Wednesday, November 18, 2009

He Is Only A Man...

I am saddened and can only shake my head at the overwhelming criticism that our current President of the United States always receives. When you consider the fact that President Obama has been in office for LESS THAN one year a lot of the criticism seems unjust and asinine. In the amount of time that President Obama has been in office his critics have tried to malign and mis-characterize him at every turn. He is often damned if he do and damned if he don't. Sadly even a portion of those who voted him in, and where on the Obama wagon during the campaign have fallen by the wayside. Here is a man who is trying to fix the issues and problems that the United States has accumulated over the past 8 YEARS while simultaneously trying to work on our current issues and at every turn people are tearing him down. According to MSM (MainStream Media) and also according to the Blogosphere he has done nothing in his time in office. I visited a blogger friend (Electronic Village) who had an actual list of the accomplishments of our current President. That's right! A list of what President Barack Obama has accomplished in his first 10-11 months in office, and the list is quite impressive. You can check it out HERE! The list may surprise you.
Whether you like him or not, voted for him or not, the fact remains that he is the POTUS and deserves the respect that goes with the office! If he fails guess what AMERICA FAILS as well. He is not God, he can not make miracles. He is only a man, trying to do an extremely difficult job. He cries over lost life, He rejoices over triumphs, He has battles and some he wins and some he looses, but he is human, a man like all of us. Maybe instead of trying to tear him down, curse him and pray for his failure maybe we should PRAY for his success (which means the success of AMERICA), PRAY that he allows God to use him for the glory of the kingdom; PRAY that he is strengthened so that foreign and domestic enemies will not try to dismantle our country; PRAY that through him our economic, educational and financial systems will be strengthened and restored to a glory that made AMERICA great in the first place; or maybe we should PRAY that he leaves the office in a better condition then he received it. If we busy our selves with these prayers maybe there will be less time to talk about, curse, and think evil thoughts about the President of the United States.
Again, keep in mind HE IS ONLY A MAN!


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Oh Regina;
This is a wonderful post; and I totally agree with it. Is it possible for you to send this to him, so he will know that there are those of us who ARE praying for him?

Pttyann 18 November, 2009 17:45

Wow!!! Wonderfully done and all so true if you can't lift him up why not just shut up,after all he is only human!!!! So many that voted for our President like you said have now turned against him,and so true people cannot see if he goes down we all do. This is very good Regina and I'm so glad you shared.
Love ya have a good Thanksgiving.

MrsGrapevine 18 November, 2009 18:06

It's crazy everyone wants him to fix everything now. He is blamed for laws and policy that existed before he was born.

He's in the hardest position to be in, and no matter what happens I will respect him for trying and not giving up.

Every one on the outside have an answer, but none of them ran for the position.

I need those for social rights to get in line and wait until the economy has recovered, because nothing will matter if we can't eat.

Vanessa 18 November, 2009 18:54

We should not be surprised at the sheer magnitude of the problems President Obama must deal with and the hatred veiled as mere criticism.

He became our leader during a time of tremendous problems and more on the horizon. He can't fix everything at once and somebody is not going to be happy in the process.

One of the things I admire the most about the President is that regardless of the problem, he is methodical and logical in his deliberation.

He is in my prayers.

Quick 18 November, 2009 22:30

Indeed, he is only a man, but that is not what his critics are considering. During the beginning of his term, he often reminded us that things would take time to that time is going along, people are becoming impatient for no reason

Dori 19 November, 2009 06:30

I fully agree Regina. VERY well said! People act like he is a magician or something and can just wave a wand and everything will be okay immediately.

I pray for him and his family daily. Great post!

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ 20 November, 2009 04:07

I agree. Ms Regina. We must pray for Him daily. The word of God tells us we are to pray for our national leaders. SO many people are unknowingly disobedient and just ignorant to that fact... Let me not preach. I agree President Obama is a man, but he is doing his best and only God can really use him to turn this country around. Kudos and great post,

Robyn 20 November, 2009 14:41

indeed.flesh and blood.
Americans and the world should not forget that.

clnmike 23 November, 2009 18:46

Unrealist expectations given how long he has been in office, even more unrealistic since people seem to think that he is supposed to accomplish everything with out help. Good post.

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