Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Solidarity: Global Day for Darfur

The Strategy is to Educate, Motivate and Activate toward ending the genocide in Darfur.
  • Educate through analysis of reports and news materials, compilations of facts through viral multimedia like podcasts and videos posted on YouTube and linking to articles, blog posts, and viral media to expand public knowledge of the Darfuri genocide. Any and all aspects can be focused on; such as the root causes of the murder, who is behind it, and what the international community has done to promote the murder and to end it.
  • Motivate through the capacity within humanity for empathy. Motivate through love. Pull at heart strings, communicate the sameness of Darfuri families and your own, and share the simple, common fact that we are all the same and the suffering of the Darfuri people is felt within our hearts. Motivate through the anger for the greed, the murder, and the lack of action.
  • Activate through petitions, open letters, letters to all our elected officials as well as U.N., Sudanese and Chinese officials, and speaking out to the corporate sponsors of the Beijing Olympics as China plays a key role.
The Problem in Darfur...

While People in Darfur are starving, raped, and killed, Americans are obsessed with pop culture, like Brittney Spears, Tom Cruise, Beyonce & Jay-Z, the latest fashions, the hottest celebrities, etc. While we complain about wanting Bigger, Better, More, More, More...These people suffer and die with NOTHING.

Thousands protest on Darfur day

More than 3,000 protesters gathered outside the Sudanese Embassy in London as part of a global day of action to end the conflict in Darfur.
A rally to mark the fifth anniversary of the civil war was addressed by faith leaders, politicians and journalists.
Read more HERE...

Please check out the following websites...
Globe For Darfur ;
Now Public ;
Vancouver Rally April 13 ;
Amnesty International USA ;

The following bloggers have vowed to lend their voices, their resources, their blogs today to help the mission to stop genocide in Darfur. Please take sometime out of your day to visit these other blogs, comment, lend your support, or say a prayer for Darfur! Eddie G. Griffen. Electronic Village.
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Hat Tip to Danielle of ModernMusings for organizing this collective of Mighty Bloggers for Darfur!

Peace & Love ...For Darfur ... Now

14 People Saying Something!

Danielle 13 April, 2008 13:56

Thank you so much for adding your mighty voice to the roar!

Genocide No More!

In light and love


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T 13 April, 2008 14:01

im hoping the way folks have linked it to the olympics will get it more press

Villager 13 April, 2008 15:44

This is a remarkable post with some compelling video. Also, I see that there are many more bloggers participating than I knew about. Very well done my sista!

peace, Villager

Shelia 13 April, 2008 16:51

Wonderful effort Regina. This issue can never get enough attention. I'll certainly check out the other blogs posts too.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

Dee S. 13 April, 2008 17:19

Thanks, Regina. I'm going to participate with you.

Travis 13 April, 2008 21:15

This is a powerful post. Thanks for stopping by my humble effort on behalf of the suffering in Darfur.


SjP 13 April, 2008 21:58

Regina - just left Mrs. Grapevine's so I know that you'll understand when I say that I'll have to come back to look at the videos you've posted here. I just do not understand the human capacity to be inhumane. I've learned so much today. Much obliged for your post and effort! SjP

MrsGrapevine 13 April, 2008 22:06

It is sad that not all life is important, that some people place greed over simple human kindness. I wish other organization were just as passionate about people as they are animals and the environment, not that those issues aren't important, but where is PETA for humans.

Melanie 13 April, 2008 22:23

This is just so sad and makes my heart ache. We really don't have any idea, do we?

Dee 13 April, 2008 23:00

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my small contribution.

bluedreamer27 14 April, 2008 10:03

oh my i really dont want to look at those videos regina gheeeh i will surely felt pity for those kids
ohmy i think the government on that place must focus their attention
this problem was serious and no one shopuld ignore it
btw regina i got a message for you in mybloglog check it out

DP 14 April, 2008 11:22

Great work Regina. A mighty roar was sent forth yesterday, and even though we have problems at home, it is very important to remember that we are in a connected world. Darfur today could be Detroit tomorrow for all we know. I'll be back to view the videos in detail.

freetofly 14 April, 2008 14:39

Regina, thanks for adding your efforts to getting out the message...I have wondered for a while why we have not been able to do better at 1) understanding why it is happening?(bc I still don't know why? 2) and stopping it and 3) repairing the damage...

I know that we have much to answer for bc we have not done what the Word says to do...those pics are heartbreaking...what must that be like to watch your children suffer so?

marcia 14 April, 2008 22:08

oh my, we go about every day life thinking we have it hard at times and then we see that and we must count our blessings and pray for them and as dp said roar like you did I am overcome

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