarks and it will be easy to run over here and visit! I love it when you come over to my blog!! You are always welcome!! Love and Hugs Grams

Pam 02 November, 2007 19:07

I love when you visit my blog! You are always so kind! And, you are right - your blog = what you want to say/do! Have a great weekend!

Ellen 02 November, 2007 21:21

Hi Regina,

Like new, am also new to blogging.. meaning there is still so much that I don't know bout this although I've been blogging for 2 years now, started in another site. I never gave 'blogroll' a thought. Maybe because I don't really know how to add things and stuff to my blog. :-) But I am learning new things every time.. at my own (slow) pace. So there's still hope for me huh!? Of course there are a few things I would like to get on my site to make it more convenient for my use and for those visiting. But I will get to that point time. :-)

Thank you for dropping by my blog. It was such a pleasant and delightful surprise -- so too your lovely message. :-)

Am here cruising down your blog too and it has a nice feel to it -- warm and friendly. Thank you for this pleasure.

God bless you and your family.

Andrea 03 November, 2007 09:53

You go, girl!

Cecily R 03 November, 2007 12:08

Hey Regina!

Were you talking to me here? I'm sure you noticed I don't have a blogroll. I don't know why I don't I just don't. I do always try my best to reciprocate comments though, and I like figuring out fun ways to pimp my pal's sites, so that's something, right? Oh crud, now I feel guilty!

Pam 03 November, 2007 20:58

Hey there! Just checking back to see how everyone is doing...I see you are emotional today...I hope everything is okay. I have been worried since your daughter got sick - I hope everything is okay (I promise I am not stalking your blog!). Enjoy that extra hour this weekend!

Gill 04 November, 2007 00:59

Regina I know exactly what you are saying. On the whole I have met mostly friendly and warm people in the "blogosphere", I've made some wonderful blogging friends and I really appreciate that. But I do think that there is a certain amount of "cliqueyness" out there, sad but true!

Shana 04 November, 2007 16:24

I am probably one of the worst when it comes to being a consistent commenter. I am so busy with the boys, I just don't always have time to do a daily check of everyone's blog, and if I get the time to check, I don't always have the time to comment. But I love your blog and your comments, Regina!

Sharon 04 November, 2007 18:16

I don't have a blogroll because I don't want anyone to feel left out. And it never fails that people move in and out of your life in blogdom. There are probably only three people who started with me back in January.
It is rude not to come and comment on someones blog once they have been to yours. And I do try and do that. Sometimes you find that you have a connection with the person and sometimes you just remain acquaintances. But in the end we are all still sisters. My neck of the woods is open to anyone who feels at home. Hope you feel welcome. And I guess I could say, Ya'll come back now. That of course was said with a real southern drawl-probably more than I have.;)

Leeann 04 November, 2007 22:56

I love when you visit my blog! I, too, keep a "list" of people that I visit regularly and they visit me. I do agree, though, that you must ALWAYS visit those that comment you.

Melanie 05 November, 2007 08:10

This is so true. Most people I've met while blogging are pretty good about visiting and leaving comments. There are some blogs that I love and they get lots of comments everyday- 50 or so, and I understand that it is impossible to keep up with all of those comments. But, all of the ones I keep going back to are the ones who left me a comment or sent me an email after my first visit. Those rude people who don't come and visit me- I stop visiting them.

ZAM 05 November, 2007 09:12

I know that this is true. Thing is, if someone doesn't pay me the visit, then I won't have to worry there's millions out there who might do the favor. :D

Anyway, I love your visits and you commenting in my posts. Thanks.

Shelia 05 November, 2007 19:37

I've only been blogging for three months now and for the most part have met some really nice bloggers. But I have had several very crude remarks left on my blog. I mark them as spam to prevent the person from commenting again and move on. I had no idea of the strong current that runs through the blogsphere. It hasn't turned me off, but I've learn a few lessons quick!

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