Monday, September 8, 2008

Day Of Blogging For Justice : Community Organizers

Wow, Gov. Sarah Palin has committed the political acrobatics that often end in a backlash, by twisting, bending, OPENING MOUTH and INSERTING FOOT!

In her attack against Barack Obama which was cloaked as a Republican VP acceptance speech she has unwittingly attacked Community Workers! Or maybe that was her plan??

Gov. Palin said,I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a “community organizer,” except that you have actual responsibilities.”


Now I can not speak for all Community Organizers or Community Workers, but I can certainly speak for myself! I have been a Community Worker and Organizer for years and must say that I felt personally attacked by that statement. Gov. Palin’s statement says to me that because I am not a Governor my community work doesn’t count. Her statement says to me that she believes that what I choose to do to HELP OTHERS who are in need means nothing! In essence what her statement says to me is that I am not as IMPORTANT as she is! Wow! This is what she thinks of ME, a tax paying, US citizen, and voter in the upcoming elections!

Well SARAH (since you are disrespecting me I feel no need to continue to give you the respect of using your title…) let me tell you a little bit about what I have done as a Community worker.

For 9 years I worked in the Head Start Organization, which purposes to assist children from low-income families gain a jump start on education and boost their social skills preparing them for entry into elementary school. Head Start didn’t just target the children it targets the entire family by assisting the families by giving workshops on socio-economic issues, by assisting parents to establish goals and take steps toward achieving those goals. Head start has assisted MILLIONS of families since it's inception in 1965. The best feeling I got as working in Head Start was running into a former student or former parent and having them tell me how much Head Start meant to them; Or how much of a difference being in my class made as they entered into grade school; Or having teachers call me to thank us for preparing their students for school!

I was also a Site Manager for a child care center on a High School site, which purposed to assist young mothers to continue their education if they were continuing with High School even though they had a baby (a service that your daughter may need soon…).

Yes this makes me a Community Worker and I am PROUD!

I also worked as a Volunteer, an Executive Assistant, and ultimately as Interim Executive Director of a small non-profit organization. Family Restoration Project was started by a church that saw a need in the community. While working with this organization, I have feed the hungry through an Emergency Food Pantry; I have organized youth summits; I have assisted a group of teens to compose, publish and distribute "Youth On The Move" a teen newsletter, which was written by the teens for teens; I have organized field trips for teens which included visiting colleges to prepare them for college entry! While working with this organization I assisted in bringing low cost individual & family counseling; free mental health workshops and free women’s workshops to a community where those in need could not afford high priced mental health care! I organized Youth Fit, which was a free 10 week teen exercise class whose purpose was to assist youth ages 13-20 as they dealt with issues of nutrition, low self esteem, poor body images and even obesity.

Yes this makes me a Community Organizer and I am PROUD!

In the past I have also given shelter to the homeless; feed the hungry; donated time and money to various community and world causes; volunteered my time and energy in various church outreach programs; been a brownie & girl scout troop leader; and been involved in many COMMUNITY activities!

Yes Sarah, this makes me a Community Worker and a Community Organizer and I am PROUD TO BE SO!

So in closing Sarah, I urge you to think before you start bad mouthing and disrespecting Community Workers and Community Organizers. Think of the Head Starts; The Churches; The Homeless; The Hungry, The Boys & Girls Clubs; The YMCA. Think of Emma Lazarus, who wrote,

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free,...."

Who is working with these tired, poor, huddled masses??? Why Community Organizers OF COURSE!!!

Sarah think BEFORE you speak....

By the way Sarah, I know one who was a great Community Organizer who also DIED for me, Do You Know Him?

14 People Saying Something!

Shana 08 September, 2008 11:42

WOW! What a great post!!!! :o)

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© 08 September, 2008 13:31

Awesome post Regina. Sarah really don't want none. ;-)

Thank you for also visiting my post on community organizers.

PerfectMomentProject 08 September, 2008 14:04

I am NOT a community organizer, but you've inspired me to blog about community work and the spirit of hope! Daughtry's message of hope This video shows images of hope and help. Remember: Sara Palin is in the minority, a vocal one with a big stage, but she really doesn't get it.

Kimberly 08 September, 2008 15:27

Thanks for adding the logo!

Christina Springer 08 September, 2008 17:44

I'm just finding today a beautiful day. I don't think Sarah Palin knew how much she would offend so many people when she took her cheap shot. People identify with Obama because they are - in some way - a community organizer. Thanks for your good works!

Robyn 08 September, 2008 20:09

Hee---she was NOT commenting on Community Workers as a whole. She was commenting on the fact that somewhere in his vast educational resources he decided that the work of a Governor and a Mayor (no matter how small the town) seemed to be less than His SUPREME experience as a community worker. AND...I agree...she's had executive experience running a town, balancing budgets, etc...while he did WHAT??? I'm writing in a candidate this November, as BOTH candidates we have to choose from leave MUCH to be desired!!

Kevin Andre Elliott 09 September, 2008 00:19

This is great! Thank you so much! Both for this post and for the great work you're doing! Christina is right; this is truly a beautiful day!

deviousdiva 09 September, 2008 02:23

Thanks for dropping by my place. I too, am proud to be part of this campaign. The "little people" bite back right ?


I don't think she was putting down community workers/organizers. She was the one who was first spoken about this way by her opponents and their media surragtes. They mocked her, sneered at her, wagged their tongues with sarcasm. She was a community "worker" herself for goodness sake! Her comments were for her political oponents in this campaign and no one else. The issue was executive experience. Why don't we stick to the facts.


I wonder if Sarah is able to stick to the facts.
Fact 1: McCain has no plan and was running out of steam, so he did what any good child would do when losing a fight, he ran and got his big sister who is a better street fighter than he is. Wait, is this a street fight or an election for president of the most powerful nation in the world? I'm confused.
Fact 2: Is Sarah running for president or vice president? Oh that's right, McCain is so old, she has to put in her bid for president now. Hey Sarah, why wait?
Fact 3: Whether Obama was a street cleaner or a mayor, does that mean that in America he should be disqualified for running for president? After all doesn't the executive branch of government also have the legislative branch and the judicial branch as a form of checks and balances? Oh that's right, one person has to have it all and be the supreme being because the leader leads alone with out input from anyone else. I wonder how many past presidents were governors and mayors? Do the math for me somebody, I'm too busy helping people in need!
Fact 4: If all it takes for McCain to get the female vote is to grab a female street fighter (actually anyone will do) then what does that say about what he thinks of the women who are voting? Doesn't he think that the Hillary followers noticed that Sarah isn't Hillary; or will any female do?

Regina please excuse my ramblings, I'm just one of those people who thinks that whatever a person contributes to make the lives of others better, should be honored. By the way does Alaska have a comprehensive health care plan? Does Alaska have a zero drop out rate, and jobs for the people other than in the oil industry? Well at least it has a great army that can find the terrorist right, whew, that's a relief.

Great post!

SjP 09 September, 2008 18:38

Regina, "I know one who was a great Community Organizer who also DIED for me, Do You Know Him?" I always wonder why the teachings of the Man from Nazareth never seem to make it to the Republican platform by yet they say they are his followers. They always seem to forget about His teachings about mercy on and making peace...they just always seem to forget...

Our Love Story 09 September, 2008 20:47

wow.... that makes me real proud of you too and to all community workers! those are tough duties and responsibilities! those kind of works require a very BIG heart!

goodluck and Godbless u always!

Bria 10 September, 2008 20:37

great as usual!

iriegal 13 September, 2008 02:04

I am going to have to link this post.

This says it all.

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