Thursday, September 25, 2008

Electioneering, Voting, and The Law!

I don't know about you, but I have gotten SEVERAL emails over the past two days warning me to NOT wear Obama T-Shirts, Pins, Buttons, etc to the polling place on November 4, 2008 Election Day. Odd I haven't received any warnings about wearing McCain clothing... huuummmm! Anyway, it is being said that to do so is called electioneering which is against the law.
According to the American Heritage Dictionary:
Electioneering - To work actively for a candidate or political party.

Of course whenever I get that many emails and warnings about something I tend to immediately check to see if it is an urban myth by going to So I went to Snopes and of course my email was there word for word! Snopes is calling this Passive Electioneering. Read HERE what it said! Can I just say that I love, you'd be surprised the kind of nonsense that makes it's way around the web and into your email inbox!

So back to the electioneering warning!
Texas state law says : Election Code, sec. 61.003 establishes a class C misdemeanor offense
(maximum fine of $500) if, during the voting period, a person loiters or
electioneers within 100 feet of an outside door at a polling place. Sec.
85.036 establishes the same offense for electioneering outside of an early
voting polling place.

So my question is this: Is wearing a T-Shirt with the name or face of your candidate on it "ACTIVELY" campaigning or electioneering? It isn't like you are waving signs, passing out brochures or buttons, or screaming for change! No, you just got up, showered (hopefully!), put on your favorite light blue T-Shirt, and went to vote! I don't know about you but I personally don't like to be told what I can and cannot do! What I choose to wear, as long as it isn't offensive, pornographic, or racist should be totally up to me! This seems like it would be a violation of MY personal freedoms.

So I did some checking around in my state. I have spoken to 2 different people at the League Of Women Voters office, both of who thought or felt it would Not be electioneering but they were not sure and suggested that I contact the office of the Secretary of State. So after speaking with 2 people in the Secretary of State's office it turns out that indeed they DO see wearing certain clothing with a candidates name or face on it as electioneering... which is against the law!

So let's recap and be sure we are all on the same page...
If I wear this to the polls on election day I am breaking the law...
BUT If I wear this, who will know?!
In closing, please obey the laws of your state....But DON'T go out without underwear on!!!!

But, SERIOUSLY, Please make sure that you are registered to vote in your state. The deadline to register is October 6th!! Please, Please, Please, get registered and go out and vote. This is a very historic election for both Democrats and Republicans! Get involved and cast your vote!

14 People Saying Something!

Shana 25 September, 2008 10:29

Well, now we will all know, but wear them PROUD and we won't tell!!! LOL!!!!

melanie 25 September, 2008 19:25

You are too funny! Those underwear are hilarious. Who would buy political underwear??? You don't really have those do you???

But seriously- I don't see why you couldn't wear a shirt stating who you are voting for. I mean what if you drove and you had a bumper sticker with the party you are supporting on your car- would that be electioneering? Where does the line get drawn?

Dorothy 25 September, 2008 19:48

Wow, I don't know what to say..however, it does seem that many of our freedoms are being reduced in the name of the democracy....

Great post..

Dorothy from grammology

shae-shae 25 September, 2008 20:28

I was going to do a post on this but you beat me to it. :-)

So I'll have to link to your post if ya don't mind.

I don't think a lot of people know about this.

Regina 25 September, 2008 20:48

@ Shana - LOL!!! I gotta do what I gotta do!!

@ Melanie, LOL!! I'll never tell!! But seriously if you have that bumper sticker you had better park 100 feet away from the door of your polling place or it is against the law... It's crazy isn't it.

@ Dorothy - Yes, Isn't America great...

@ Shae - repost it or link it, Do your thing lady! This information needs to get out to all!

msladydeborah 25 September, 2008 21:15

I have been receiving email about wearing Obama gear to the polls. In Ohio it is considered to be a violation according to law.

Sharon Brumfield 26 September, 2008 07:50

First, I am registered! Took care of that when I got my N.C drivers license.
Next, it is pretty sad that someone would not already know who they were going to be voting for by the time they went to vote. Could someone really be swayed by a t-shirt worn by someone they see? And if they could....makes me wonder what is going on upstairs.:)
But,if we see you on the evening news being hauled away....we will know you decided to wear your shirt anyway! ;)

Mz.Bria2U 27 September, 2008 09:55

Gins...ONLY U could find Obama thongs!! lol that's right it's important to get the word out. at this point I'm going to write my own name on the ballot and vote for myself. i'm not digging either one of those rascals. but that's just me.

SjP 27 September, 2008 13:43

oh my!wonder how michelle feels about the thongs with so many women no doubt racing to buy them. Started to say something else but, you're spot is rated G. LOL

Eb the Celeb 27 September, 2008 14:52

lol @ the obama thong... I want to know how much of those proceeds go back to the

Christian Bloggers Unite 02 October, 2008 16:36

I've been needing some new underwear as it is so....

AJ 17 October, 2008 16:03 to find some Obama undies...but I want the granny bloomers...LOL

peggysss 22 October, 2008 19:57
This comment has been removed by the author.
peggysss 22 October, 2008 20:00

Actually the provision restricting what you can wear in the polling place is separate from the no electioneering with 100 feet rule.

(a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), a person may not wear a
badge, insignia, emblem, or other similar communicative device
relating to a candidate, measure, or political party appearing on
the ballot, or to the conduct of the election, in the polling place
or within 100 feet of any outside door through which a voter may
enter the building in which the polling place is located.

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