Sunday, October 19, 2008

We Need A Little Love

I love old movies! Classics! One of my favorite channels on satellite is TCM - Turner Classic Movies. My kids laugh at the black and white movies or the movies that have color that isn't like today's color. Color that looks old and faded. But those were real movies, with real plots, not just color, blood, guts, and special effects!

So today I've been watching some good oldies, like Peyton Place. This is one of my favorite old movies. It was a book that was adapted into a movie. I read the book years ago and have been a fan of the story ever since. Every time I watch this movie, I get all misty and emotional. Peyton Place is a town that is built on a foundation of lies. The people of this town thrive on gossip, whispers, innuendos and indifference. Generation after generation of lies is built up and cemented in the hearts and minds of the townspeople. The underlying themes are ones of hypocrisy, privilege and social inequities. It is not until the murder trial of a young lady who killed her drunken, child molesting, abusive step father that the townspeople can see cracks in this horrid foundation. The town is faced with it's own darkness and lack of love, faith, respect and charity towards one another. The town lacked ...LOVE, plain and simple love. Not just love for one another but love for themselves. A little love goes a long way!

This movie was made in 1957, but some of the same themes are still very prevalent today. All around us are people who are living with a secret or who knows someone else's secret. People everyday are faced with issues of injustice, inequality, and lack of respect.
Human decency and respect is required of all of us!

1st John 4:11 says - "Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another."

Is a little love too much to ask??

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Keith 19 October, 2008 19:10

Hi Regina...I've always meant to comment on your blog, but had never got around to it. I've seen your comments on Zack's blog and a few others..You seem like a very beautiful spirit..and I get that feeling when I come to your blog..Thank you for visiting my blog and don't be a stranger..Come
back and visit me again.


Hey Regina....thanks for the love girl...its late, and I had nothing more to do but visit No love is too much to ask!!!!

We are women need all the love we can get, and hey i have a secret....wanna know?

R.L.Scovens 20 October, 2008 06:15

I didn't catch all of Peyton Place yesterday!! I came in on the middle of it. I'm gonna have to go to the website and find out when it's coming on again. From the little I saw, It really made me want to see the whole thing! I'd heard it was a great movie!

I LOVE Turner Classic Movies!!

Hey Shae! 20 October, 2008 09:21

@Keith: What a wonderful comment to leave in a person's blog. :-)

@Regina: Do your thing sis. I love romantic movies, even romantic comedies. I'm a sucker for love and YES we do need a little love in this world, especially now.

bluedreamer27 20 October, 2008 10:27

hello regina uhmmm its nice to know that youlove old movies i do have friend bloggers whose blog's theme was all about old movie and old music
is it okay to give you the link i know youwill surely like their blogs
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i hope youwill love to visit them as i do

have a great day regina


TCM has some of the greatest movies to watch on tv; folks really need to get hip to TCM.

[associated mess©]

Revvy Rev 20 October, 2008 14:57

An old movie with a contemporary theme. Very insightful post. You have a nice blog.

SjP 21 October, 2008 01:15

Wow! I missed it...didn't know it was on. I was a kid when PP came out. My mother and aunt wanted to see it - didn't have a sitter - so they took me and my cousins with them. Only thing, we couldn't get in because kids could not get in to see it even with a parent... By the time I was in high school PP was a night-time soap opera that came on twice a week... Times certainly do change...

Attorneymom 21 October, 2008 05:25

Regina, I am back at least for now. Colin Powell brought me out of retirement.

Dori 21 October, 2008 07:51

I agree we do need all the love that we can get in this world. And I love, love, love TCM. My favorite movies are usually old movies. I was so glad when I found out that I could see TCM here too.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T 21 October, 2008 11:51

hadnt seen that movie in a while, from 59 right peyton place - they made a soap opera off it right

Waterrose 21 October, 2008 21:23

I love old movies too and TCM is one of my favorites. It used to be AMC, but then Turner bought and added commercials! I never was a fan of Peyton Place but I agree with your observations.

iceah 21 October, 2008 22:50

old movies are more nice less sex and violence c: me and my hubby sometimes view them we have a movie time as a couple at times with my little boy c: it is one of our bonding times c:

Thanx for sharing this movie c: and for always dropping by c:

HEALTH NUT WANNABEE MOM 21 October, 2008 23:08

It is weird that you just wrote about this movie b/c I just read an article about the tragic life of the woman who wrote Peyton Place. I never saw the movie but want to do that or read the book.

iriegal 21 October, 2008 23:36

I like old movies. I frequently watch the American Movie Channel (AMC). Love is something that is sorely missed in the world.

marri 22 October, 2008 02:38

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