Thursday, February 7, 2008

Conversation With A Blogging Buddy...

A very good blogging buddy of mine responded to a post that I wrote and I felt that our exchange was a good post for today so it is below...

She wrote...

"I heard about this video last night on the news. I am glad to have found it here on your blog. I don't talk much about politics with my blogging community, (I don't want to ruin any of the friendships that I have made) but since you brought it up... I am still undecided myself. (My vote was going to go to John Edwards until he dropped out.) I plan on doing some digging around to get a firm stance before the OH primary. But what an awesome time to be an American. A woman or an African-American could be president! WOW!! I am so happy that my kids will not have to hear the conversations that I heard growing up... "This country will never see a (woman and/or African- American) president" My boys will SEE it! I hope that Obama and Hillary can run on the ticket together after the dust settles. I feel that together they could and will change the US. And Lord knows we need change!!!"

And my response was...

I agree! Growing up I heard that a Woman or a Ni**er would never run this country and here we are 2008 and a Woman or an African American could possibly take it all!!! It is awesome; this is HISTORY in the makings! I also was considering voting for Edwards. I don’t particularly like Hillary. I wanted Edwards and Obama together, but now we’ll have to see. But the one definite truth is that we do NEED CHANGE!!

I also had reservations about any political issues on my blog, because I didn’t want to lose readers, but as I thought about It I decided that my blog should be an extension of me and if people can’t embrace my ideas on my blog than do you really want them to come back? I went through the same thing when I first started blogging and all of my readers were white(because a white woman who I love and respect got me into blogging and I would go through her comments and visit her people), so I purposely kept any talk that would indicate me as black out of the blog. Boy, me and God went toe to toe on that issue, because I was getting frustrated with not having an audience who could identify with me on some issues such as food, child rearing issues, etc. There were some cultural issues that I felt an all white audience could not understand! I do NOT want an all WHITE audience, or an all BLACK, or an all FEMALE, audience. I crave diversity on my blog, and genuine connections with all types of people! And finally I came to the realization that what counts most to me is sharing myself, my love, my family, my faith, and my life with others, because My God is Great, and My Family is Awesome! That is why I started blogging and anyone who didn’t like it didn’t have to return!

So thanks *****, for allowing me the opportunity to express this and for being a blog buddy!

I think I may have to post this!!! I’ll take your name out of course!

Peace & Love


So this was our conversation, very interesting huh? Blogging should be an extension of you; a forum where you share the real you with the real world. If people don't understand and accept the real you than they should get to stepping!!

13 People Saying Something!

Shana 07 February, 2008 11:28

Thank-You! :o)

freetofly 07 February, 2008 13:15

Regina, I think I covered it all in my comment on the other post about Super Tuesday! But,I just wanted to make sure you know, you haven't lost me! :)

Regina 07 February, 2008 14:48

@ Shana - Peace & Love Always, Hey thanks for putting your comment back up!! You Rock!

@Freetofly - I think initially being new I wanted to fit in, but then the real me kicked in and now I'm like "Take It Or Leave It"!! Thanks for sticking around!! I promise more of the same! LOL!

Rosemarie 07 February, 2008 15:41

Keep doin' you! And, I can understand holding back on controversial issues at first and letting a little out about our whole selves as we go along. Anyone with commonsense can agree.

All the best on posting what makes you move...good or bad. We're here!

mama meji 07 February, 2008 18:23

Great reply. This topic just reminds me of Great Debaters. I love that movie.

AJ 07 February, 2008 22:47

Great post. I often hold back my personality on my blog and try to keep it neutral but I've been thinking lately that I want to really express MYSELF more. Glad you found your answer.

Shelia 08 February, 2008 00:53

Thank you for sharing Regina. Cyberspace is the one place where there are no limitations or restrictions. Any that we have we place on ourselves.

Kristi 08 February, 2008 09:21

Hi, I'm new to your blog but I wanted to weigh in on the political discussion on blogs. I too stressed over whether to share my views. Especially since even some of me family that read my blog have very different opinions than I. But then I realized, it is an extension of us and I also thought, how lucky we are to live in a country where we can turn on the computer and write freely about our political views without fear of jail or worse.

Mes Deux Cents 08 February, 2008 10:16

Hi Regina,

When I started blogging I mentioned in a post something about being unsure of what to write about.

Someone left a comment saying that I should write about whatever I was passionate about.

And that is what I do. Sometimes that means writing about issues to do with being African American.

And this is where it gets interesting. As I did write about African American issues some commenters began to state that they were White and that they had opinions on some of the subjects pertaining to race.

So now I have quite a few White readers who regularly comment on those issues.

That extends to other subjects as well. I think if the blogger is being honest people want to respond.

Once again it goes back to writing about what is important to the blogger.

I think people respect that.



Regina, I'm soooo glad you decided to "DO YOU" my sistah! KUDOS!!!

Sharon 08 February, 2008 14:58

I think it is very important to be yourself here. I have had to battle with this too. But I just figure if I am not being myself--then I am lying.
I have lost some readers because I was myself. But--that is o.k.
If you were to meet me outside blogdom you would find that I am the same person as the person on my blog.

We may not all agree but diversity is good as long as it does not go against what the Bible teaches.
Isn't that what a body is all about?
I am not sure who I am voting for yet. But it will be for the issues--we will see.

MsMarvalus 10 February, 2008 09:23

Ms. Regina - This is exactly why I love coming are who you are...your views are your views...and that is good!

Ana 10 February, 2008 20:46

Spot on Regina! Spot on!

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