Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do You Use CVS Pharmacy?

I don't know about you and your preference of drugstores BUT if you happen to be using CVS I hope it treated you a lot better than it treated us. This has got to be the slowest and dumbest drugstore in creation!
My daughter's doctor called a prescription in to CVS for some iron pills. It was not a large order, or a complicated order, just one order of iron pills with 30 pills in the total order. We went to the pharmacy to pick up the pills. We stood online with about 20 other people for 20 minutes! The people behind the counter (and there were 4 of them) were super busy running around, answering the phone, packaging up stuff (I don't know what they were packaging because the line was not moving)! Finally it is our turn we give my daughter's name, insurance, and doctor's name and the chick behind the counter says 15 minutes (mind you the prescription was called in the day BEFORE!) so OK 15 minutes. We stand and wait ... 20 minutes, we sit and wait 10 more minutes... I go out to the car and talk to my mother for another 15-20 minutes...WTH!

While sitting in the car I happen to look up and I see a young Mexican lady come out the store, I don't know why but I watched her walk toward the street and while she is crossing the street my attention is drawn back to the store entrance where a black man and an older white man are standing there talking in a very animated fashion. I look back at the girl, who is now at the middle yellow lines waiting for the on coming traffic to slow. And I'm thinking to myself, huummm, interesting. I look back at the men in the doorway and they are looking both ways and then they run to the edge of the front of the store and are yelling at the girl and motioning for her to come back. In my mind I'm thinking, this chick stole something and I start laughing because no sooner do I complete this thought and the girl hears them yelling to her, she looks back, and then darts across the remaining traffic and runs down the block!! But the hilarious part is that by this time the traffic had stopped and the men COULD HAVE CAUGHT HER! If they had just broke into a sprint or something, because the girl had on FLIP-FLOPS!!! Seriously? How fast can you really run in those things?!? But they just stood there and watched her trot down the street and then they walked back into the store! This all transpired in the space of about 10 minutes and mind you I am STILL sitting in the car waiting for my daughters to come out!
So FINALLY my daughters come out the store and said, "Some chick in flip-flops stole something AND got away down the block!! She probably got tired of waiting in line!!" They said, "we saw her in the cosmetics section and then she came and stood in the pharmacy section and then she walked out the store"!

Ridiculous!! It took about an hour and a half to get 30 pills from the pharmacy. And can I just say these were not loos pills that need to be counted. No, no no! Theses were pills in 3 inch packets, with 10 pills per packet. So the pharmacy people had to count out 3 PACKETS! That's right, 1, 2, 3, Yes Three packets!!!!!! It took almost 2 hours for them to give my daughter 3 packets that were called in the day before! Freaking ridiculous!! My daughter had another doctor visit 2 days later, at which time the doctor gave her a prescription for pre-natal vitamins...OMG! This time I did not go with her to the pharmacy. Her and her cousins went ... she had to go back twice and finally got the vitamins ...THE NEXT DAY!!

Yep, next doctor visit (which happens to be today) we are going to give the doctor the number to the Walgreen's pharmacy. It is further from us but CVS is just ridiculous!!

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I vote for Walgreens! Did you know that a gallon of milk at CVS is just about $4.00? Like I said, I vote for Walgreens!

Admin 06 October, 2009 11:56
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aj 06 October, 2009 11:57

've always used Walgreen's and they've been good over the years, but lately they've been a little flaky. I tried CVS once before because they are closer, but I just didn't like the service.

Girl - you know those employees weren't going to bust a sweat chasing that girl down. They probably said, "Man that's not in my job description" lol

Tanyetta 06 October, 2009 12:58

i love cvs! they better stop playing! LOL


That's way too long to wait for a prescription to be filled. I vote for Walgreens too! :)

msladydeborah 06 October, 2009 20:42

First of all, I would definitely send an e-mail to the CVS corporate offices and let them know about your expeirence. I am sure that they would want to know how you were not treated.

I am a fan of CVS. I like Walgreen's too. However, I love the discount rack in CVS. I have found some of my best bargains there. I also love it when Dawn is on sale for 99 cents. I don't have any problems at the CVS that I patronize. I've been going there for years. But, if I ever decided that I want to start boosting in my later years-I might move to your hometown. It sounds like I would stand a good chance of getting away! :-)

clnmike 07 October, 2009 16:48

That was poor customer service, I am not sure that is CVS in general though, I havent had problems with them when I call in.

Hey Shae! 12 October, 2009 08:28

That's ridiculous. I've used CVS's pharmacy in the past without incident, but have since moved to Wal-Mart's pharmacy because it's cheaper to fill prescriptions. You guys are good because I probably would have got annoyed and bought the over the counter iron pills and went on about my day.

Quick 12 October, 2009 21:42

i've staying in their drive thru for 20 damn minutes before...never went back, lol

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