Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday Happenings - What A Long Day!!

Well, the count down to moving day has begun! Well the count down actually started a while ago but it is officially less than 30 days until we head out on our cross country move! To lighten the load of some unnecessary crap, we joined in the 19th ward Annual Aberdeen Square Community Fair which let you have tables for a small fee to sell items. This community wide flea market started at 10 am but we had to be on site at 8am to set up.
I had a ton of movies and playstation 2 games that I was trying to get rid of and also a ton of glass ware that I did not feel like trying to pack and move!! The movies pictured here is not even half of what I had at home, but we are in the process of dubbing all of our VHS movies to DVD, and that is a lengthy and time consuming process. so we only brought the ones that we already dubbed.

My mother also had two tables full of glassware, stone ware, figurines and almost anything else you could name!

My oldest daughter and

My youngest daughter were definitely on hand to help out!

This experience was fun but very exhausting! I was determined not come back home with any of this stuff! The games moved pretty quickly, but the movies were a bit slow on the take. It seems everyone and their mother no longer watches VHS movies!
I had these movies prices at $1 each at 8am, we sold a few. By 11:30am by 2 get 1 free. By 12:30pm they were buy 3 get 1 free. By 2:30pm it was "Got $1 fill a bag"! I was stuffing 5-7 movies in these peoples bags and they thought I was crazy! But when I said "I REFUSE TO BRING THIS STUFF BACK HOME" that is exactly what I meant!
Do you see this bunch of movies!! No way I was taking this back home, to pack and move!

Oh did I mention that it was about 92 degrees out there!


Oh, By the way, special note to a friend of mine who will probably read this in her downtime...
I saw 2 of our former students, and their moms. Chelsea & her mom (I have no words and nothing to say about mom, except bigger is not better), Mom complained about dad for the full 20 MINUTES that she stood there, not caring that I was IGNORING HER! And Kishad and his mom. He has gotten very tall and looks exactly the same as he did 4 years ago!!All of which asked how you were and what you were up to. I assured them you were doing extremely well and were happy!

Most of the glassware was very slow to move, but being at a table right next to my mom who had TONS of glassware didn't help. I started giving that away too! At 4pm (the fair was 8-4) I left and there were maybe 5 movies and just a 2 or 3 glass items left, I figured someone would eventually take them!
All in all I made a nice little piece of change (considering I was going to take all of this mess to VOA or Salvation Army!) and got rid of some stuff. The less I have to tote across the United States the better!!

So that is pretty much how my Saturday was spent! Exciting isn't it??

Peace & Love

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Shelia 08 June, 2008 00:12

Well, I'm impressed!

You're getting organized, and you have a plan which you're working. By the time moving day arrives you should be in shape. 08 June, 2008 00:53

Hey Regina! {waves}

God is in the mix! Glory to His name because He has ordered all of your steps!

I love the photos of your family and especially...your darling little grandbaby...I see you have new pictures of her displayed since the last time I visited...she has so much personality and it shows in her photos!

I'll check in with you on Tuesdays to receive the exhortation from God by all of the guests that you have lined up!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

DB 08 June, 2008 07:45

I hope you unloaded a lot of stuff. If I may make a suggestion. If those are movies you have that you are transferring to DVD's, you should probably just get a Netflix account and rent and burn through them. The quality would definitely be better that way. And less time consuming.

Good luck with the move.

R.L.Scovens 08 June, 2008 10:20

Sounds really busy and very HOT! I don't blame you for giving the stuff away. Moving is always sickening especially with loads of old stuff!lol

Andrea 08 June, 2008 15:05

I would've stocked up on movies, even if they are VHS!!

I'm not picky, as long as it's good entertainment, who cares if it's DVD or VHS???

jjbrock 08 June, 2008 15:48

Regina at least you will be ready when moving day arrive because you have taken care of all the small details.

Leeann 09 June, 2008 00:28

Sounds like you had a great outcome! That is some HOT weather to be sitting in all day, though!

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© 09 June, 2008 09:53

Congrats to you! I had a big sale prior to my move to GA and it's definitely a wonderful feeling to get rid of some things & pocket more cash for the move & the new shopping when you get there. :-)

Believer 1964 09 June, 2008 10:11

Selling our stuff at the flea market or at our home for a garage sale is time consuming, and work. Been there done that!

Moving can certainly bring about charity, and some extra cash.

I had to look closer. Was that fine china on mom's table?

Shinade 09 June, 2008 11:23

Oh wow yes it looks fun but I bet your it sure felt good to put your feet up at the end of the day.

It sounds like you were really successful though. Way to go, now less to pack...Ugh...packing!!

And WTG Obama!! We love him and have since day one!!

I just knew we were going all the way and we are!!

Happy Monday Regina:-)))


Hi Regina,

It was a full day, but we blessed a lot of people.

To Believer 1964 - yes there was china, and stoneware and glassware and small appliances, and stuff.
A Pastor's wife came by that I had met when we both went to Africa. She was looking for cups and saucers , so she could have a Tea Party for some of the young ladies in her church. After the Tea Party she was going to let them keep their cups and saucers. Since it was such a great cause I sold her a box with service for 12 for $1. I guess the day wasn't about making money after all, but we had fun!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T 09 June, 2008 14:22

looks like it was fun

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon 09 June, 2008 16:30

I think that it is so exciting you are moving across the country. I want to move down South hopefully, I will be able to one day.
That was a lot of VHS tapes. I still have my VHS player but, I don't have any tapes. I can't part with it yet. Which is so weird since I have not played it in years.
When I move, I'll have to do a flea market sale and I'll have to put a sign on it that says:FREE.

Melanie 09 June, 2008 17:44

My mom is the same way when she has her sales- by the afternoon things are getting cheaper and cheaper.

And- I loved your sidebar! I can laugh now when I think of Chelsea and her parents.... but it wasn't funny when they acted like that in the classroom. Poor girl, having those two as her parents. And thinking of Kishad reminds me of Mr. Eric and the "scratchy" voice and "smooth" voice.

Anyhoo, I have an award for you if you have some time- stop by and pick it up.

Believer 1964 10 June, 2008 04:43
This comment has been removed by the author.
Believer 1964 10 June, 2008 04:44

Amen! Sowing our time, treasures, or a check can bring blessings.

Danielle 10 June, 2008 13:58

Good purge Regina. Doesn't it feel good to get rid of stuff and start fresh? Whew! Good for you. Best of luck to and your family w/your move.

zamejias 11 June, 2008 05:57

I'm glad your sale was a huge success. Must have been a pretty week for you. But I have a feeling it's a good bonding time with the family too.

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