Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pro-Life ~OR~ Pro-Choice? Please Sound In...

What do you believe in?? Are you "Pro-Life" or Pro-Choice" ? Is it possible to be both??
Do your beliefs fall in line with your religious affiliations? If called to task would you defend your decision or back down and change your mind?

As a Christian I have very strong beliefs and while I DO NOT feel the need to explain them I surely don't mind discussing them! What about you??? Are you afraid to stand up for what you believe? Well, since you know I like to stir the pot every now and then (some think I like or crave controversy...) join in and voice YOUR OPINION! Not the safe one, not the expected one, but your TRUE belief/feeling on the issue!



Since this is my blog and you all know that I'M NOT SCARED, I can sound in first...
I am Pro-Life and Pro-Choice! That's right I said it! I am BOTH!! I do beleive that abortion is killing an innocent life BUT I also know that GOD gave us the right and the mind to CHOOSE what we do with our bodies. I also beleive that the choice belongs to the woman, after all it is her body!
~I wonder how many of you Pro-Life women take birth control pills, huuummm?~

OK, your turn. Sound In!!!

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Allure 02 September, 2008 18:08

There are so many poor people here in the Philippines, and what is weird is that the poor ones have more kids than those who are well-off.

The poor cannot feed their children and they are letting their kids suffer.

I am for the Pro-Choice.

Population must be controlled for the good of the people and environment.

clnmike 02 September, 2008 18:42

Pro-Life, with the exception of rape, incest, and the threat to the life of the mother.

I believe abortion is too high a price to pay because you made a "mistake".

R.L.Scovens 02 September, 2008 18:46

I'm pro-life.

jjbrock 02 September, 2008 23:18

Regina I am for life but, I also understand that women should have the right to make that choice.

SjP 02 September, 2008 23:36

I choose life along with the ability to make that choice in private without legislative intervention and in the absence of public opinion.



a little levity on a heavy subject...I sent you an award...drop by to pick it up



i believe in both but mainly because of circumstances.

for instance, if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant in the process, then she has the right to abort the product of that rape.

however, if there is woman out there getting pregnant because she is living loose, then she has no right to abort the product of her loose lifestyle. you owe that child it's life because it didn't ask for you to be a whore and get pregnant.

sabriena 03 September, 2008 04:59

I am Pro-Choice but I do not feel that it should be used as a form of birth control. Unfortunately some people use it as such and for reasons like that I am against it.

You can definitely be both pro-choice and pro-life.

Our Love Story 03 September, 2008 05:13

Hi Regina! How are you? I am more of Pro-Life! It really takes responsibility in everything we do!

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Da Mrs. 03 September, 2008 08:01

I am very Pro- Choice, however the older I get the more I am willing to allow God to make my Choices. I can’t seem to get it right.

The Success 03 September, 2008 08:53

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Kathy 03 September, 2008 09:34

Thanks for allowing this discussion. I was pro-choice at one point in my life. I know the arguements, I said many of them. Today I am pro-life, I have been since God convicted me to be so.

Unlike some of you I knew a woman that was raped and had an abortion. Later she used it as birth control. By the time she wanted children she couldn't carry a baby. Her story to me was riveting, abortion took a toll on her life as devastating as the rape. It was a sad situation, she told me her pain from abortion was delayed.

JHS 03 September, 2008 09:46


I believe strongly in the sanctity of all human life, whether at the beginning or end of the life cycle. (See Robert's Legacy to read about my track record with end-of-life issues.)

I believe that abortion on demand should be illegal, along with morning-after pills, partial birth abortion, etc. but have no problem with the use of birth control in order to prevent pregnancy. There is no contradiction in philosophies there, in my estimation. Quite the opposite, in fact. If you are responsible and take all steps to prevent pregnancy, you are also preventing abortions.

There are times, however, when the circumstances are so tragic that a woman must have the right to make the correct choice for her in consultation with her physician and, as appropriate, spiritual adviser, family, etc. Such times would be, for instance, when the life of the mother is threatened and there is no good option. The govt. should not be involved in such decisions, leaving the ultimate choice to the woman and staying out of her deliberative process, as well as the aftermath.

