Thursday, April 14, 2011

Resting On HIS Promise! My Testimony!

Oh God... Oh God... Oh God! So, Last night while at church (The Potter's House of Fort Worth)Lady Purcell said something during Praise & Worship and it sat in my Spirit so much so that I was thinking about it this morning! she said that God is the Alpha AND Omega (The beginning AND the End!) and of course we ALREADY KNEW THAT! But then she continued on with talking about us being in the MIDDLE!!! OH GOD! If you are in the MIDDLE of a trail/issue/situation HE has your front and your back covered!!! Getting a new REVELATION of HIS Word is AWESOME! OH GOD! I got a TESTIMONY Y'ALL!! Oooooo
Let me tell you!! Oh God, I feel like PREACHING right now!! Have you ever had God SHOW UP & SHOW OUT on your behalf?? Ooooo Jesus! help me make it through this TESTIMONY!!!
Okay so for those of you who do not really know me, I was laid off from a job in New York and Then decided to move to Texas (whole different story!). But I have been UNEMPLOYED the entire time I have been here in Texas! Please believe me when I tell you it was not from lack of looking. We have been in Texas for THREE YEARS (well it will be 3 years on July 1st!). God has sustained my family with His Grace.

Last year I started doing in-home Child care. My clients were all from the local Kaplan college, so there were times when the money was real good and I had full enrollment but then as the families started coming to the end of their classes my enrollment started to dwindle. I was suddenly down to 3 children and 2 of them were on part time and trust me the money for 2 part time children and one full time child does not pay the rent or the bills! So I have been frustrated, and tossing and turning at night trying to figure out how exactly this was going to work. So on top of that I REALLY DISLIKE where I live for multiple reasons, so we decided that when the lease ends in June that we are not going to renew it. That means that I have to find someplace else to live because as of July 1st I can no longer be here.

In the midst of these current problems I got back to regular church attendance, Sunday service and Wednesday Bible study. Let me tell you... the WORD has been HOT & HEAVY!!! My Pastor has been a blessing because the WORD has been on point! I started tithing regularly again, I mean it was not much in my eyes but it was all that I had and I was gladly giving it! My bible readings became more focused. Not just hit and miss scriptures here and there but I have been focused on 2 particular books of the bible, because I believe that God has been preparing me for something (I still do not know what it is but I will keep studying until I am told to stop!).

The past few weeks I have been feeling a shift or a change in the atmosphere, something like a breakthrough but not fully, just a small tear in a strong hold. Then all of a sudden, BAM!! I am down to ONE daycare child! Oh God, really... I know Satan is mad but COME ON give me a break here!! (OKAY, Stay with me I am going somewhere!!!)
So I am wondering how will I pay the rent in this place for the next 2 months??? I am not really too concerned with the move because I believe that God will work that one out as time gets closer. But I am really pressed with how in the world am I going to be able to pay 870.00 for rent for two months (yes, I said 870.00 x 2!). So after my morning routine of prayer, posting my morning scripture on Facebook, reading 2 chapters (1 in James & 1 in Peter), and checking into my school website, I mosey on over to my bank website (Yes, I check my online banking website regularly because you NEVER know!) just to check things out and guess what I found???????


OKAY!!! I'm back! So I log on to my bank site and I see a DEPOSIT which will cover my MAY & JUNE rent as well as cover the pledge I want to make to the building fund!!! I had been praying because I wanted to be part of the building fund but because of my financial situation I could not. See, you do not UNDERSTAND!!! You don't HEAR ME! The pledge I wanted to make was $1000 and the deposit in my account was enough to cover the 2 months rent and the ENTIRE PLEDGE AMOUNT!!!!!! (YES, you do the math and then Praise with me!!!) Oh and did I mention that my daughter just joined the dance ministry at church (Yaay you go SUGA!!, I LOVE to see God's Youth in HIS service!) and they will be ministering on Resurrection Sunday (that's Easter Sunday) which is in a week and She needs dance shoes, palazzo pants, unitard, and flag money! Yes my Daddy covered that as well!! Oh tell me that God don't hear the prayers of His children!!! God knew my heart and knew what was troubling me the most!
Increased my TITHE,
Increased my PRAYERS,
Increased my PRAISE,
Increased my SERVICE,
Increased my ATTENDANCE,
and God SHOWED UP AND SHOWED OUT on my behalf!!!!!!
(I don't know, ... maybe this is not a life changing miracle for you, but this thing has been laying in my Spirit so heavy... SMH)
I PRAISE HIM for sustaining me and my family, I PRAISE HIM for honoring HIS word, I PRAISE HIM for HIS GRACE & HIS MERCY and definitely for HIS FAVOR!!!

P.S. If you want to know, the money came from a source I would never have expected... Can you believe some old, back child support (my kids are GROWN!!)!?! What you say????? WHOA, THAT was crazy!!!

I hope you were Blessed in my sharing!

Have YOU Praised HIM today?

In Him,

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He may not come when you call Him; but He's always right on time! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


Gina, God grace and mercy is beyond awesome and amazing. I have been in your comfortable shoes before and He has showed up& showed out, because when He blesses you, its beyond what you need and in some ways in your spirit of humbleness, you give abundantly to others. I too have dwelled well into the early morning hours about how I was going to make it threw ,He has provided. I am doing the praise dance with you and lifting my hands up high thanking HIM. You are truly worthy and deserving of His many blessings but the best part, being blessed is a domino effect.

Regina 15 April, 2011 09:41

Mom you are so right about that!

@Barbie - I hear ya on that D0omino effect cause as He pours into me I pour into others and the blessing continue to flow!! We are changing the very atmosphere!!!

Pat 16 April, 2011 03:21

"Amen,amen"!!!! That's what I'm talking bout!!! God can do any thing and I'm praising God with you and waiting for my breakthrough.

1stopmom 19 April, 2011 16:46

What an amazing testimony!!

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