Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Thank God For My Life...

Finally a day to just lie here…and think…and reflect on my life and the goodness of God. I don’t have to get up and go to work, or to church, or to a cell meeting, or to a workshop, or to the store. No, I can just lie here…and think, and reflect.

A year ago I worked for ABC Head Start and realized that after 7 years the agency in my mind no longer represented what its mission was, so I prayed. A year later God released me from that job, and I thank Him.

A year ago I wanted a home of my own, for me and my children. We wanted grass in front and back, we wanted space, we wanted more than one bathroom and we wanted a front porch. I prayed and on December 11, 2006 I closed on a lovely blue and white house with a front porch that spanned the entire front of the house, with a back deck, grass in front and back, 3 full bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, an attic with an additional bedroom and a game room, a driveway and a garage, I have an office and a sitting room. I thank God for his grace and favor on my life and that of my children! I thank Him!

A year ago my son told me that his 17 year old girlfriend of 3 years was pregnant; I felt my heart break into a thousand pieces. He was twenty to young and still had his entire life ahead of him. Wow. Then he told me he was getting married, at twenty! What was left of my heart I just swept under the rug and prayed…God your will be done in the life of my child, God give him direction, and strength, and Lord please bless this mess! On December 2, 2007 my son and his wife celebrated their first year anniversary, and I am proud of his life and his decision. I have another daughter to share God's blessings with. Yes, I thank God!

On December 12, 2006 I witnessed the birth of one of God’s truest miracles, the birth of my grandbaby and I thanked God for her and for my growing family! On December 12, 2007 and thanked God again because the miracle that I witnessed one year ago is now a beautiful, walking, talking (kind of), joy. An extension of my child and a blessing to my life, and Yes I thank God for her!

In June 2007 my daughter made the decision to move in with her father and then from there she moved in with her paternal grandmother. Yes I allowed it because she was a young woman struggling with some issues that only she and God could work out, and I had to get out of the way and let God work. So I stepped back and prayed God’s will be done in the life of my child, give her peace, reconciliation, direction and strength. On November 19, 2007 she came to spend Thanksgiving with us and returned to NYC on November 29, 2007. On Sunday December 2, 2007 she came home to stay! Yes, again I thank God for His blessings on my family and our lives!

So when I prayed… God reunite my entire family, God bring us back together as a unit, strong, and together. God heard me, and now in the home with the space and 3 full baths, I now house my 5 children, my daughter-in-law, my grand baby, our 2 cats, our three fish, and myself! Yes, I thank God for it and praise him because 4 blocks away is my mother, my sister and her 5 children! I love my family and the way God answers prayers!

Last year I worked 2 jobs and spent barely any time with my family, I prayed and asked God for direction and favor and this year I have one job and I thank Him! Last year I had a part time position as an Executive Assistant so I prayed that God’s will be done in my life and on my job, and this year I am now the Interim-Executive Director at that job (which looks pretty darn good on my resume!) and yes I thanked and praised God for His works in my life.

I prayed and asked God for a wider reach. Lord how can I share with others what you give to me? I prayed and then God gave me blogging! I thanked Him because now I can share my life, my family and my testimony, with others who may need to know that YES, God does answer prayers. YES, God does give you the desires of your heart. YES, God is a very present help in your time of need. YES, God’s grace, mercy and favor abounds!
And YES, I thank Him for it each and every day!!

So as I lie in my bed this morning, thinking and reflecting, I cried tears of thanksgiving, of joy, of surrender, of hope, of praise, because GOD heard every single one of my prayers, and gave me what I asked for in abundance!!

When you get a chance, sit back and think, reflect on your life and praise God for what He has done and will continue to do through you and for you...

16 People Saying Something! 22 December, 2007 16:14

You are truly Blessed!! I enjoyed reading all your blessing and even when things didn't look so good God worked it all out!!
Have a wonderful Christmas and I am glad we met blogging!! Love, Grams

MsMarvalus 22 December, 2007 17:39

Oh Regina! I am so touched by your story of Prayer and God's grace and mercy at work in your life...I believe that if we move out of God's way, we will be able to see his blessings take place and hold of our lives...

May you continue to be blessed! You are such a beautiful person and I'm so glad to have met you!


Sharon 22 December, 2007 20:10

Wow-life sure does have its ups and downs. But he is true to His word and He does wok all things together for our good.
Have a great Christmas!

Pam 22 December, 2007 21:13

With all of the ups and downs in stuck with God and prayed and he blessed you! Your story is wonderful and amazing and beautiful! Merry Christmas Regina....God has blessed your family and he will continue to do so!

Andrea 22 December, 2007 21:26

Regina, what a powerful post. God really has blessed you abundantly. Enjoy your Christmas with your whole family under one roof!!

MrsGrapevine 22 December, 2007 23:55

So candid and honest and beautiful. Sometimes you may not understand, but all things are in God's time. I pray that you keep receiving blessings, and I thank God that you entered my life this day. Your message touch home, and I appreciate it. Keep writing positive and encouraging words because it's much needed!

Shelia 23 December, 2007 04:10

I was surfing through blogs just now Regina and not really wanting to tarry too long anywhere. When I saw your long post I went on to the next blog. But I came back because I know that you generally have a very genuine message to share. I'm glad that I did. Those of us of the faith community know of God's grace, but it is always wonderful to hear the testimonies of others. It warms my heart and increases my faith every time.

You are such a blessing to my day each time that you share. I am so very glad to have met you this year. Even if it is over the net :D.

As I know you are, I am going to walk into 2008 continuing to stand on God's word and promise. And to stay in fellowship with believers such as you.

Merry Christmas my sister in Christ. God's continued blessings upon you and your family.


Leeann 23 December, 2007 22:18

You are blessed, so very much. You are a true joy to "visit". You remind me so very much of a favorite woman in my life. You both are so very strong and so very wise. It is I, who am blessed to know you. Merry Christmas.

IVENTBYBLOGGING 24 December, 2007 09:59

Regina...YOU HAVE NO much I needed to read this post! God is able! Amen-what an awesome testimony!

Invisible Woman 24 December, 2007 10:00

Happy Holidays, and genuine prosperity for you and your family...

Melanie 24 December, 2007 18:06

You certainly had a wonderful year. God always has a perfect plan. Sometimes it seems hard to understand why certain things happen- but God is always doing what is best for us.

Mary@notbefore7 24 December, 2007 22:14

This is such a beautiful post and testimony of God's work in the lives of your family! God is indeed VERY PRESENT! You will treasure this time of reflection for years to come as you read it again and again.

Blessings Regina!


Regina I am Blessed to know you!

Rosemarie 27 December, 2007 22:56

Your life and heart are full! Amen and amen!

freetofly 03 January, 2008 14:05

Wow! So glad to meet you! I believe I found you through Cecily at My Chaos My Bliss, not sure...but your voice and testimony are such a refreshing blessing!

God's sweetest and best for your family in 2008!

Maria @ Free to Fly


Joseph Lord
Nassau Bahamas.

I felt you strenght as you told your story. I am please to know that you came from the back side of the mountain as Moses did in Mount Sani. For after you have suffered a little while God will Save you, Settle you and Secure you.

May God continue to bless you and your family as you prepare to witness your first Grand Son's birth.

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