I have always voted for pro-life candidates as a matter of principle. This time, I find myself supporting a candidate (Obama) with whom I do not agree on these issues. However, as Father Frank Pavone (Priests for Life) instructs, you sometimes have to pick the lesser of two evils and this is such a time. When McCain announced his running mate, the deal was sealed for me. She is simply not prepared to be the Pres. and that is a real concern in light of McCain's age. I also think McCain represents a continuation of the last 8 years which would be ruinous to this country.

I do not believe that it is about "a woman's body" and become infuriated when I see pro-abort protesters screaming that. Christians know that it is not our bodies we are dealing with, in a real sense, because our bodies are, according to scripture, temples. What about the child's body? What about the child's right? There are more than one person's interests implicated.

Moreover, I am deeply offended by the phrase "this is my body" being used to support taking a human life (which is what abortion is) when those are the very words that, to Christians, represent the act of giving life.

My $.02. :-)

I am also a civil rights attorney, however, and support the right of every person to make up their own mind on these issues. Therefore, I extend respect and consideration to all persons & believe is civil disagreement.

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© 03 September, 2008 10:39

I do believe it's possible to be both. I am... but with heavy emphasis on pro life. I believe if you are pregnant you should have the child. My exceptions are: life-threatening difficulties that would cause you, the child or both to die during labor, a rape pregnancy - I understand the arguments that will probably follow, but I don't think I could do it, or if you find out you have AIDS during a pregnancy. I know there are exceptions, but I don't think I'd give birth not knowing if the child will come out with AIDS. That would be cruel & unusual punishment from birth IMO.

Regina 03 September, 2008 10:54

Hi All!
Thank you ALL for stopping by to sound in on this very potentially explosive and intimate topic!
I can feel the compassion, conviction and energy of your words through the screen!



Jesus died for all to have what God originally gave us, and that is free will to make choices. Right, wrong or indifferent, God gave us the right to choose. He even gave us the right to not choose Him, if that is your choice.

I am pro choice because God is pro choice, even if it is the wrong choice.
I am pro life because Jesus gave His life so that I and everyone could live.

What we do with our lives and the chooses we make is an individual thing that we will stand before God to explain.

I don't think the issue is pro-life or pro-choice. I think the issue is how are we living. What are we doing with the right to choose. Instead of choosing an abortion couldn't I just choose not to have sex out side of marriage?

In the situation of rape or disease; if it's not me, I don't think I should have a say in the matter. If it is me, no one else but me has a right to decide what I should do, because I am the one who will have to live with the decision for the rest of my life. And then I will have to give an account to God when my life is over.

This is a real tough one! What about kids, who makes their choices for them??????

DNLee 03 September, 2008 11:49

I am pro-choice, a NARAL-donation making pro-choice advocate. Reproductive options are a womanist issue and legal safe options are necessary. I hate the fact that anyone would need to make the decision, but no woman or young girl should feel as if she is a slave to her womb -- forced to carry and have a baby she does not want or can't have -- whether for personal reasons or family/social pressures.

It's a private medical matter and should remain out of the governments hands (except for safety regulations) like ALL other medical treatments and procedures.

Leeann 03 September, 2008 12:45

Looks like I'm in the same boat with a lot of the commentors already. I'm Pro-life, with the exception of rape/incest/mother's life in jeopardy, issues.
As for birth control, the only birth control that actually allows fertilization, but prevents implantation is the IUD...hence why I would never use that one. All other BC, prevent the fertilization to begin with...no life is lost.
I know it's a woman's choice...but I can't imagine the mental torment that comes with that decision. Whether that torment occurs at the time of the abortion, or years later - it's a huge price to pay.
Having gone through a D&C when we lost our baby this spring (it's the same exact procedure as an elective abortion), I can't imagine choosing to do it. Way to hard for me to deal with.


I am against abortion but I also believe in pro choice. You have no right to choose what anybody does with their body. You choose for your body, I choose for mine. The very thought of you trying to tell someone how to live or what to do is against the constitution and our GOD given right of choice. It is no body's business if someone wants or gets an abortion. It is between that person and god. Go tell your family what to do and leave everybody else alone.

MsMarvalus 03 September, 2008 18:28

I love the fact that this discussion can be held with taste and decorum...thanks Ms. Regina!

