Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do You Know Where Your Child Is?

 I heard this story last night but I was already offline, so I slept on it.  But when I woke up this morning I was thinking about it because it was bothering me something terrible! The story really had me confused as hell!
I heard that a mother had left her five year old child behind at Chuck E Cheese.  But the part that really bothered me was the part where the mom did not realize the child was gone until the NEXT MORNING!  Now, I am confused because number one, this five year old was the Birthday Girl, it was her party. Number two, how are you packing up the car to go home and not realize that you are missing the BIRTHDAY GIRL? The mom has 10 children including the five year old birthday girl and she took 9 other children as well to the Chuck E Cheese. The mother said they all traveled in three separate cars.  Hmmm, but that still does not explain how you as the parent is not sure of where your child is, especially on her birthday!
I know mistakes happen but as a mother and grandmother I know that after a day of playing and activities, you bathe, brush teeth and prepare your child for bed.  Well, at least that is how I was raised and how I raised mine. But to not know your five year old is missing until the next morning raises all types of questions. What about talking to your child asking if they enjoyed their party, finding out what about their birthday did they like the most, or some kind of dialogue before they go to bed?  The child lives in the same house as you, so how do you come in and prepare yourself for bed, get in the bed, go to sleep, wake up, and then go in to prepare your child for school and realize she is not there?? This is NOT OKAY!
Now this child will remember that she got left at Chuck E Cheese. The little girl is in custody of Child Protective Services pending an investigation. Read the entire story HERE.

In another story a three year old child was left in a different Chuck E Cheese.  Apparently the two parents assumed that the child was with the other parent.  They both found out the child was missing a few hours later by watching the news. Still asinine but a little more understandable then the previous story. Read the entire story HERE.

I'm going to need these parent to get it together. I bet Chuck E. Cheese will start changing some rules in their organization.  Even though they are not at fault, two children left behind in a week (different locations, but still...)
STOP, Right now and do a Child/Grandchild check!
Do you know where your children are? If not FIND OUT!
Children are PRECIOUS please take care of them!


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msladydeborah 11 March, 2012 22:33

I have had parents tell me that they forgot that their child was at school when they arrive late. I have never known what to say when this is the given reason.

I am not sure that I want to hear how birthday girl got left without anyone noticing. I'm sure that there is a story but I'm not sure that it would work with me.

Regina 12 March, 2012 01:16

At this point I am trying really hard to be unbiased, but as a parent , as a grandparent, as an ex childcare provider, I am having so many issues with this! Out of my 5 children my 18 & 26 year old live with me and before I go to bed I am checking in on the 18 yr old. The 26 yr old gets in from work about midnight, I am up until she gets in unless she tells me she is not coming straight home, so No I can not understand not putting your 5 year old to bed! Or not being aware of where she is. I do not understand this at all.


Heidi Mccormick Cudnik (From Facebook)
How can you forget and leave your 5 year old? I don't understand.


Melanie Green H (from Facebook)Okay- MAYBE I could understand if she realized the child was missing once she got home, since they were in 3 separate cars. (But only maybe since she should have made sure all were accounted for before leaving.) But to not realize it until the next morning?? How did she not notice someone was missing at bedtime? I just don't get it.
And the 2nd story bothers me too. The parents shared custody, but how is it that they didn't know whose turn it was to take the child? Wouldn't you think the parent who was not taking the child would say goodbye to her... you know, "Have fun with daddy I'll see you in a couple of days." And then make sure she actually went with the father. I realize people make mistakes but these 2 stories are unbelievable!

Dionna Sanchez 19 March, 2012 14:26

Wow. I've forgotten to pick my girls up from school before but only because they usually rode the bus and I'd forgotten I told them I'd pick them up that day. I can't imagine not knowing for hours...or even all night! I always say good night to my kids!

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