Monday, October 27, 2008

Love Thy Neighbor ...Or Not.

What would you do??
Let me tell you a little story.
Early Sunday morning 7am to be exact my mother came to my house to see if I was ready for church, I was not. Anyway when I said I wasn't she turned to leave and then stopped and said, "By the way your neighbor is parked in front of your house, did he ask you??" I said, "NO!"
So not only was I awakened by an insistent doorbell at 7 am, I had some jerk parked in my spot! As you can tell I was not happy!
But let me explain. Where I live you have your own parking slots in front of your apartment. EVERY apartment has a minimum of two slots and some apartments have three slots. But the point is EVERY apartment has at least two slots, so why is this jerk parking in my slots?? Oh did I mention that he sells cars and just parks them where ever he feels like parking them.

What would you do??
The New Yorker in me wanted to slash his darn tires!
The Brooklyn in me wanted to bust the windows out of his car!
The B---h in me wanted to have the car towed and laugh as I watched it happen!
But alas, the CHRIST in me would not let any of that happen.

What would you do?
So, I went back inside got a sheet of paper out of my printer, got a marker and wrote dude a nice little note. It said, "DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR HERE! Thank You." I went back outside, at 7:15 am, in my pajamas, and put the note on his windshield. Then I went back inside, and got back in my bed.
When I got up later and checked outside the car was gone. Yes I scanned the ground in front of the door to make sure that the jerk did not throw the note on the ground in front of my house! Lucky for him there was no paper down there!

All dude had to do was ASK!! My slots are usually empty overnight so if he would have shown me the respect and decency of asking it would have been an entirely different scenario!
Where is respect for other people's property?
Where is the respect one for another?
Where is the common decency and neighborly love in today's society?

Exodus 20:17 "You shall not covet your neighbor's house. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife, or his manservant or maidservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor."
This verse also covers your neighbors parking slots!!
In the book of Matthew and in the book of Mark we are told to "Love your neighbor as yourself"!

If this had been your situation...
What Would You Do??

16 People Saying Something!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T 28 October, 2008 14:01

nope got 11 acres and no neighbors lol

Melanie 28 October, 2008 14:09

If he did it to me once, I probably would let it slide. It wouldn't really bother me because I tend to be pretty laid back about that kind of stuff. It's not such a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Is my family healthy? Yes. Can we pay our bills? Yes. Is the neighbor parked on my spot? Yes, but who cares.

Rich (on the other hand) would have reacted like you did- except maybe not quite as nicely.

If the neighbor continually did it and I lived in an apartment complex I would have spoke to the manager to let him/her handle it. Because as I'm sure you know I tend to avoid confrontation at all costs.

Just my 2 cents ;)

Regina 28 October, 2008 14:31

@ Torrence - T, I can't be mad at you for that! Then again if you were my neighbor I'm sure that would have been the least of our problems..

@ Mel - LOL! That's why I love you! You were always the level headed one in the room! But the complex actually has been notified (this is an on going problem through out the place) and management sends out "notes" that no one pays attention to! So...


OK Regina my dear

I like the idea of the 11 acres. lol
I also agree wholeheartedly with Melainie.
I told you for you to be alerted, not angry. Let the old man stay dead.
Since this is the secoend time, Monday morning I would have given a call to the management office. If he wants to conduct business, in violation of his lease, from his home, well so be it. However he does not have the right to use your parking spaces to do so.

Then if the management could not control his actions, then maybe I'd think about the slashing of the tires or sugar in the tank lol lol lol. You know I'm just joking.

But I would have notified the office that this was the second time.

Regina 28 October, 2008 14:37

@ Mema/Mom - Uh, Sugar cost too much, what would I put in my Kool-Aid? LOL!!

msladydeborah 28 October, 2008 14:41

Melanie gave you some good advice for her two cents worth.

I believe in trying to act sensible and discuss things first. There are times when the other person is not really trying to be offensive.

If that does not work then it is time to try Melanie's suggestion.

But if that does not work-pray over the situation.

Sharon Brumfield 28 October, 2008 14:52

I think you have gotten some advice here.
Maybe you could get something to put in the parking place when you are not using it? Maybe find one of those signs that says violators will be towed at owners expense....can you do that?
Or you could have someone lay down on the ground.....draw a white line around their body and then put a sign that says.....So goes those who use others parking places. ;) LOL

Believer 1964 28 October, 2008 18:14

Sometimes I act before I consult with Christ. However, today in my own personal dilemma, I did just the opposite! ;) I reached out and received sound godly advice. Why? Because I really do aspire to be Christ-like no matter what my emotions and the world says about thus and so. I hope you find the same! The wisdom included, “Keep your peace.”

Regina 28 October, 2008 20:19

@ MsLadyDeborah - Girl! Pray for me!

@ Sharon - LOL!! I like the chalk outline idea!!

@ Believer - Thank God for the wise who intercede on our behalves!

Hey Shae! 28 October, 2008 20:45

I'll play the optimist:

Maybe there was a surprise visitor and he needed one more spot.

Perhaps there was an emergency and he just parked, not thinking about who's spot he was in.

Maybe he knew you were that "nice lady next door" and wouldn't mind.

Hmmmm... in any event, at least you didn't get Brooklyn on that ass.

Vhiel 28 October, 2008 23:53

somebody did that to us when we used to live in an apartment. We have garage area in just below the apartment where we park my car and my husband will park outside... and one time, somebody park their car there... my husband was so mad because I cannot park inside and he cannot use his spot..


LOL! That's all? You've got it easy. I know people who have to deal with a neighbor who threatens to kill them, is a law enforcement officer and gets away with it along with property damage, stalking, assault, theft...I could go on and on.

Hadias 29 October, 2008 10:25

What's more than your neighbors offensive behavior is how much of a transformation you have gone through in being able to even bring Christ into the equation.

I must agree that in many recent instances of my own, I have wanted to bring out the old Boogie Down Bronx girl in me, but I've come to realize like you have, that I have died to that old person.

We are new creations in Christ, therefore our responses have changed.

I often remind people that Gods word should compel you to be something...that something for me is separate.

When God called us out He required that we be separate and distinct in our behavior.

I think that the angels rejoiced when you refrained from "acting a fool".

You scored another victory for the Lords team.

Have a blessed day Regina.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon 29 October, 2008 18:48

You handled that very well.

First, up here every house has a driveway.

I had a neighbor park his car on the sidewalk of my house and leave it there. He was on my sidewalk. I tried to wait for him to move it. And after a week. I waited a week. . .he didn't so, I called the police.
In his driveway he had two cars and decided to park some messed up jalopy on my sidewalk.
I guess he figured I was single female what would I do.
I wanted to slash his tires and bust his windows. The police were the better choice.
We never speak.


Hey I dont know if its too late to be reading this post...but I actually sat there and was like "the B___h" hmmm, what is the B___h....awww Yea, I was a bit

But sweetie Im glad that Christ saw you through that...take care of yourself...and your neighbors..


Regina; First the note or a word with the neighbor was the right thing to do. Getting back in bed instead of going to church was not.
As we grow in Christ we will always be tested. Don't let someones bad manners send you to hell, Pray for him and try to work it out, be the bigger person. I know it ain't easy, but who said it would be. Daisy

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