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An Author's Interview & A Book Giveaway!

I got a chance to interview Jackie Spencer, the author of the newly released book entitled, "A Black Man's Journey Through The Annals Of Time". If you ever had any questions on whether or not black people are in the bible than this interview and this book is a MUST READ!! You can get a copy at Here is what she said ...:

Can you give us a brief background of your ministerial life?

I have done so much in my few years of life. I have worked in ministry since 1984 in various capacities. I have been a youth leader, a coordinator of children’s and teen departments. I have taught in adult Bible School. I was licensed in 1985 as a Christian Worker by Covenant Ministries International; headed by Pastor Dave Demola; while attending and being on the Board of Faith Christian Center in Staten Island, NY, Pastor George Samuels. I was a department head and Deacon in New Life Fellowship in Rochester NY under Pastor Reginald McGill. I was also ordained as a Minister there; and then ordained again as an Elder.

What is the title of your book and what does it mean?

My book is entitled “A Blackman’s Journey Through The Annals Of Time”. The meaning of the title is symbolic of the fact that people of color, and actually all people are on a journey. There is a beginning point and there will be an end at some point. The Blackman’s journey has been understated, under-researched, and under-appreciated. I wrote this book to take a look at that journey and possibly place it in its proper perspective.

Is this book for clergy, laypersons or the general public?

This book is for anyone who is curious and wants to search for truth. The basis of my authority and faith is the Bible. I make that clear right up front, so as not to offend. The readers of this book will need to be open-minded, even if they profess to be Christian.

What qualifies you to write this book?

That’s an excellent question. My brain, my heart and my thirst for truth qualify me to write this book. As I read my Bible and looked at life I said, something’s wrong here. At that point I decided to stop reading and start studying.

What inspired you to write THIS book at THIS time in history?

I believe that we are in a pivotal time in history. We are in a time where truth needs to be revealed, and petty difference and prejudices need to be put aside. Christ is not coming back for a black church or a white church. He’s coming back for “The Church”. There will not be a black section of heaven and a white section and an oriental section. There will just be heaven. We need to understand that we are all one family. We have different traits and different purposes; yet there is only one goal – to please God!

What do you want people to ultimately understand about your book?

I want people to understand that if they would just “study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (2nd Tim 2:15); they would be amazed at the things the Holy Spirit will reveal to them about what God has to say about them.

Also I want people to understand that this book speaks to the many purposes of the “Blackman”, meaning all of black humanity, male and female. We have purpose. We may not always walk in our purpose, but we have purpose. We can only find out what that purpose is if we go back to the one who made us and see what He has to say about us.

Lastly I want people to understand that we not only have purpose, but we also are the recipients of promises and blessings. Our true history needs to be researched and told, so that our futures may appear a bit clearer.

We have an African American President in the White House; how does your book enhance or detract from that ground breaking election?

My book points backward to where President Obama and all African Americans came from. He is the descendant of Kings and Queens and people of God. His election points forward to where my book could not go, because I do not know the future. What I do know, however, is that I believe President Obama is walking in his God ordained purpose.

When you look in the face of a black child you don’t know who you are really looking at. You could be looking at a doctor or lawyer or dentist or architect or drug dealer or killer or president. So maybe we should try a little harder to “train up (a child) these children in the way (he) they should go; and when (he is) they are old, (he) they will not depart from it.” I believe there are more Barak and Michelle Obamas among black people, not just African Americans; but people of color all over the world, who have not yet stepped into their destiny, to fulfill their purpose.

What do you have to say to those that believe Jesus is Black or White?

My first comment is that it is not the color of His skin that is significant, but the color of His blood. For redemption to take place He had to be human and have red blood like all other humans.

My second comment is this; whether Jesus was tan or pale doesn’t really matter. He was a Jew sent to save the Jewish people. That’s why they called Him the King of the Jews; but because of His love for all mankind He opened up redemption to include everyone.

In your book, on page #32 you wrote, “The Cushites were the descendants of Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah”. Now without giving away too much of the book’s contents, can you briefly explain why THAT one sentence is so important to you personally?

I have spent years trying to find black people in the Bible and couldn’t, with the exception of slaves. For some reason in America the words slave and blacks are synonymous. Anyway, after years of studying, the Holy Spirit gave me a revelation. The revelation was this; names are very important to God. Those endless geologies in the Bible are important. God wanted me to know where I came from.

Any last comments?

I would suggest that whoever reads this book, read it with a pad, pen and Bible nearby; and you may want to grab a dictionary. The purpose of this book is to get you studying and thinking. It is not for entertainment.

Be Blessed!!

Well, Ladies & Gentlemen, There you have it! Words from Jackie Spencer, the author of "A Black Man's Journey Through The Annals Of Time".
As an EXTRA added treat Ms. Spencer so graciously offered 2 autographed copies of her new book to readers of his blog!
So leave me a comment telling me what you thought of the interview and why you should win the book. Winners will be randomly picked on the evening of Friday, May 8th, 2009. Winners will be posted on Monday, May 11, 2009.