I am both also...I don't think it is something that I could choose for myself, or for someone that was close to me (i.e. my child), but I argue strongly that it should not rest on the government to make the decision for me. This is a decision between a woman and her God...

Shana 04 September, 2008 06:59

I agree with you Regina. I am Pro-Life and Pro-Choice! I believe that abortions is taking a life! But I also believe that we live in America and we should have that choice!

I have said it before and I will say it again... (literally, I copy and pasted this from a comment I posted on the praying for rain post)

'Those are personal choices between the Lord and I, not for a politician to make for me. My Grandma has always said "You can't legislate morality!"'

Tina 04 September, 2008 09:21

Regina: Conception = the implantation of a fertilized egg. Without fertilization and implantation happening, pregnancy does not occur. Abortion terminates a pregnancy.

Birth control pills have nothing to do with abortion. Birth control pills prevent a woman's body from being able to conceive in the first place - they're used to prevent pregnancy, not terminate it. What does that have to do with abortion? I'm lost on your logic there, because if I use that logic, then abstaining from sex is akin to abortion because it prevents an egg from ever being fertilized and implanting, just like birth control pills. Makes no sense.

I am pro-life. I feel that no one has the right to deny another person the right to live.

I also feel that abortion should only be used when it is clear that not ending the pregnancy will kill the mother. In other words, it's kill or be killed. But to just kill willy nilly....no. As for rape, there's the morning after pill (which is just birth control pills in a big dose) which prevents conception, so no need for abortion. Incest is a whole other bowl of worms on which I can't give an informed opinion as of yet since there are so many variables at play.

Since undergoing fertility screenings and all that jazz, I've learned more about how conception and pregnancy work than most women ever will. A fertilized egg is not a pregnancy, nor does it mean that a woman is or will become pregnant - ask any reproductive specialist and just look at the women who undergo IVF - those are fertilized eggs, many of which do not result in pregnancy. In order to be pregnant that fertilized egg must implant, and that takes about a week or so. A lot of things can happen during that time. So many factors have to come together for pregnancy to occur and just one little blip along the line will prevent conception.

Just my 500 cents there.

Regina 04 September, 2008 11:13

Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment! I totally agree!

Hi Ms. Marva!
Thanks for coming by and sounding in! I figured since the topic is always a hot spot in conversations, then why not bring it to the table! “This is a decision between a woman and her God...” EXACTLY!! Love ya!

Hi Shana!
Thanks! I knew you would come by! I love your Grandma’s quote! Smart cookie!

Hi Tina!
Thanks for coming through and thanks for sharing your concerns with us! I’m sorry you got lost in the translation; I did not mean to confuse anyone! That last question was actually just a side bar, So let me clarify the birth control question…
(1) I did not say birth control pills were synonymous with abortion. (Trust when I say that having had an abortion at one time and having used birth control pills at another time, I know the distinct difference!) I asked how many Pro-Life women take birth control pills.
(2) You stated, “Birth control pills prevent a woman's body from being able to conceive in the first place - they're used to prevent pregnancy…”
(3) So going on the premise of your statement, I ask this… IF you are a Christian woman, and IF you are married, and IF you believe that God has called every child by name before they were born (meaning He destined them to be here), IF you are Pro-Life, AND IF you take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy, then isn’t that taking the power out of Gods hands and choosing to do what YOU want to do and then wouldn’t that make you Pro-Choice? See Pro-Choice is not just about abortions (even though that is all we ever hear about) but it is about the right to CHOOSE what goes on with your body, be it Abortion, Birth Control, Abstinence, Morning After Pills, etc but You alone should have the Choice AND make the decision! And that is my logic!

Thank you Ms. Tina for bringing up the birth control pill issue (I was beginning to think that no one would touch it!!) It’s All LOVE! And I will be by for my Tina & Baby update!

Thank you ALL for stopping by!
Peace & Love!

Tina 04 September, 2008 14:29

Thanks for clearing that up Regina. In this case, we're talking pro-choice in a realm outside of pregnancy and abortion. Everything in life is a choice - and thus in terms of life (and not solely abortion) everybody is pro-choice.

