Friday, April 3, 2009

Old School Friday #58 "If I Were A Boy"

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!!!
The Week Is Over!! I love Fridays because I get to travel all over the web listening to great music posted by my blogging friends for Old School Friday!
I am looking forward to today's theme because it is a strange one. I am very interested to see what my fellow OSF participants do with this theme. There are a lot of different interpretations and spins to this theme...
"If I Were A Boy ???"
Ms Grapevine and MsMarvalus have teamed up to create a meme titled Old School Friday. To join in the Old School Friday Fun go Here for guidelines. Here are the other OSF Participants:

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So let's get to it! I decided to take the less popular interpretation of the theme. Politically incorrect? Maybe. My opinion? Definitely!!
If I were a boy I would not want to turn out like this...

Supermodel - Rupaul

Cover Girl Put The Bass In Your Walk - Rupaul

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LOL! Hey, I saw a promo the other day for a reality TV show RuPaul has. I guess some folks get an extra 15 minutes...

Anyway, thanks for this lighthearted interpretation. I got a little down in the dumps with my picks and needed this.

Happy OSF! And have a great weekend, Regina.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T 03 April, 2009 10:23

u lot me with this one lol

Keith 03 April, 2009 10:43

OK Regina, I'm not worthy. You get the award this time, sis. If this doesn't nail it then I don't know which one does. Ru Paul? Boy/Girl/Boy?

Yep. You definitely get the OSF award for this Friday.

Pop Art Diva! 03 April, 2009 11:14

Oh, you are just too funny and cool with this one! But honestly, I am a girl and I'd give my eye teeth for legs like his!

I have to say I've always wanted to play "Frag Queen (click here for definition!)" - real girls never get to dress that glam, unless they want to get laughed out of the party and talked about all night!

DP 03 April, 2009 11:51

Now that's an interpretation. I wouldn't want my boy or girl to emulate Mr./Ms. RuPaul. Talk about confused.

Have a great weekend.

Hagar's Daughter 03 April, 2009 14:27

RuPaul was fierce - he was gorgeous. What gams!

Happy OSF. 03 April, 2009 14:48

Hey there!

RuPaul is a hero among all of my M-t-F transgender friends!!! I am looooving RuPaul.

RuPaul made famous that phrase, "you betta werk!"

Villager 03 April, 2009 17:48

Happy OSF! This is first time that I've seen RuPaul videos. Interesting...

The theme this week thru me off ... I ended up thinking about my boy and two girls. I invite your blog readers to enjoy the smooth sounds of Oscar Brown, Will Smith and Bob Carlisle!

peace, Villager

Marvalus 03 April, 2009 21:34

I think I would SO be a drag queen if I were a boy...I like being a girl too much! Plus, have you seen the legs on Ru! Fabulous!!!

Great choice, as always!

Happy OSF!

Vérité Parlant 03 April, 2009 22:39

Politically incorrect? Haha! It was a great evening laugh. Thank you. Happy OSF! Honesty can be so refreshing. But RuPaul is RuPaul. Have you seen his family?

bluedreamer27 04 April, 2009 02:14

wow i would love to join Old music friday

bluedreamer27 04 April, 2009 02:15

by the way regina the link that will allow me to join the old school friday is not working

Hey Shae! 04 April, 2009 09:42

LOL I love your spin on it. And I agree. I wouldn't either. ;-)

Happy OSF.

SjP 04 April, 2009 15:53

LOL!!! This is great! Love it! You did real good on this week's theme!

bluedreamer27 05 April, 2009 02:38

hello regina thanks for dropping by at my site
have a great day and happy palm sunday

LaKeshia 05 April, 2009 09:37

LOL! I wouldn't want to turn out like this either!

bluedreamer27 06 April, 2009 08:16

hi just dropping by here
have a great day and happy blogging

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