Monday, February 23, 2009

The Diva Wants A Job! Hallelujah!!! - UPDATE-

The seasons here are changing and Six Flags Over Texas opens next week! The Diva is trying to get herself a job (her taste is way to expensive for me! - That chick is HIGH MAINTENANCE!!) so that she can maintain her lifestyle. she applied for a job at Six Flags. She had her first interview today and we are waiting to see if she will get a call back for the second interview. She is mega excited.
I personally do not think that she has the attitude that is compatible to a boss telling her what to do, but maybe a PAYCHECK will curb her attitude and make her more agreeable!!!!!!
I love when teens get a part time or summer job. It builds character. They learn money management skills and they learn to prioritize. My kids quickly learned how to prioritize and manage their money because I made it extremely clear... YOU ARE NOT BANKING YOUR MONEY AND SPENDING MINE!!!
That's right when my children got jobs they inherited their own maintenance bills. I also made them start bank accounts to save a little bit, so they are not broke at the end of the summer. I still paid the household bills and bought groceries but they got their own essentials like hair products (Do you know what females spend on hair products???), perfume, lotions, deodorant, school supplies and in some cases clothes. Don't get me wrong I bought them clothes but if they felt they HAD TO HAVE $100 sneakers or jeans, etc best believe that came out of their own pocket. Surprise, surprise that no longer became a necessity. Kids get REAL cheap when they have to spend their own money!!
Anyway, I pray that Diva gets the job! Hallelujah!!

Well it appears that Diva did NOT get the job. She is disappointed but not shattered! Her first ever interview was a learning experience for her. But because of her age (15) and the number of hours she can legally work she was not hired. But she will be talking with her school counselor to find out if there are other jobs for teens her age.
So keep praying! She needs money to keep herself in Babyphat!!!

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melanie 23 February, 2009 19:38

I hope she gets the job!!

I know you really learn how hard it is to earn money once you have your own job. It's an important lesson.

jjbrock 23 February, 2009 19:54

Regina did you say attitude? Any how, I hope she gets the job.

clnmike 23 February, 2009 21:05

A paycheck always curbs my attitude believe that!!

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ 23 February, 2009 23:06

Teach them how to manage money early. I pray that she gets the job. I just got one

Divamom 23 February, 2009 23:26

I'll be praying that the Diva gets her job! My daughter got her first job in November and the attitude is masked at work and she's become very frugal! LOL She really wanted a job at Six Flags, but that's a bit of a drive for us everyday. I won't tell her about the Diva, b/c she'll be jealous!

Regina 24 February, 2009 09:34

@ Melanie - it is an important lesson that unfortunately too many teens do not learn until it is too late.

@ JJ - That little lady was born with ATTITUDE!!!

@ Mike - Lessons Learned!!

@Kiss - Congrats to you!! Money management is definitely an important lesson!

@ Divamom - Congrats to your daughter!! Well she didn't get this Six Flags gig but the job bug has bitten and she is looking for something else.
Having to spend your own money can surely make you FRUGAL!!

Cascia 24 February, 2009 12:37

I hope she gets the job!

I just found your blog on entrecard. I enjoyed reading this post. 25 February, 2009 08:45

Since she has such high tastes, maybe she can make more money working for herself.

She could run errands for older folks, watch kids, do housework or work on lawns.

Sure beats having to punch a clock all summer.


Eat Well. Live Well.

Regina 25 February, 2009 09:25

@ Cascia - Unfortunately she did not get that one, but the hunt is on!!! Thanks for coming by!

@ Paul - We did discuss that and it is a last resort for her. She is a very extroverted & talkative type. She likes to be around others and desires something a little more engaging and visible. For instance, amusement parks, movie theaters and bowling alleys because lots of people come and go giving her plenty of opportunity to meet, greet and talk!
I think clock punching is more of a issue for us older folk who have done it for years and no longer find joy in it!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T 25 February, 2009 10:15

truth be told six flags may be going bankruppt

Dori 25 February, 2009 11:13

Sorry that she didn't get the Six Flags job, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that she gets a summer job soon.

[***Fresh&Fab***] 26 February, 2009 10:05

im praying for her and myself...we just gotta try try again

Marcus LANGFORD 26 February, 2009 19:14

I remember the first couple of jobs I had in school. I was a waiter at a country club, which I worked on the weekends and I also worked as a P/T drafter for a local building contractor which I did after school in my junior and senior year in high school. Both of those hustles saw me with about $300 a week and I usually saved the money, bought art/drafting and those home plans magazines, and did recreational stuff, but for the most part I saved my money like there was no tomorrow.

Just as your daughter will experience, working as a teen will give you a sense of pride and responsibility as well. After I started working, I had a new respect for money-when and when not to spend it and the need versus want scenarios.

Mom and Dad was happy that I was working and good with money, because that meant they didn't have to spend any. If I wanted some new sneakers, a cool Guess watch (Guess watches were really hot in the mid-90's, so were Nike Air Max sneakers), or some nice Stacy Adams dress shoes, I could buy it. I remember the first time I bought my own suit from JC Penney, it almost looked like my mom was gonna cry; she had a proud look on her face and so did my dad when he realized that I actually dropped about $70 on some nice burgundy Florsheim dress shoes.

I'm getting carried away with my walk down memory lane here Regina, but I guess you can understand how important this time period was for me.

Despite Six Flags' financial woes, I do hope that your daughter gets the job and the sense of pride that comes with it.

SjP 26 February, 2009 22:07

Yeah, 15 is about when my darling child turned into "a social butterfly" aka DIVA!!! No worries, Diva will get a job. Mine started at Baskin-Robbins @ 14 so have her check them out if there's one in your area.

BTW: tag, you're it. Got a feeling you'll enjoy this one.

Believer 27 February, 2009 11:04

I believe that there is something especially for her.

Diva's love clothes and accessories she could apply to an establishment she frequents.

AJ 27 February, 2009 21:20

Sorry to hear she didn't get the job. Glad to hear about teens stepping up and wanting to work. It's funny how they become tight when it's their money isn't it - LOL. I feel you girl.

iriegal 27 February, 2009 23:36

ain't it wonderful when they realize we are not a tree that is

survivor 03 March, 2009 12:30

Great Old school Friday pictures. I would not go back to the 10th grade if they paid me

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