Thursday, July 17, 2008

WTH, Can A Kid Be A Kid?...

Tomorrow (Friday) we are venturing out to Six Flags Over Texas! The kids have been bugging us and waiting to go, so tomorrow is finally it (we can't find anymore excuses NOT to go!).
So tonight we ran over to the "Stuff-Mart" to find bathing suits...
Can I just say that the people who make these things must think that ALL young girls/ladies are whores or strippers! I could not find one decent "one piece" bathing suit for my daughter. That's right you heard me a ONE PIECE!! Yes my youngest is 14, and yes she is a young lady, and YES she still needs to wear a ONE PIECE!! See, you must understand my 14 year old is well endowed (it runs in the family...gee, thanks MOM!!) and the 2 piece bikinis do not cover nearly enough for me to be putting my baby, sorry she's not a baby! My Chica in!! So until I say other wise she is in a one piece!
Anyway, back to my rant about the "Stuff-Mart"...
So after an hour of going through racks of 2 piece string and gauze sets (which are priced SEPARATELY...WTH!!!) We finally find some one piece bathing suits. Do you want to see the garbage that we found? Of course you do....

I'm sorry, maybe it's just me but "THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE BATHING SUIT FOR A 14 YEAR OLD!!!!!" No, she did not pick that up, and surely did not want to be photographed holding it but I had to get a picture of what was available at the "Stuff-Mart". So Chica bought a pair of shorts to wear over a body suit (with a cover up on top), I'll try to post a picture later!
So for all you parents out there, and you concerned adults I have a few questions for you...
When did it become OK for the world to treat our children like they are adults??
When did it become OK for the world to tell our children that less is more??
When did it become OK for society to try and make our "CHILDREN" look, and act like adults??

As a parent,
I declare that my CHILD will stay a child until she is of legal age!
I declare that society WILL NOT determine her worth!
I declare that a child WILL stay in a child's place in my home!
I declare that she will enjoy her childhood!
I declare that she will not be forced, coerced, or tricked into being grown before her time!
I declare that she WILL have all the tools, instruction & knowledge that she needs to grow into the mighty woman of God that she is destined to be!
I declare that I will do everything in my power (with the grace of GOD) to ensure these declarations!

As a parent if I don't do my job then who will?

Peace, Love & Blessings

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HEALTH NUT WANNABEE MOM 18 July, 2008 00:57

I absolutely agree! That red one piece was horrifying and I would not let either of my daughters wear it either. Your children are lucky to have you. So many people just want to push their kids out but I say let them be kids too!


designers today do not practice good judgment when they are designing clothing for children.

however, i do admire that as a mother you will not your 14-year old daughter to wear something questionable just because it is being offered to you. that is a sign of a good mother indeed.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Believer 1964 18 July, 2008 04:04

As parents, it's our obligation to teach modesty to our daughters because the world offers them nothing but sex. It's out of control. And this is evidence right here!


When I first became a mom (12 years ago), I'll never forget what my older male co-worker/friend told me..."remember, you are the only SENSE your child has."

There's a way a child SHOULD go, and a way they SHOULDN'T. If we (parents) don't lead them to should -- who will?

Standing O for you, Regina :)!

R.L.Scovens 18 July, 2008 07:57

I thought the first bathing suit was bad!! That second one had it in the bag!!! What kind of mess is that?!

I believe that kids should be kids as well!! They have thier whole lives to be adults!!! There is NO rush!

Gill 18 July, 2008 09:59

Well said Regina!!!

sdg1844 18 July, 2008 11:21

I'm glad you said this Regina. The one piece suits look as bad as the bikini's. I just can't believe what they are selling to our kids. It's nuts!

MrsGrapevine 18 July, 2008 17:15

I'm saying, as if kids aren't advanced enough. They just want to make them into little sex machines. Enough already...

Shana 18 July, 2008 20:02

AMEN!!! And I sure am glad that I have boys at times like this. :o)

Vivrant Thang 18 July, 2008 23:10

It is so funny you write this. I was out at my pool the other day and I couldn't get over these girls who had to be about 14 or 15 walking around in these revealing bikinis...and they are quite developed of course which is why they are wearing them. I was disgusted. Where are the mothers?

I also don't agree with these bikinis for young girls like 3 or 4. Too many perverts out here! Keep them covered up.

Thank you for being the mother you are. I will definitely be the same.

iriegal 19 July, 2008 10:18

Girl I feel you on this comment. My daughter (who is autistic) is well endowed as well. I am not going to have people lusting after my baby...(yes she is 27, but she is my baby)..

and I understand your sentiments about your teen. I mean even the "infants" have two piece..WTH? they don't even have a waistline yet!!

Did you ever find a decent piece. The ones you photographed were just too revealing..

Babette 20 July, 2008 07:28

You are right! Clothes for teens nowadays are too revealing! The blame falls to the parents who buy those clothes and let their teens wear it.

Thanks for the EC drop. :)

Definitely Maybe!
Not Just Another Blog...


Reading this blog entry made me feel very proud; and gave my heart some peace.

As parents we are always questioning ourselves as to whether or not we are doing the right thing. I now know that the "no chemicals in your hair until you turned 16" and "the not dressing like everyone else" and all the books paid off.

Parents, dare to be differnt. Someone once said that "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." Let's stand for teaching our children values and morality. We do have the power to make a difference. 22 July, 2008 16:01

Hey there Regina!!


There are many women who "say" their children are growing up too fast but guess what....they are putting them in the role of cooking and caring for younger siblings and helping to discipline their younger they are PUTTING THEM in the roles of being the "junior" Mama in the house... but then they want to complain that the kids are growing up too fast...

I am fine with giving kids responsibility in the home but they SHOULD NOT be helping their mother monitor and care for children that they DID NOT bring into this world.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Hadias 23 July, 2008 05:10

My daughter is fourteen and we have ahard time finding one piece athing suits as well. The ones at Walmart have grnny patterns on them that make them look less appealing to young girls.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx have had some great olympic style Nike and Speedo bathing suits before. They come in nice colors and cover the areas that should be covered.

melanie 24 July, 2008 21:34

Oh my GOODNESS. I completely agree with you. You know what's sad too- it's hard for me to find a bathing suit for Hailey that isn't a bikini. What are people thinking?


I agree, I don't like the swim suit styles that are popular now. I found one a couple of years ago--I'm forty and you don't want to see this in a bikini--at a KMart.
Try this next time: look at the types of suits the lifeguards are wearing at your local pool. If you like the styles, ask them where they get theirs.
Good luck!

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