Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Need An Intervention... Seriously!

Well, I think I told you that over the weekend I got into the "stumbleupon" craze and I think I must be honest and just tell you that ...
I am hooked!
I believe in the past couple of days I "stumbled" more than I blogged! As a matter of fact when I came home today instead of heading for my email, than blogging, I went straight for the stumble button. Sad, so sad... I am like a junkie at a crack convention, or an old lady in the vitamin isle, or a kid in a candy store, you know what I'm trying to say! I think I need an intervention!

So while you organize my intervention, look at what I found of interest today...
Did you know that...

A box of baking soda in the fridge or freezer absorbs odors

kitchen myth cooking urban legend

This is a very clever and successful marketing ploy by the baking soda people, but the fact is that baking soda is very poor at absorbing odors. It seems to make sense, however, so lots of people have spent untold billions of dollars to put boxes of baking soda in their fridge or freezer to no effect. Activated charcoal would work much better but is expensive. Better to wrap your food and clean the fridge once in a while.

Now I don't know about you but I was taught this while growing up. But it is said to be false?!
I found this at Kitchen Myths, so go on by and see what other myths were debunked.

Well, I have to go stumble... sorry I mean blog now! Or I could actually do some laundry...

7 People Saying Something!

Shelia 04 March, 2008 18:51

That is so funny Regina, I really don't care for StumbleUpon. I've been a member for about three months now and I still can't get into it. And most of the people I talk with online seem to be like you, they love it!

And that baking soda thing, when I was growing up, the refrigerator shelves had to be wiped down every night when you did the dishes, all food put up in covered dishes, the whole shebang. So while I was aware of the baking soda myth, my parents didn't go that route, so I never did either.

Pam 04 March, 2008 19:25

Oh wow! I guess the box I have in my fridge is doing me no good!

mama meji 04 March, 2008 20:21

Now that's an amazing thing you discovered about baking soda. I use i all the time. And yes, charcoal does the job too.

MrsGrapevine 05 March, 2008 10:26

What! I been bamboozled.I keep a box in freezer and fridge. My mama and grandma told me to.

Mes Deux Cents 05 March, 2008 13:13

Hi Regina,

I'm not familiar with Stumble Upon and I don't think I want to be! Lol

I'm already addicted to blogging, itunes and music on Youtube, so the last thing I need is a new addiction!

Thanks for the tip about baking soda. :)

Rosemarie 05 March, 2008 19:38

I’m not a fan of being a member anywhere except blogville. ;) However, you go off and stumble all you need. Get your fix girl and share the good stuff!

I don't believe that finding to be totally false though because baking soda is in cat litter also. Hmmm.

MsMarvalus 05 March, 2008 21:37

I was in this space before...it died about 3 months ago (my addiction that is)...

But oh, I remember when I used to Stumble all night (literally, until 4-5 in the morning)...I was hooked...

I guess the best I can tell you is that, hopefully it will pass...tee hee hee...so I already know about the baking soda...

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