Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Inspiration: Dry Bones Live Again!

Well, bloggers I have been in my new State for about 18 days (the hottest 18 days of my life) and I must tell you now I know the true meaning of "siesta"!! Siesta which means "afternoon rest or nap, especially in places of extreme warmth" is what my body wants to do daily but I fight the urge, I think that it is a bad habit to get into even if it is summer vacation! But it gets so hot that I get up extra early to do certain things and by noon the heat makes me extremely tired. Even if I am inside I get tired because I am up so early. The days here seem to go by so fast, after all our early morning running around we get back home go inside and it feels like the rest of the day just speeds by! Too much sleep is also a sign of depression. Even though I have not been depressed, I have been in a really funky spot. I guess change can do that, a new place, different mannerisms, a new way of living, and an uncertainty of direction can cause you to want to take a ...Siesta!!!

Anyway, today I went to church for the first time in my new state, which is funny because a blogging friend emailed me yesterday to ask me if I had been to a certain area Mega Church yet and that is exactly where I went this morning. It was a true experience for the kids especially my 14 year old. We had talked about it last week and she was under the impression that since the preacher there is on TV that we had to pay for admission! I explained to her that just because a portion of the service is televised doesn't make it a concert it is still church! This church has about 30,000 members and we come from a church that had about 1000 member so yes it was like culture shock for us. I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the service and the "word" was exactly what I needed. Today's subject was "Spiritual Renewal" and that is what I needed. I left my last church about 4 months prior to our move out of New York. I left for various reasons but mainly because I felt that I had hit a plateau and was no longer growing which was causing a stagnation of the Spirit, so it was time to move on. But anyway, I am glad I went and am looking forward to next week.

Have you ever been at a place in your life where you don't want to do what you used to but you don't know what to do next. You feel like you are "just here"? I don't mean when you are waiting on the Lord to do something in you, I mean when you are doing nothing, producing nothing, experiencing nothing, you are literally "just here". That is a very dangerous spot for a Christian to be in because that is when you start to doubt the gifts that God has given you, you start to doubt the power that He has instilled in you, you start to wonder if you really have a gift, any power, any purpose at all. The sad thing is that you will know that you are in this dry place, but often lack the energy to get out of it. As the preacher said this morning you are the "fighting tired". You may sleep, but you don't rest, you are tired and worn out, just stumbling through life. This is how I felt. I felt like the dry bones in Ezekiel 37:1-15. But today in the presence of the Lord, amongst the thousands of saints I felt refreshed. It wasn't the Mega Church, or the cameras, or the lush appearance of the building, or the star quality of the speaker it was pure and simply the Hand of God in that place! Praying at home is fine, and watching a televangelist is also fine but I needed to be in the house of the Lord amongst the saints, getting my praise on (it's been too long since I had this inclusive feeling). It felt like the hand of God literally reached down and shook me awake! I thank God that I just got a fresh word, a fresh breath from the Lord and I feel ready to go forth and take on Texas...and it's heat!!!!

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R.L.Scovens 20 July, 2008 17:40

I am SO glad for you!! I know that feeling and to be honest, I yearn for it! I felt like that back in April at the conference. What a feeling!

Those afternoon naps? They become a necessity sometimes!lol I try to stay away from them too though..I'm at home all day without my son so you KNOW I nap sometimes!!!LOL Can't even lie about that! Especially if I've had to WALK to the Dollar Store at 1pm!!!

jjbrock 20 July, 2008 20:08

Regina Thank God He sent me by your blog today.
"Have you ever been at a place in your life where you don't want to do what you used to but you don't know what to do next. You feel like you are "just here"? I don't mean when you are waiting on the Lord to do something in you, I mean when you are doing nothing, producing nothing, experiencing nothing, you are literally "just here".

Regina after reading this I am crying because this is my place of pain right now. I just ask my husband today do he want to go home he says no.

I miss my home and my old life. It's like I am stuck in a rut and I can't move. I really don't know which way to go. I am truly doing nothing with my life at this present moment.

I am ashame of the fact that I am not living a life thats pleasing unto God .I also no It's not God its me.

MsMarvalus 20 July, 2008 20:59

Ms. Regina...I am slowly climbing out of this space and it feels like shedding old skin...but there is something missing, and maybe being in a church among other worshippers is just what I need to move me further up the way...

Thank you for this message...

