Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Weekend Happenings Update...

Hello Blogging Family!

Well it has been a very interesting and event filled weekend for our family. With a good event but also with a bad event. First let me tell you about the first event.

Two of my nieces went to their Senior Prom on Thursday. The prom is the culmination of a youth's years in High School. This is a milestone event in every youth's life.

One niece is 17 and the other niece is 16 (graduating a year early!)

And it was

everything that a prom should be! I

know that you read my previous blog post titled “Girl, Where Are Your Parents” which talked about the custom made prom dress that a young lady in Texas tried to wear to her Senior Prom, which ultimately got her arrested.

I am so proud of my nieces for this accomplishment, especially my youngest niece for her achievement of graduating AN ENTIRE YEAR EARLY!! That is an awesome accomplishment!

So I just wanted to share with you the dresses that
my nieces wore to their prom!

Don't they look fabulous!

Now for the other event. My youngest niece accidentally left the curling iron on, and you can guess what happened next...

On Friday morning or early Friday afternoon my niece woke to a room full of flames! Yes, the room was on fire. My sister tried to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher and with buckets of water but it was too much. Everyone did get out of the house ok. The firefighters got there and did what they do best. Busted out the windows, and put out the fire. The bedroom which is in the attic has extensive water damage and blackened walls but the fire could have been much worse. My sister had to go to the doctor Friday evening for smoke inhalation but other than that everyone is physically fine. My niece is very scared and shook up and I dare say feeling quite guilty. She and I talked for a little while after the fire and I tried to assure her that accidents happen and I also tried to impress upon her that the important thing is that no one was hurt. The girl was a shaking scared mess. And no matter how much we talk to her I am sure that she will live with this for quite a while. My niece lost all of her clothes and stuff but she still has her life, and that is what counts.

My mother's insurance should cover the damages and Servpro came in to start their clean up job. Since it is a holiday weekend the insurance guys won't be out for their assessment until Tuesday. Did I say that my sister and her kids live with my mother? Yes, in preparation for our upcoming move my sister and her kids moved in with my mother to save money until we go. So My mother and my sister and her kids had to spend 3 nights in a hotel because Servpro had to run these big industrial fans and dehumidifiers for a few days to dry out the water.

So any way we will wait to see what the insurance people say on Tuesday. Did I mention that a realator is supposed to come by this week to see my mom's house so that she can sell before we move... yea this should be fun...

I have no pictures, when I got the call the last thing on my mind was grabbing the camera. I'm sure you understand! I thank God for our blessings and our lives!

So, that is how our weekend went. How was yours?

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Blessings, Regina! Wow, this post could've went any number of glad everyone's fine, and your nieces demonstrate the beauty of a loving family (and home training *smile*).

Have a great week ahead :)!

Sue 26 May, 2008 21:19

Wow! That's to bad. Your nieces look so happy going to the prom. Having that happen put a damper on their happy time. Luckily no one was hurt, that's the important thing like you said. Hopefully everything turns out ok. Take care.

Melanie 27 May, 2008 08:38

Wow! First of all- your neices look beautiful! And congrats to both of them on their accomplishments.

2nd- thank God that everyone is okay. It could have turned out so much differntly and the only thing that matters is that everyone is okay.

I'll be praying that everything turns out okay with getting the damages fixed and being able to still sell the house.

MsMarvalus 27 May, 2008 09:06

Your nieces look beautiful! They look fabulous indeed!

I send my prayers to your family and thank God that everyone is okay in the face of the fire. Because I know that you are covered by the love of God, I believe this situation will end up alright...

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© 27 May, 2008 16:49

OMG Girl! Thank God you and your family got out of the house safely. I'm glad you are OK and things did not turn out worse.

PS- Your nieces look beautiful and their dresses are fabulous.

Shelia 27 May, 2008 18:32

The young ladies do look quite stylish, very pretty.

I'm so glad that you all were blessed with no harm to anyone. We can always replace anything else. ANYTHING ELSE!

