Sunday, January 11, 2009

Education Is The Key ... Or Is It?

Education is the Key! The key to better jobs, the key to better life, the key to self improvement and enrichment. Yes, education is the key to all of these things and much more. In order to get an education you need money.
Since moving to Texas my youngest son has taken time off from school to get to know the area, to get settled in and acquainted, etc. While on his break he has been working. This has been a huge help and blessing to me. He has helped with bills and groceries. BUT, now is time for him to get back to his real job which is getting his college education!

When we lived in New York there was financial aid APLENTY! We found out when moving to Texas that they do not offer everything that New York offered in terms of financial aid. Texas has a lot in term of free scholarships, however for most of the scholarships from the schools you have to have been a resident for at least a year.
So we have to be creative and search a little harder for free college scholarships that do not have that stipulation attached to them.

In my free college scholarship search I ran across a website that has a free monthly giveaway of scholarships up to $10,000. They also offer opportunities for people to earn points by doing activities on the site. These points can be used for entries to win free scholarships! It is like a scholarship lottery!
With me now in college full time, my daughter in college full time and my son about to go back to college full time we need all the help we can find!

Is education the key or is money? What do you think?

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clnmike 11 January, 2009 13:32

It is all dependent on the field of study, there are plenty of phds' on the unemployment line.

A better question though is if education is the key why isnt it free?

Regina 11 January, 2009 14:34

@ Mike - LOL! I like your thought process! When you answer that question let ME know!

SjP 11 January, 2009 16:09

I completely agree with Mike ad am praying with all my might that I don't end up in that line! 11 January, 2009 16:46

Hello there!

Some people are pursuing their degrees in order to have a career that will place them in a certain income bracket....they are realizing that there are no guarantees.

There are people with Master's degrees driving cabs in my city!

I knew a lady with an MBA who was a secretary because that was the only position that she could find at the time and she needed the money.

There are some people who were acquiring degrees who had no intentions of ever putting them to use professionally. They enjoyed the pursuit of knowledge.

What is "key" depends on the way a person views his/her purpose in life.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Believer 1964 11 January, 2009 22:11

Last year I could have answered that quickly, but today it's a whole other story. I say count your blessings, and get to networking!

Robyn 12 January, 2009 07:01

Education is a path to money,,it always pays off,having money and no education is like driving a car without insurance

survivor 12 January, 2009 17:24

I am starting college soon as well. I am going to "attempt" to do it full time too.

My daughter is going back to school and she has encouraged me to shoot for my dreams.

I agree with Robyn, sadly the way society is set education is the way to achieve financial success.

Many employers feel that if you took the time to persue higher learning then you are work the extra money they will throw your way.

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