Monday, June 2, 2008

WTH Did She Just Say?!?!

***Hat Tip to my brother over at Electronic Village***

In my Sunday internet travels I came across this video and it immediately pissed me off. Now, in this video an older Caucasian lady calls Barack Obama an "inadequate black male"! Wow! I may be wrong but how would she know he was inadequate unless she "Knew" him? I mean "Knew" him in the biblical sense of the word! If she doesn't "Know" him than why would she even go there?? But actually that is not what pissed me off, even though her comment was insulting, rude, degrading, racist, petty and just plain ASININE! What really pissed me off was at about 23 seconds into the video she said, "for an inadequate black male who would not have been running had it not been a white woman that was running for President". What the hell does that mean? It sounds to me like she thinks that a white woman is "entitled" to run and a black male is not! Obama is again getting flack and has ultimately resigned from and cut all ties with his church for comments that Father Michael Pfleger made at Trinity United Church last week about white entitlement but isn't that what this woman just said?!?!

**For the record, I don't believe that politics should be discussed across a pulpit. The pulpit should be for the building up, teaching, preaching, nurturing and edifying of people seeking the word of God!**

You know what else pissed me off?? Well at about 1:13 seconds in to this video this woman, Harriet Christian says, "I came here for the vote of every American"...
Well I don't know about the rest of you but she sure doesn't speak for me! And yes Hillary did win Puerto Rico BUT I think Harriet Christian missed the memo that said Obama has 2070 delegates and Clinton has 1915 delegates. Whether the Democratic National Committee decided the fate of Florida and Michigan delegates or not Obama was STILL ahead in delegates. The DNC's decision gave Clinton some extra delegates so Harriet should be happy about that!

I am a WOMAN and a NATIVE NEW YORKER, just like Harriet Christian but that doesn't give anyone the right to assume how I should vote or who I should vote for ...

OK, enough of that!! Check out the video for yourself and then sound in. I would like to hear your views on this!

Peace & Love!

18 People Saying Something!

jjbrock 02 June, 2008 06:47

Regina I watched the clip on another site. It's a sad day when you can continue to show this kinda of hate. It looks like that entitlement thing.

R.L.Scovens 02 June, 2008 06:48

What struck me about this was: Why is she so darn angry? Did we do something to her? It made me laugh! If she's so upset, you know what she needs to do? Get over it, just like we've had to do!

ShAé - ShAé 02 June, 2008 10:46

I will continue to be baffled as to why some folks are so mad at black people. Why isn't she angry that both candidates agreed to discount the votes in FL and Michigan yet one all of a sudden gives a damn about these voters? She should be complaining to her state Senators and voting committee on how they totally screwed their voters - not Obama. I do agree with her that the Dems are throwing away this election simply because they are off target with all the bickering and should have stayed focus throughout the campaign.

Off topic - why is she spewing nonsense about being a second class citizen and worrying about the reporter being CIA? Is she drunk? Sippin' syzzurp?

Her threats of 'turning' and jumping on the McCain (or Cain as she calls him) bandwagon won't change a thing. She's had about a hundred years to upgrade to first class citizen, why is she mad now?

SheCodes 02 June, 2008 21:32

I actually found the video hilarious. This woman is KOOKOO! lol!

We all know if Hillary and Barack's positions were reversed, they would all be screaming "OBEY THE RULES! IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DELEGATES!!"

Bill Clinton himself said that it would be a 'delegate race' at the onset of this political season... when Hillary was leading in superdelegates by a large margin.

She needs to salvage her legacy and bow out gracefully, and make moves to calm her crazed fans down.

If she uses a 'scorched earth' policy -- if the Democrats lose this election -- then IT'S A WRAP for the DNC.

I don't see how the Democrats can recover from a loss this November. But it seems that they are doing their very best to do exactly that.


Amy 02 June, 2008 21:44

this woman is an embarrassment (yes, to whites). i have no idea what she's talking about, "second class citizen". obviously she has an inferiority complex and wants to blame whomever she can about it. it's too bad she needs to blame black people. "inadequate black male" what does that even mean? i agree with you - there's only one way she'd know that, lol. she's clearly got more issues than those presented here (like anger management).

Amy 02 June, 2008 21:46

btw, i hope it's alright i commented because i'm not family.

Believer 1964 03 June, 2008 00:22

There are so many red flags and underlying issues here.

This is what I hear her say:
- Obama wouldn't have been nominated if it weren't for a female president also on the nomination.
- She's disgusted with her party and the DNC.
- She truly wishes that things remained the same.
- She cannot wrap her head around being politically correct and censoring.
- The lack of unity in the Democratic Party will cause McCain a victory.

Some older folk just don’t care. They have no problem sharing whatever is on their mind and without hesitation. I can’t understand how they trade-in courtesy and manners for rude and crude behavior.

Gill 03 June, 2008 07:28

People like that just make me sick!!

mckhoii 03 June, 2008 07:43

Hi there! I tagged you at my post fag tag #12. Please check it out and do link back. Love you for that. Take care!

Go blogs bloom!

bluedreamer27 03 June, 2008 08:25

hmmmm for me who ever won is still making a new record its either the first black of first woman president right?
have a great day regina
but im after obama

ShAé - ShAé 03 June, 2008 09:04

I'm still shaking my head at this woman. She's almost like the girl on the Marta train in Atlanta spewing nonsense at innocent bystanders. Kinda funny but a little scary at the same time. Her threats to 'turn and back McCain' are hypocritical. Why do people assume that if you support Obama it's only because he's black, but if you 'turn and vote for McCain' it that it isn't because Obama's black. Hmmm....

Shelia 03 June, 2008 09:42

It is so unfortunate that this degree of hate is in the world, worse yet, that we have to bear witness to it.

I ain't thinkin' about them, I'm looking at your beautiful grand baby just continuing to get more beautiful every day. I prefer that kind of information.

Petula Wright 03 June, 2008 14:29

Wow... what ignorance.

SjP 04 June, 2008 01:18

I was so shocked and amazed at the madness of it all that it was hard for me to really express myself - so I featured good old Harriet in my S.O.S section aka Stuck on Stupid.



WOW! This old white b***h [ok, I shouldn't say that]; this old white chick needs the grits choked outta her for callin' Obama an inadequate black man. How much you wanna bet she really wanted to call Obama a n-gger!? She needs a serious tablespoon full of STHU and then she needs to get choked out!

Believe I do not promote violence against old white women any kinda way, but this video really got me cookin'! Grrr!!!

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

tAnYeTTa 06 June, 2008 03:15

funny thing is...she believes every single word coming out of her mouth. she needs to stop. she's on national tv acting a donkey. she should be shamed of herself.

wait...she gave the reporter her name too?

yeah, she's crazy.

IVENTBYBLOGGING 06 June, 2008 05:47


And the fact that Obama has risen thru the ranks despite the idiocy of this hag and hillary is a testament that people ARE STILL READY FOR A CHANGE!!

Ana 08 June, 2008 10:27

Wow!!! Speak what ya really think OR maybe JUST hush up!!!

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