Sunday, February 17, 2008

Can Hillary Take Down Barack?

I read this today on the internet from Associated Press:

Democrats: What Clinton Must Do to Win

Read the story HERE.

Read the story and tell me what you think.

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Pam 17 February, 2008 13:26

Well, I must say that I am nervous being the first to comment on this post. When it comes to a hot topic like this I like being able to read other comments to see the trend. Not that it changes my viewpoint, but I can tone my crazy down a bit if I don't agree with the popular opinion. So.....forgive me if you think I am a completely insane woman here!

It seems to me that the article doesn't offer any suggestions for Hilary. And it also seems like not many in the Democratic party want to step up and pick a side either.

My personal opinion- I hope Barack defeats her. In our country, for the past two decades - it has been Bush, Clinton, and another Bush. I think it is time for a change. Not a continuation of the cycle we are already in. (and while this may not be the popular opinion- quite frankly I feel that she has had her time int he White House already- let's see what someone else can do for us instead) This is just my opinion and it may not be the popular opinion, but the fabulous thing about our nation - we can all have a voice, a say and we can all get along too! ;)

Regardless of who wins the party nomination, I am honored to live during this time. A time when a female and a minority can be prime candidates to lead our nation. We have (thankfully) come a long way from the mistakes of our forefathers. Yeah for our country to be open-minded and realize a good leader is not based on gender or race. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Manchild 17 February, 2008 17:57

Hello Regina,

Hillary Clinton can't win. There's nothing she or Bill can do to repair the damage that they did when both tried to marginalize Senator Barack Obama. To everything, there's a time and a season and this is Barack Obama's time and season.

Obama gives me hope and has inspired an entire generation of voters like never before. On the flipside, Hillary's presumptuous attitude, divisive rhetoric, and repeated failure to manage her campaign have sealed her fate.

Besides, the whole world is watching to see what America will do during this country's defining moment. We can't afford to get it wrong again.


Sharon Brumfield 17 February, 2008 22:02

Cool send me your address.
And maybe let me know what you are into or what you collect.
I can promise I will be too excited to wait a long time.

Rosemarie 18 February, 2008 02:06

Hillary is in it to win, but whether she'll pull it off is anyone’s guess.

shae-shae 18 February, 2008 07:33

I think going negative is a cop out.. it's what politicians do when they are desperate. Yeah, she can come hard but it doesn't have to be negative. Just do your best and be sincere, damn all the backstabbing and name calling. That's what we're trying to get rid of the OLD way of doing politics. I have wanted to vote for Hillary since she announced the "thought" of running, she lost my vote when she started the initial attacks on Barack. If she goes completely negative she'll lose my respect also (not that she cares LOL).

focusedpurpose 18 February, 2008 09:35

hi Regina-

i wanted to say hi and thanks for your kind comment on my letter to Dr. King. hope you come back and visit soon.

i really don't want clinton to win. she and her husband have character and integrity issues. it is my strong belief that sincerity can be heard in the voice if you know to listen for it. it is never there with her. granted, she is a life-long politician, which could explain it.

i think it is anyone's guess how this will turn out.

your grandbaby is ADORABLE...

Melanie 18 February, 2008 20:43

Well I don't have a really good reason, but I don't like Clinton. You know when you just don't like someone and there is no specific reason for it? That's how I feel about her- she just seems mean and perhaps a little like a witch to me. But, that's just me and my little old opinion.

Shelia 18 February, 2008 21:46

You know it's interesting. I have really been a big Hillary supporter over the years. Not just because she was "done so wrong" in front of the world, but because she's a smart, intelligent fearless woman.

Unfortunately, there's something about the manner in which Hillary is presenting herself during this campaign that is just not appealing. She almost seems angry. And I think that her demeanor is more harmful than anything that she has said or done.

jjbrock 19 February, 2008 11:27

Regina good question. I don't think there is anything she can do at this point. I don't know what it was that sent her campaign into a tail spin but, oh well GOOD.

Villager 21 February, 2008 20:16

Regina - I think that Hillary Clinton is a great candidate. She simply came against a better candidate in this election cycle. It is not an indictment on her. There are simply more people in America that feel that Barack Obama is a better choice to be our next POTUS...

peace, Villager

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