Friday, April 10, 2009

Old School Friday #59 "If Mama Only Knew..."

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!!!!
The Week Is Over!! I love Fridays because I get to travel all over the web listening to great music posted by my blogging friends for Old School Friday!
I am very interested to see what my fellow OSF participants do with this theme.

"If Mama Only Knew..."
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I am going to deviate from the initial intent of this theme. I usually don't let my personal life influence my Old School Friday fun but today I am feeling some kind of way.
Those of you who have been visiting my blog for a while know a good deal about my family. Well, if you have been reading my blog posts and reading between the lines then by now you know that my son and his wife of 2 years have been separated since December. I have been pretty good about not letting my personal feelings influence either party. Knowing the way I have raised my children I have tried to step back and let God do what it is he will do in the situation. My main issue is being separated from my grand baby. You can tell by the presence of the Little Princess all over this blog what that girl means to me. While she was here for the past month we got her into some habits that I pray continue when she gets back to New York. She can now go to the bathroom by herself (and wipes front & back!), She knows to take her vitamin every day ("only one, OK grandma, and one tomorrow, OK"-this was our daily vitamin dialogue-), she puts all of her dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket, she lines up her shoes by the door when she takes them off, she brushes her teeth every day & night and she uses a "Big Girl" cup (see the picture in the sidebar!). Mind you, she did NONE of these things when she got here in March.
I can honestly say that from the time the Princess was born... No let me correct that. From the time the Princess was conceived and the family knew of her in the womb, this family (by this family I mean Her father, Me, my children, my mother, my sister & her children, the Princess' God Mother and God Father - THIS is how we roll!!!) has been the MOST DEPENDABLE and MOST INFLUENTIAL and MOST STABLE people in her life... and I will leave it at that.
So this morning my son is taking his baby back to her mother in New York. She is supposed to come back in July.
So I dedicate this Old School Friday song to Military Man & The Little Princess...
If HER Mama Only Knew... what the hell she was doing... (I will leave it at that)...

Gil Scott Heron - Your Daddy Loves You

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21 People Saying Something!

pjazzypar 10 April, 2009 11:45

Hey Regina, Thanks for offering the griot of our time, Gil Scott-Heron. I have been a fan of his work for a long time. Happy OSF.


Regina, we do not "know" each other in the old-fashioned sense of the word. But I still hope that you will accept my virtual hug and best wishes for you and your gorgeous grandbaby.

Know that a good foundation, once laid, will never fully crumble.

Take care!

SjP 10 April, 2009 13:04


Take care...

Sandra Carvalho 10 April, 2009 13:09

Ah!She's a princess!Great songs too!
Have you ever listened to Kizomba?I bet you'd like it!I love it!
Happy Easter my dear!

Vérité Parlant 10 April, 2009 13:17

I'm so glad you shared this. I don't have grands but I am feeling you here this morning because of your words. Beautiful.

Also, Regina, I caught this part and commend you: I have been pretty good about not letting my personal feelings influence either party. Knowing the way I have raised my children I have tried to step back and let God do what it is he will do in the situation.

I believe that there are some couples that would still be together for the right reasons and also some couples who would have parted for only the right reasons if parents had not tried to push their desires onto the situation and had the faith to let God have his way. It takes strength to share your opinion very softly and give God the wheel.

That's a beautiful grandbaby you've got. I think I've said that before. :-)

Thanks for the Gill Scott Heron.

DP 10 April, 2009 13:33

Regina - I'm feeling your post and selection of Gil Scott-Heron. You just keep on doing the right thing and all of the rest of that mess will work itself out.

Happy Old School Friday.

Marvalus 10 April, 2009 14:08

Ms. Regina...


All of these things that you have taught this beautiful little girl will never go away...I still do the things that my granny taught me all those days that I spent watching the Price is Right and Y & R with her when I was 5 and 6 years old. When it is based in love, it never goes away...

Blessings to you!

Mista Jaycee 10 April, 2009 14:35

Happy Easter!

Villager 10 April, 2009 15:14

Happy OSF! I must say that your deviation from the script is perfectly acceptable ... not just because of the backstory ... but, because u chose GSH. I truly enjoy his lyrics and music...

You continue to be strong for your family. Things will work out..

I'm certain that I would never want my mama to hear, see or associate 2 Live Crew with her saintly son!

peace, Villager

Revvy Rev 10 April, 2009 15:50

Hang in there Regina. God is going to work this out for good for sure. Stay in prayer for the mother as well as for grandbaby and dad.


Baby Girl; you know how I feel about that song and my grandson. Great choice. You went right to the heart of him.
As so my granddaughter-in-law; the song "It's in God's Hands Now", by Anointed, comes to mind. I would send it to you to post, but I don't know how.
You just stay strong and do what you were taught to do - continue loving; and let God do the rest! 10 April, 2009 16:09

Hey Regina!

I looove the photo of your grand-daughter giving her "peace" sign!! She's just too cool for school!!


MrsGrapevine 10 April, 2009 16:53

I have to wipe the tears before I can type. My mama loved her grandchildren, and I wish she was still here.

When you have a grandmother as great as you are with your grandchild, it hurts to see someone not taking care of your grand baby with the same type of love that you give. Luckily, your heart runneth over, and so when she's away, she's filled up until the next visit.

And she knows where all the love and care truly comes from...God bless them but they are the most intuitive and intelligent beings...

Mz.Bria2U 10 April, 2009 18:22

ohhhhh my. I didn't know Regina, my gosh. I'm so sorry to learn our community baby is gone. I pray that God gives you the comfort you need, and that every prayer is honored in relation to your son/daughter-in-law/granddaughter.

I have no other words except, i'm here for you and you have my number, babygirl.

love u much,

Hey Shae! 10 April, 2009 20:22

Awww Regina I'm sorry to hear about the separation of their union as well as the separation between you guys and the baby. I hope the separation between you and little Miss is temporary. :(

jjbrock 11 April, 2009 03:03

Regina HUGS!!

Robyn 11 April, 2009 08:44

she is a princess inscribed the feelings felt from her absence to me.

Ellen 11 April, 2009 22:59

Hi Regina,

I have learned through my trials that when God shakes up our world... it must be for some reason. You can be sure it's for a very good reason. We may not be seeing it yet but it will be revealed to us ... in God's own time.

Often that is not easy for us to understand, especially when we are in the midst of pain or sorrow. I know cos 'been there. Yet something deep inside kept me fixing my gaze on the Lord... placed all my fears, doubts, tears on His lap trusting that He will take care of them all. And He did! - in His own magnificent way.

He will take care of everything, Regina. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

bluedreamer27 12 April, 2009 10:58

Happy Easter!!!

melanie 12 April, 2009 13:29

If I send Hailey to stay with you for a month, will she come back potty-trained too? Cuz, I'll send her!!

Seriously though- {{{HUGS}}}

msladydeborah 14 April, 2009 02:33

What an open hearted post this is.
I feel your last remark. I have often mumbled it myself in multiple numbers.

You know I love GSH! Your selection is on point even for the OSF theme.

I have something for you on my site. Check out the post dated 04/13/09.

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