Monday, December 29, 2008

How Are YOUR Finances?

So here we are two days shy of a new year. There has been many deaths, changes and much news good and bad in 2008. Yet, I think the biggest issue on most Americans minds is FINANCES! Our financial future as a nation is unsure and no one really knows what to expect from the new Presidency. Will our financial foundation be strengthened or will it collapse further? Is it even salvageable? Will my house be foreclosed on? Can I get out of debt? Do I need so many credit cards? If I really need a credit card which credit card should I get? Will I be able to start over? How come We The People don't get a bail out? These are questions that I am sure are on a lot of people's minds.
If you feel that you must have a low rate credit card at least choose wisely. I found a site that lets you search through balance transfer credit cards, compare all the available cards and even securely apply on line. This balance transfer comparison site lets me see all of my options, find the best rates on transfer cards and even calculate my potential savings. I have a credit card but the rate is extremely high so I am definitely looking into transferring my balance to something more manageable (especially after what I spent for my grand baby this Christmas).

As we go into 2009 we should be thinking about our financial future. It is obvious that we are not getting a bail out. We made our own bed and now we have to lay in it. We must make better financial choices and become better stewards of our money!
How are your finances? Should you be doing something different going into the New Year?

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Trust me finances are not so good right now, but this year coming...Im gonna be looking good!!


i'm sure a great many folks are experiencing hard times because of the current economic state. the title of your post would be a great question for the idiots on wall street and the powers-that-be who control all of the money senselessly.

i've been doing pretty good with managing money; it kinda comes naturally not to live outside of my means because you never know when some idiot is gonna screw up the economy and leave you hangin'.

Keith 30 December, 2008 20:03

Hey Regina...This Christmas was good Financially for me. I only have two credit cards (One Visa and
One Mastercard)but I paid them both off completely. I bought all of my Christmas Presents with my debit card and learned to live within my means. (Took me 49 years to finnally learn that!-lol)I now finnally end the year with money in the bank and the only debt I have is my morgtage, which is "good
debt" I feel pretty good right now.
Took me two years to pay those two cards off. Now they are sending me letters saying that they just increased my limits. Enticing, but I still aint using those cards unless there is an emergency or a special occassion that warrants their usage. I feel so much better buying things with real cash or a Debit card...I don't owe anything for my purchase.

Keith 30 December, 2008 20:05

Oh yeah, Happy New Year Regina and much success in the future..So glad I Cyber Met you this year.

EastCoastLife 30 December, 2008 21:49

May you be prettier, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!! Happy year 2009, Regina!

Believer 1964 01 January, 2009 05:44

We all should be doing things different!

If you don't need it, put it back! Now is not the time to indulge yourself, submit to marketing ploys, or even think about low monthly payments. If you can't purchase it out right...keep it moving!

Fortunately for me, God has been slowly getting my heart ready for a 180-degree turn, and in October, He arrested my spirit. I'll never be the same about finances.

Yes, the borrower is a slave to the lender (Pr 22:7)!

If one cannot make the jump to cash only start with small steps with couponing, sales, and frugal spending.

Success to all on your road to freedom in finances.

msladydeborah 04 January, 2009 16:36

First of all, I hope each day of this year is good for you and your family!

I have been tightening up on all fronts. I already took a pay cut just to return to work. It has been a real test of my patience and endurance.

But God, does provide for His people. I know this to be true because of the on time blessings that I have received.

I pack my lunch for work.
I am making due with this year's work wardrobe.
I am borrowing more books from the library instead of purchasing them. And I walking to and from work as much as the weather permits. (I live in the mid-west and it is winter)

I am going to keep an optimistic attitude during these difficult times. Whatever I need-God will make sure that I receive it.

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