Pastor Lisa 27 May, 2008 22:00

I am so glad everybody is safe. Special prayers for your neice!

DB 28 May, 2008 06:47

They look great! Hope they had fun. Ah yes...the good ol days. Seems like 20 years ago I went to my first prom. was 20 years ago. :(


I thank all of your blog friends for their concern and prayers. God is so good. No one was hurt and we can always replace stuff. I actually got a couple of testimonies out of this mess. I got a chance to witness to some people about Jehovah Jirah, and I had an opportunity to share with the serpro guys how God miraculously works things out for the good of those who trust and love him.
I'll just share the latter. Thursday evening I was going to use my computer to pay my car note, but my computor would not come on. I tried everything I could think of but it wouldn't come on. I decided to leave it until Friday because I was tired anyway. Well Friday was the fire. We needed money to stay in a hotel for the holiday weekend. Since I was not able to pay my car note online, I had enough in the bank to cover the hotel and meals. Today the insurance company gave me a check that I put in the bank that more than covered my car note.
OK so where is the miracle? There was nothing wrong with my computor. It was turned off in the back. In all the years I've had it I've never turned it off in the back; but when we returned home Monday night something said look in the back of your computor. I did, and sure enough it was off. I just flicked a switch and it promptly came on.
The moral of this story. God knew what I would need before I did, and made a way for everything to be taken care of.

freetofly 28 May, 2008 13:07

Well, once again, I come to make one comment, then read your precious Mema's and am left speechless! I LOVE her spirit! AND her testimony! Many times God provides for us in a similar way, and no one would ever be able to convince me it is anyone else besides our very, personal Lord Jehovah!

Your nieces are beautiful & I LOVE their gorgeous dresses! Very classy & tasteful! I didn't have such a sense of style when I was their age! Well done, girls!

Terribly sorry about the fire, but am so glad everyone is OK. Will keep you all in prayers. I know there is lots going on for the move, but I also know its in good hands! :)

How kick-booty is that that your niece got done a whole year early!?! Way to go!

Seriously, when is mom getting her own blog? Come on!

Lisa C 28 May, 2008 14:26

Hey Regina! The girls look so pretty in their prom dresses, I bet they'll hold onto those good memories for a long time.

I'm glad to hear that no one got hurt, it's unfortunate when these things happen.

common mom 28 May, 2008 15:37

Oh Regina! My thoughts and prayers to you and your family . . . how awful that must be :-( So thankful that nobody was injured.

And congratulations to both of your nieces . . . both of them are beautiful and made very tasteful choices . . . the gold dress . . . wow! Amazing! 28 May, 2008 23:05

Greetings Regina!

I thank the Lord that no one was hurt in the fire!! I had no idea that those types of items would catch on fire!

I remember when I was a teenager and I burned down the kitchen trying to make some french fries. The oil splashed on the burner and started a flame so I ran and got a pitcher of know what happened NEXT!

Thank you Lord that no one was hurt!

Your nieces look so cute! I remember my senior prom...I was 16 and wore a long white dress that had spaghetti straps...I thought I was cute. Thanks for the memories!


Gill 29 May, 2008 06:05

Firstly your nieces looked absolutely beautiful!

I am so thankful that your family came out of that traumatic experience unscathed, albeit a bit shaken up.

Danielle 29 May, 2008 10:02

They look lovely. Congratulations to them both. Wow Regina! That fire was insane. Accidents do happen and I'm glad everyone is ok.

My weekend was totally uneventful compared to what you posted.

BK 29 May, 2008 23:12

Hi Regina, I am just glad that everyone is alright. I think you handled the whole issue so well with your niece. Most would be screaming on top of their voices. I learnt something from you. Thank you.

Believer 1964 31 May, 2008 03:47

The girls look beautiful!

I'm terrified of fire. Okay, who isn’t? Your niece will need lots of care and building up. I know you'll be there! Thank God, all are okay. Now let's sit back and watch God move [on the house and relocation].

God's protection for you and your family!

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