Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Updates!!

Hello blogging friends and visitors!!

We (My Family and I) have had a very full week. There have been birthdays, graduations, and more.

So let me update you…

On Wednesday 6/25/08 we got our packing trailer delivered for our migration to the mid-western region. So we spent all day packing this trailer. About 9:30pm we washed up and changed clothes so that we could go out to dinner and celebrate my first born child’s birthday! She turned 23 years old!! We took her Delmonico’s (simply fabulous steaks!!) and gave her some time to relax and unwind from her long day of packing! Besides the excellent steaks my daughter got a song and a free birthday canoli!

We spent all of Thursday packing also but finally got it done. We paid for certain amount of footage in the 28’ trailer but ended up using the ENTIRE trailer! Yes we used the whole 28 feet! So the company came and picked up the trailer on Friday morning and we stuck with the clean up of a partially empty house. Some things did not make the cut, or just plain could not fit on the truck so it went out for the trash man. We had crowds of people going through our garbage for 2 days, taking stuff!

So we spent some days in a house with no furniture and no stuff…Yea that was fun! [NOT!!!]

On Saturday my niece graduated from high school! WooHoo! It was originally supposed to be two nieces but my younger niece was three credits short and did not graduate. She was upset, but not totally heartbroken since she is a year ahead anyway. So she will only have to do 3 classes in Texas. So went to graduation and celebrated this milestone in my niece’s life.

On Saturday after the graduation we spent the remainder of the day cleaning up and getting rid of the rest of the stuff in the house.

First thing Sunday morning we packed up the van (inside and out!) so that we could hit the road! We pulled out of Rochester about 7am on Sunday morning. I must admit I am excited and ready to move on. The only thing that saddens me is that one of my 5 children will not be making the trip. Yep, after months of planning and preparation my middle daughter [19 years old] decided that she will stay here with her father. The decision upsets me but I also realize that she is at an age where she is exerting her “adulthood”. I have every confidence that she will eventually join us, so in the mean time I keep praying for her. I pray that God’s will is manifested in her life! She did come to the house to see us off, say good bye and take some pictures before we pulled out. It was sad but nice…

We drove through beautiful weather until we hit Ohio... and then not so beautiful weather. We were smacked with A LOT of rain in parts of Ohio. And speaking of Ohio all the kids agree that they do not like that state! Every time they went to sleep and woke up and asked where we were, we were still in Ohio! That had to be the longest leg of the trip!

Luckily we had “Pat” (that is what we named her) the GPS navigational system that my mom got as a gift before we left.

So we are now at a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee and will be here until Tuesday and then we will take the last leg of our trip to Texas!! I have a bunch of pictures of a large group of hot, tired looking people! I will post some of them periodically and probably do a slide show, but I will save some of those pictures for BLACKMAIL PURPOSES ONLY!!!!

Oh yea, and my house is on the market ready to be sold. Well, people you are duly updated!!

Peace & Love! Regina xoxo

23 People Saying Something!

Hadias 30 June, 2008 16:51

You sure had a busy weekend. Are you ready for that Texas heat? They had temps above 100 degrees in some parts. Have a safe trip.

Shelia 30 June, 2008 17:11

Hey Girl! I popped by to say hello and you've got all kinds of stuff going on. I'm glad to see that your move is taking shape though. God's continued blessings on you and your family. Relocating is tuff stuff, but you've got the blessing of having some of your family with you, so you've got half the battle won already.

Stay safe while on the road, drive carefully and I'll be praying for your safe journey.

R.L.Scovens 30 June, 2008 17:16

I've sent a prayer up for yall as well. Be careful!


Good luck and Godspeed on your journey Regina. We're praying for your safe arrival in Texas, and I hope y'all are still love each other after a road trip like that!

MsMarvalus 30 June, 2008 20:24

I'm glad that everything is going well so far...have a safe trip the rest of the way...I am praying for you and your family!

Shana 30 June, 2008 20:26

Hey Ohio isn't THAT!!!

I must of missed a blog post some where. Why are you moving?

I hope that the rest of your trip goes well and that you arrive to your new home ready to tackle the unpacking and settling in. You are in my prayers. :o)

Elizabeth 30 June, 2008 20:39

I imagine you are in for some culture shock moving from Rochester NY to Texas! From what I've heard, life moves at a much different pace in Texas. I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures in your new home! And I'm keeping you in my thoughts as you travel :)

Atasha 30 June, 2008 20:52

Wishing you a safe trip. Congrats to your niece!
I laughed when I read that you named the navigation system Pat. Hehehehe...
Take Care


Here's to having a safe trip. I'm sure you all will come through Little Rock, AR. Yell my name. Lol

Be safe!

HEALTH NUT WANNABEE MOM 30 June, 2008 23:37

So glad to hear that things are going well! My mom always said that i was independent too and I probably would have stayed awhile if she had moved so I understand your one daughter wanting to stay behind. It must be hard though. I wish you the best on the next leg of your move and am looking forward to hear about Texas!

sdg1844 01 July, 2008 08:58

Hi Regina. I just wanted to say hello and wish you and your family congratulations on the graduation, birthday and your move. I'm sorry that your daughter won't be with you, but like you, I believe she'll change her mind.

Safe journey on your road trip to new beginnings! :-)

Eb the Celeb 01 July, 2008 19:08

family definitely matters... I am in the ROC now spending some QT with mine

Melanie 01 July, 2008 23:20

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you're gone. Hope your trip is going well. I am sorry to hear that J decided not to join you.


Am enjoying your blog! I had to laugh at the "are we still in Ohio" comment! On our cross country trip in '92 from Virginia to Washington state it was Kansas that felt 1,000 miles wide!

AngelBaby 02 July, 2008 00:28

I hope you had a safe trip. I love you site, it is just great. I really enjoyed reading everything, just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Love and Blessings,

Believer 1964 02 July, 2008 00:45

Updates galore! :D I couldn't ask for anything more.

Sorry to hear about your daughter's decision in staying behind. Most mothers would have put up a fight, but as usual, you'll pray and let God do His thing. Good thinkin'!

Safe travels and keep us posted! 02 July, 2008 03:42

Hey there Regina! {waves}

It is a blessing that things have been moving ahead for your family according to the will of the Lord!!

I am so happy that you are blessed!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

SjP 02 July, 2008 12:45

How exciting! I trust and pray that all has gone well with the move. Soon you'll be all settled in! I remember when we made the decision to move cross country a few years was an exciting time filled with a whole lot of anxiety...but we did it and we are all the better...

AJ 02 July, 2008 15:37

I'm excited for you. Can't wait to see the pics. Thanks for the update!

DB 03 July, 2008 12:34

Good luck selling the crib in these times Regina. I would love to sell my house but the market is so rough right now.

AJ 03 July, 2008 16:27

Just stopping thru to see Danayja...she makes me smile!

that girl boo 04 July, 2008 00:55

can't wait to have you here Regina (well in TX that is)
I remember our trip from Denver to Texas woooooooooo a "family-n-a van" is what we like to call our trip, after that trip we all needed a prayer and a cup of coffee, but it's all back to normal now :-}

Lisa C 06 July, 2008 21:12

Regina!!! I'm so happy that things went well with your move.

Happy Belated to your first born! And, congrats to your Niece!

I'm looking forward to those pics, candids are the best :-)

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