Monday, March 21, 2011

Friendship and the Mega Church

What a FABULOUS WEEKEND we just had!!! Well, I know mine was and I pray that yours was too! I got to spend Saturday with an old friend of mine who came to town for personal business but we had a chance to visit and fellowship with one another. I had not seen her since before I moved to Texas. I have been living in Texas for almost three years now but outside of my family there is no one here that I can say is my friend.
Now a TRUE FRIEND should not be confused with a casual acquaintance, a facebook friend, or a blog friend or a neighbor. I am talking about a real friend who you can tell all to, do all with and have no regrets about it later! Now a true friend does not just drop out of the sky, and you can not just call ANYONE your friend. It is about building relationships and frankly building a relationship is HARD WORK! Building a friendship is hard work but I have not had the chance to build that sort of relationship with anyone around me yet. I actually do not think I have been in the right place at the right time in order to meet a "Friend". I do not hang out much and since I work from home I cannot meet new people at "the office", so my chances of meeting other people has been reduced to being at church.

Hmmmm, being a member of a MEGA CHURCH where the membership is literally in the upper THOUSANDS (I think there is something like 30,000 members!) you might think one would meet TONS of people here. Ahhh, but that is not the case! Being a member of a MEGA CHURCH can perhaps be one of the loneliest places on earth, you can literally be alone in a crowd. Seeing people and CONNECTING with people is NOT the same thing!
I am a member of a Mega Church here in Texas where the Word of God is AWESOME! The Bishop as a vessel or conduit of God's words is very needed and welcomed. Weekly the Word of God flows and the Bishop is definitely a powerful and Spirit-filled Preacher! I have been a member there for almost three years but my attendance there is a totally different issue! I like to think of the church as an extension of your family. I do not want the Pastor and his wife coming to my house for dinner but I want to feel as if I can at least extend the invitation to them! In other words I like to feel as if they are personable or reachable by the average church goer. I like to feel as if I can have a personal conversation with my Pastor if I needed to. Being a member of a Mega Church is not really conducive to having a personal relationship with your Pastor. Not only is the Pastor unobtainable but TO ME (Keep in mind these are MY personal feelings, which may not be the same for others!) I feel as if I am herded in and out like cattle. When the service is over, the ushers are clearing the rows with the quickness! Everyone rushes in to try and get the good seats or they try to get in early before the crowd so they do not have to walk a mile from the far end of the parking lot! Once church is over folks rush to get out so they are not caught up in the traffic jam. Then you have the folk trying to get close to the front so that they are on camera (WTH! really, is that why you are pushing and jumping the line?? And I thought you were rushing to get the WORD of GOD!! ). I want to be able to sit in my seat and look five seats over or two rows ahead and wave to someone I know or run over and give someone a hug. But in a Mega Church the person you see this Sunday you may not see again for months, if ever!

I did not like being herded in and herded out, I did not like the impersonal feel, I did not like having to duck the camera (I DO NOT want to be on National television!), and I did not like the long walk to and from the car each week. So all in all, I was not comfortable there so I stopped going. I started watching the services online, and I thank God that I am a member of a Mega Church that has the capabilities and capacity to stream the service live so I was still getting my WORD!
So at least I know the Mega Church feel is NOT for me! Everything is not good for Everybody! AHHHHHH, But TRUST & BELIEVE that God knows what you need and want! My Mega Church opened up an extension in Fort Worth, which is more conducive to my needs. So I am an official member of The Potters House of Fort Worth under the Spiritual Leadership of Pastor Derrick & Lady Faison and I am excited about it! It is not just a building with the Bishop up on the jumbo-tron preaching to me via satellite from the other side of Texas! I am talking about a living, breathing, preaching, teaching Pastor, filled with the Word of God and impacting the community in which we live! (God Bless Pastor & Lady Faison!). I do not really know how I got on the Mega Church topic but I guess I had to get it off my chest!

So anyway back to my original topic!!

I enjoyed spending time driving around Dallas with my old friend! It was like old times ... minus the liquor and cigarettes!!! But with the old familiar feeling of complete comfortableness! It was a good weekend!

Blessings and Have an AWESOME week!

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I think that church Sunday just added the frosting to the cake that was baked this weekend with you and your friend. You had a good time with your friend; you've reawakened your need for interactions with people, which helped you to verbalize the problem you had with the mega church. Then you had the joy of going to church Sunday where the first lady calls you by name and the Pastor is awesome. I don't know if it gets better than that. God is soooo good!

Regina 21 March, 2011 15:06

Hmmm, yea about that Knowing my name thing.... I don't want her using it often! I would like to have access if needed but that does not mean I want such personal interactions!!

Shae 24 March, 2011 19:57

It is always nice to catch up with true friends that you have not seen in a while. When that happens I get a warm fuzzy feeling. :)

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