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© 20 July, 2008 21:13

Hey Regina, good for you for finding a new church so soon. Sometimes we all need a good shaking from God. Sounds like you're already settling into a home and not just a house.

Keep us posted. :-)

freetofly 21 July, 2008 07:47

First may I say Welcome Home! :) So glad you are at least beginning to get your bearings. I was transfixed as I read this post for many reasons...first of all the Lord was reminding me about the dry bones thing yesterday evening...its something personal to I sense confirmation. Secondly, because that feeling you spoke of I have struggled with. I just didn't know the words to express it. Thank you for your voice, though I am sorry for your pain.

I love to hear you got the blessing of fellowship in a place alive with the presence of the Lord. Like you said, all the other has its place. But, this is essential in the life of a believer who wants ALL that God has for them. My heart grieves for people who live where there isn't a place for them to go like that. I think that as hunger grows in the Body, you will see a home church explosion (like in Acts)...but that is a story for another day, and only my 2 cents after all! :) LOL!


Villager 21 July, 2008 09:30

God Bless You! That is a remarkable testimony. Thank you very much for sharing it with us. All of us hope to be refreshed as you describe...

My Sunday Inspiration meme is up & running this week. We celebrate the 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela. I invite your blog readers to check it out.

peace, Villager

sdg1844 21 July, 2008 11:05

Hi Regina -

I'm glad you are adjusting. I know how it feels. We are creatures of habit and it takes time to acclimate ourselves to new situations. I moved to San Francisco from NYC and that adjustment was HUGE.

Be patient and give yourself the time you need. All the best to you and your family.

Sharon Brumfield 21 July, 2008 12:57

Seems like I have been out of the loop too, From New York? to Texas...girl what were you thinkin. ;) Talk about heat! The only good thing is that it is a dry heat.
We have been in the moving process...actually we leave Wednesday. We are going from muggy heat to North Carolina...cooler. YES!
I am glad that you got a little refreshing in your dry spot. I know what that is. I was there for about a year an a half....God is now starting to show me what it was all about. He will teach us anyway He can....and sometimes it is in the nothingness that we learn the most. He loves you so. He is passionately obssesed with you. Keep walking.
I'll check in as I can.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T 21 July, 2008 13:09

was it really 112 there yesterday

Why 2nd Cup of Coffee? 21 July, 2008 16:57

Hi, Regina. I'm just stopping in for the first time from Rachel's place. I'm enjoying your posts and appreciate how transparent you are with your feelings. The mega church sounds exciting--I'd at least like to visit one some time. 22 July, 2008 14:47

Hi, I know it is so hot in Texas!! one of our dear friends is down there right now and it is so HOT!! My son lived in Houston back in the 80's and he said it was somethhing else!

I am so glad you were able to ge refreshed on Sunday! Praise God!
Thanks for your prayers for Nancy! Love and hugs Grams 22 July, 2008 15:55

Hi there Regina!

Thanks for this post!

Where you are Joel Osteen's church?

I was at a church that had an evening service and people DID have to pay because that evening service was part of a week long conference.

There was a white church that had an evening program and invited a black preacher and charged $15 to get in! It wasn't even a conference - just a ONE NIGHT service! Black folks were fuming when they got to the door and found out the church was selling "tickets" to get in! This is one of the most famous white churches in the country too!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Lyn2x 22 July, 2008 21:18

I would like to thank you for accepting my EC ad.

Believer 1964 23 July, 2008 00:58

“I mean when you are doing nothing, producing nothing, experiencing nothing, you are literally ‘just here.’”

I've been there too, but for me it was a winter season.

Congratulations on finding a home church!

Black Doll 23 July, 2008 12:02

OH Regina thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Sista I have been in such a dry place. OMG I have been in place that I can barely hear the Lord. Much of it has to do with my own mess but bless you for letting me know that other people go through this as well. You have been a drink of water to my dry soul. Thank you again.

SjP 23 July, 2008 14:41

Regina, I'm feeling you...and me too, too. Much obliged for this post...I need it, especially today.

Shelia 23 July, 2008 21:59

I read this the other day Regina, and I so identified with some of the difficult parts of it that I couldn't even comment.

I'm just glad that the Lord smiled on you when you needed Him to. I know that need to be surrounded by love in church fellowship, there's nothing else like it.

melanie 24 July, 2008 21:32

Wow! You're good! What an excellent post. You can't even imagine how much I needed to read this.

I have been wondering how you were adjusting to the heat.

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