In response to #3: If God could make a virgin pregnant, I think God could easily overcome a birth control pill if that is his will. The power is never out of God's hand to work in our lives. If God wanted me to have kids earlier, I'd have had them earlier. Shoot, I'm having kids earlier than I ideally wanted to because I figured that God was trying to tell me and hubby that we need to have children sooner rather than later. Why? I have no idea. But I don't question God's timing. When God really wants you to pay attention and do something, HE GETS YOUR ATTENTION!

Melissa 04 September, 2008 14:43

I am strongly pro-life and I don't take birth control.

Regina 04 September, 2008 15:28

Hi Melissa!
Thanks for coming by and adding your 2 cents!! I admire your position! Please come again! Most topics are not this volatile! LOL!

melanie 04 September, 2008 22:29

I am 100% pro-life. I think the woman has the right to make a choice- and she makes that choice when she has sex.

You are brave to discuss this topic Regina!

melanie 04 September, 2008 22:41

Just reading over your comments and I have to comment on this statement you made...
"(3) So going on the premise of your statement, I ask this… IF you are a Christian woman, and IF you are married, and IF you believe that God has called every child by name before they were born (meaning He destined them to be here), IF you are Pro-Life, AND IF you take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy, then isn’t that taking the power out of Gods hands..."

Really? You think a little old birth control pill would stop God from completing his plan? I'm pretty sure that a birth control pill doesn't take any power away from God.

I have a friend who never wanted to have any kids. She took birth control pills and ended up with 2 kids anyways. She realized that God had a different and better plan for her life and a little old pill didn't stop Him from completing His plan.

Just had to add that little thought ;)

Regina 04 September, 2008 22:48

Hey Mel!
How's that little cutie of ours doing?!
Thanks for coming by and commenting! Aren't you brave to commenting on such a subject!!LOL!!
Anyway you know I like to stir things up every now and then.
Hey I'm out here in TX, hot and bored so I figured why not turn up the heat on the blogosphere! Why should Sarah Palin have all the fun!
Love ya!

LeanBean 05 September, 2008 08:48

Scripture is clear. I AM PRO-LIFE. No ifs, ands or buts.

Blog Queen 06 September, 2008 03:21

Wow! I knew this topic would garner a LOT of opinions..So let me give mine. I think I've got you beat...lol. I'm pro-choice, pro-life and anti-abortion....sound silly?

well this is my take: I personally would never choose to terminate a pregnancy merely as a convenience and I don't condone other women that use abortion as a sickening means of birth control. However, if (God forbid) I was ever raped or some other traumatic event which I don't need to spell out that caused the pregnancy...yes, abortion would be my alternative.

But more importantly than any of those reasons and examples...Pro-Choice is paramount. I do not agree that the government or any other authoritative entity should have role in a woman's choice. As I am sure this is one of the most difficult decisions a woman will ever have to make...let it be a personal decision...involving her, her family and those close to her.

What's next banning birth control, deciding who will or will not have a hysterectomy, dictating the number of children different classes (socioeconomic) of people will have....come to think of it...i think China does something similar to the last example...

LeanBean 06 September, 2008 04:28

Hi Regina,

I am feeling compelled to chime in here again although I really didn't want to. But, you know how the Lord works when he places something on your heart that He wants you to say even though you don't want to do it. It's calle obedience. So here goes...

As I read the other comments posted here about pro-life believers who attach exceptions to justify abortion--ie. in rape cases or for medical reasons, I need to speak out.

I am one of those women. Ten years ago, August 13, 1998, my husband and I made the decision to "interrupt the pregnancy" of our second child because of a devastating condition called Smith-Lemly-Opitz syndrome (SLO for short). It's a disease that strikes only 1 in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of births--EXTREMELY rare. The prognosis for babies with the condition is not good--they rarely survive long after birth and if they do, the "quality of life" is virtually non-existent having to rely on 24-hour medical care in a hospital setting. I was 22 weeks along. At the time we had the BEST team of medical doctors in the Pacific Rim (we were living in Hawaii) working on our case. We made medical history and were the subject of many medical papers and abstracts in the years that followed because we were the first case EVER to be diagnosed with the condition pre-nataly. Though both my husband and I were raised as Christians, we were only just beginning to understand what it really meant to walk with God. Our faith was not as strong as it was today. With that, and with the options presented to us by our legendary team of doctors, we decided to end the pregnancy. Our doctors assured us this was an acceptable alternative. They didn't call it an abortion. "Interruption of pregnancy" is the accepted medical term used to end the life of an unborn baby for just medical cause. We were told that if there ever was a "just medical cause" to end the life of the unborn, OUR case was it. And that's what we did.

