Friday, September 11, 2009

Do You Remember What You Were Doing?

I can remember the exact moment and what I was doing on the morning of September 11, 2001. I was in the classroom at my job with ABC Head Start in Rochester, New York. My partner Bonnie was reading a story to the class and I was cleaning up the remainder of the breakfast dishes. Another staff member ran in the room and whispered to me that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin towers. I could see and hear others in the building running around trying to find out the details of what was going on. Bonnie and I got the children settled in their play areas and turned on our classroom radio to hear what was going on. While keeping an eye on the children and listening to the news I got tears in my eyes and I scanned the hallways for any available staff member to come into the classroom while I stepped out to make a phone call.

You see, as I listened to the news information about the terrorist attacks on the towers and about New York and D.C. being hit, I became over run with emotions and feelings of dread and impending doom. I was not clear about what was exactly happening but I knew it would forever change the way we see our nation.
The climate at the job became chaotic and oppressive. My head was pounding, my heart was racing and I had no clue if my mother knew what was going on. You see we lived in Upstate, Rochester New York BUT my family moved to Rochester from New York City and we still had plenty of family members and friends there some of which worked or lived in the Manhattan area. So this was a time of high anxiety for me as I worried about family and friends in NYC.
I finally found a staff member who would cover the classroom for me as I ran to the nearest office and used the telephone. I called my mom at her office and told her what I had heard and she had on her radio as well. We quickly compared notes and she said that she had tried but could get no calls through to family in the city. We heard of the city being coated in ash, people jumping from tower windows and others just gone.

The rest of the day passed in a haze. The mood in the school was dark and quiet, even the noise, chatter and laughter of children could not break through the virtual overcast and somber mood in the building. As parents floated in and out of the school to pick up and drop off their kids, they all whispered, "Did you hear what happened?" All we could do was numbly nod our heads.
The world was in shock. How could something like this happen? This is the United States of America, one of the strongest countries in the WORLD!! HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED? We as a country were hurting, suffering, mourning.
We were broken.

My family had no physical casualties. I have a cousin, who at the time worked in the towers but was not at work that day. My family was safe but for thousands of other families this was the most Horrendous and Tragic day in history. Many lost friends, family members and associates. And I think we as Americans collectively lost the sense of safety, the sense of superiority and the sense of being untouchable.
We lost, we lost big...

Many lives were forever changed on September 11, 2001. In Remembrance, We must NEVER forget. I mourn those we lost. I Honor those who served. I pray for those who remain.


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Sandra Carvalho 11 September, 2009 15:43

Oh brought tears into my eyes..Unfortunately, I'll remember that day in detail for the rest of my life...Here in Portugal was lunch time, and I was home w/my husband and the kids plus my baby brother that at the time was 5 y.o.
It was my day off and I was just finishing to set the table for lunch..My hubby said something was happening in the States...A plane crash he said...I ran to the living room where the TV was on and I felt like my heart was being smashed...I was still trying to understand what was happening when I look at the TV set again and saw the 2nd plane crashing...Live on TV...I was devastated and couldn't help myself...I started screaming and crying and my husband was trying to calm me down and before he managed to do so the first Tower collapsed...And then the second one as well...And I felt so powerless...I cried during the whole entire day... I pray every night...
God Bless you my friend...
God Bless us all...
God Bless America!...

clnmike 13 September, 2009 21:47

I think I was at work, didnt seem real back than.

Quick 15 September, 2009 12:11

it's crazy; i was a freshmen in high school in my music class; i just remember everyone watching the tv in total disbelief

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