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25 People Saying Something!

Sharon Brumfield 06 May, 2009 06:27

Pretty interesting!
I thought your interview was pretty good. I love the thought that she did some looking through the Bible for people of color. You know I had always heard that Moses wife was black. Not sure who she was a descendant of...I have probably heard but forgot.
Sounds like a cool book....glad you got to do this interview. The author sounds like a cool woman. I like strong Christian matter there skin color. :)

MOMSWEB 06 May, 2009 07:15

Regina, great interview! I attended a seminar on Blacks in the Bible years ago and it was very interesting and informative. Looks like Ms. Spencer has done a lot of research for us. Thank you!

mindy 06 May, 2009 09:02

i thought it was a wonderful interview and how she delved into things when the book was written thanks for the giveaway

Tanyetta 06 May, 2009 11:01

I've always wanted to research my heritage and find out exactly where my roots are from :)

Mista Jaycee 06 May, 2009 11:30

Good Morning,
This was a good interview. I have studied the Bible and most other sacred texts looking for the Black Man's place and after careful study and some enlightenment found the obvious. Per Dr. Yosef Ben Johcohnan (Dr. Ben)concerning the Hebrews, we were the Hebrews. We were also those so called Egyptians in Kemet. Black folks pretty much are the Bible good or bad. Thanks for the interview.
Mista Jaycee
Achoice of

liane66 06 May, 2009 11:56

I think the interview was very informative and gives a good historical context for where the author is coming from.


Meredith 06 May, 2009 11:56

Great interview, this book looks both interesting and inspiring. I am starting to read lots of books about African American history because I plan on adopting A. A. children. Your daughters are beautiful!


I love to read. This book sounds really good!

mverno 06 May, 2009 15:48

liked the interview and sounds like a riveting read

Tom Usher 06 May, 2009 19:09

Hello Regina and All,

I'm not trying to "win" a book. I'd rather not receive recompense for commenting, not to diminish the book. I want to support your efforts here. That's why I'm commenting.

Your first commentator is correct that Moses wife was Black. There are many Blacks in the Bible. It's loaded with references to Blacks. The Bible refers to areas of Africa where there is no doubt that the people then were just as Black in general as they are now. When it discusses them, it doesn't do so disparagingly where anyone in his or her right mind could conclude anything racist or ethnically bigoted on the part of God as presented.

Jesus certainly makes it clear that our real brothers and sisters are those who are likeminded about being as Christlike as possible. "For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother." No mistaking that, is there? That's Mark 3:35 for those who'd like to read it in context.

I cannot agree with people who hold with bloodlines but not spiritlines. I feel more closely related to a Black person (I'm white; Anglo-Saxon extraction) who has the New Commandment written on his or her heart than I do to a very close relative in the mundane sense who might be anti-Christ (that is against Jesus).

Well, more power to you as you work to bring people together in the right way for the right reason.

Bless All,

Tom Usher
Real Liberal Christian Church

chromiumman 06 May, 2009 22:38

enjoyed the interview, sounds like an interesting book

Shelia 07 May, 2009 01:31

Very nice Regina! This is a book that I will definitely pick up, timely and relevant information.

Sweeter the berry 07 May, 2009 03:03

I think the interview about the book is so honest and down to earth. I feel a connection because I also seek the truth. My eyes are open to all possibilities.If I do not win, this book is definetly on my list to pick up!!

samarcy 07 May, 2009 08:13

wow what an intresting book!! i would love to read and learn from it!! your interview was cool, you saked a lot of good questions.

Quick 07 May, 2009 10:22

...great questions Regina! You should do more interviews...very interesting. I especially liked, "What make you qualified to write this book"...

Sunnyvale 07 May, 2009 13:09

Sounds like a good read.


Great interview! I love to read!

Gabriel J. 07 May, 2009 20:19

Great read, great contest!

eva l

we are always looking for a new read for our book club the interview really makes me want to share the book with my club i would love to win it and spread the news being the mother of an awesdome black man i would love any knowledge i can get eval

sweetsue 08 May, 2009 18:32

This sounds like an interesting book to discuss with my bible class!
smchester at gmail dot com

kathy pease 08 May, 2009 18:38

i would love to win the Wonder Balm :)

quelleheure4 08 May, 2009 19:00

Very interesting interview and I like that it's thought provoking and has some real substance to it.

purango 08 May, 2009 22:19

I enjoyed the interview. It was thought provoking. I would love to win the book to nroaden my understanding of race in America.

Gianna 08 May, 2009 23:38

I loved the interview. The book sounds like it would be a really interesting read :) 09 May, 2009 13:50

Hey there Regina!

Great interview!

Wonderful work you are doing here!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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