I share this with you and all your readers today, because since then, I have come to understand and truly embrace the Word of God and His grace and mercy He has for all of us as His children. In the end, what we did--MAKE THE DECISION--to end a life was wrong, even though from the world's perspective we had every reason to do it. Still, it was US who chose the time and manner of death--NOT God. It is not for us to determine this. If we were really trusting in the Lord, we would have trusted Him to carry the burden for us and accept what He had given us--even if baby would have lived only one minute after birth. We would have trusted His sovereign plan. Even in rape cases, there are alternatives such as adoption. Bottom line is that God gave that life and He has good purpose in it.

I use my testimony today to encourage other women to NOT make the same choice I made ten years ago. We need to holdfast to the Truth of God and His promises. The blessings are beyond measure when we obey Him in such difficult circumstances. You'd be surprised at how many Christian women carry the burden of a decision they made years ago, never having brought if before the Lord. There IS freedom even from that. And, there has been an overwhelming amount of tolerance and acceptance from the Christian community in our case because of the circumstance. I come before you now because I can assure you that there is NO difference in my case than any other "abortion" case--the end result was the same...the termination of a life on man's term, not the Lord's.

And to answer the question that may be running through readers minds--Yes, because mine was a "late-term" circumstance, I very much went through labor and delivery (albeit pre-maturely induced) for this child, whose name was Jacob.

God bless you and your readers.

Regina 06 September, 2008 14:56

Blog Queen -
Thanks for coming by and commenting. You are right once we start letting the government/authorities/others regulate what goes on with our lives we are letting go of our liberties and our selves. My mother and I were just talking about China and the regulating number of children born. Very scary...

LeanBean -
Thank you for sharing your heart and your testimony. I am humbled that you chose my blog to do so. I'm sure your testimony will touch lives and pierce hearts as was God's will!

MsVip213 06 September, 2008 23:14

I know that what I have to say may not be to most popular but I feel that it may be another way to look at things. I am pro-choice, I think every woman should have the option to chose. I hear about too many abused and abandoned children that nobody is helping. I hear people saying well if she didn't use birth control than she needs to pay the price by having the child but does that child deserve to pay that price to, to be unwanted, abused, neglected. Then they say well look at adoption millions are waiting to adopt well you know what millions are waiting to be adopted. I don't know if you noticed but even celebs are going overseas to get their children so millions are still waiting here in America to be adopted. So when I look at all these factors I have to say Pro Choice. Now maybe I would sing a different tune if all the Pro Lifers where out there adopting all the kids up and giving their time and energy to all the different organizations to help the kids and becoming foster parents but right now I see much more talk then action. If on the weekend extreme pro lifers weren't staking out abortion clinics but leading mentoring groups for the young I think they might get further. Im Pro Choice but at the same time I value human life and want to be aid in the solution which is why I volunteer in the schools, help out in the community and am on the road to becoming a teacher. I don't just talk about it I am about it, I want women to be able to chose but I want to reach them and educate them so that the choice never has to arise. So I challenge everyone to get involved and see how the system works that you want to throw all these unwanted children into and all the kids that fall through the cracks while everybody is just going round and round the table talking about the same things. STOP TALKING AND START DOING!!!!

Believer 1964 09 September, 2008 14:52

Pro life all the way!

I also don't believe that preventing pregnancy is the same as an abortion. Those are entirely different choices.

I believe that life starts at conception. I remember when I read my positive pregnancy test—my spirit didn't need convincing that a baby was growing inside me.

And yes, I'm going to go there.

What about when Elizabeth's unborn baby, John the Baptist, leaped for joy in the womb when he heard Mary [who would give birth to Jesus]. (Luke 1:41)

Who can dispute that John was not living in the womb and filled with purpose?

God forbid!

No, I'm not afraid to share that life begins in the womb and children have purpose whether or not the biological parents were planning.

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