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Zack A. Isaacs, Chicago, IL "2CityNews"

I am a multimedia journalist with a background in sales, marketing and television production. 

I am the owner of 2City Media which produces the online news outlet, 2CITYNEWS (2CN)

2CITYNEWS was established June 23, 2011 to honor the anniversary of my grandmother's birth. 

The name 2CITYNEWS was inspired from Chicago's nickname as the "Second City" (2nd City) but I knew that getting a patent for that would be tough.
Additionally, Chicago is a tale of two cities in one. But the national media only talks about the violence going on in Chicago's inner city and the prosperity of the other areas.
I wanted to flip that around and expose the "good in the hood" and show the imperfections of our "better" neighborhoods.

I was motivated to start 2CN for two reasons: 1) I couldn't find any journalism opportunities, so my mother inspired me to create my own; 2) As a community activist, I felt there was a need to document history the right way--whether it was good or bad. 

My TOP 5 Must Have Business Tools: Computer, Video Equipment, Tripod, Business Cards, and Business Attire. (Regina: EXCELLENT POINT Zack!!! Many youth do not have business attire and are clueless about what to wear for an interview.)

In 5 years, I see 2CN as a national news agency with bureaus in every region and providing jobs in media for people of all ethnic backgrounds.

I am inspired by the fact that no matter how much I think of quitting--the love of storytelling is in me. I can't run from it. 
I have been inspired by men like Juan C. Perez (Highbrid Nation) and Toure Muhammad (Bean Soup Times). Both are men who showed me the ropes of starting a media outlet and I am indebted to them. 

I would tell a room of entrepreneurs to "work while it is day." You must take advantage of your youth. I'm almost 28 years old and I've been growing this business for a year and I know that 30 is around the corner. That is why I work so passionately. I don't want to be 40 still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. In order to make progress, sometimes you have to cut ties with people who will impede it. While Facebook and Twitter are must-have tools for building business, it is important to turn them off at least 2 hours everyday. Given the level of social media addiction in our country, that is not a simple thing to do. But there was life before Facebook and cell phones as recently as 15 years ago. Back in 1997, I was only trying to catch a little TV after I did my homework and maybe go play outside. 

I would add that we need to "re-program" our children about the true purpose of education. Education is not a gateway to employment anymore. That's why we have people on TV complaining about having multiple degrees, six figures of debt but they can't find work. A degree is just a prerequisite to help job recruiters weed out candidates. The purpose of getting an education is to sort through hundreds of skills to see which ones you need to succeed. 
At most universities, you need 120 credit hours to graduate. That means you might take anywhere from 35 to 40 classes and study at least 10 chapters per class. That's over 400 chapters of information and thousands of definitions and test questions. It is YOUR job to sort through all of that data and find what you can use and discard what you can't. 

The average college graduate can't remember Chapter 3 from Chemistry class--but he or she might remember that calories are a measurement of energy. Well, that is what our children should do with their education--pull out memorable concepts and find a way to relate them to their career goals.

Well said Zack, well said!
WOW!!!! I absolutely LOVE ZACK!! A young man with a vision, the brains, and the drive to make a difference!

**Zack and I disagree on MANY topics, BUT I DEFINITELY RESPECT His drive and determination! I love seeing our young adults blazing the trail!**

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Zack's interview was very good. He is a serious young man with something to say, and whether one agrees with him or not, one must commend his desire and ability to address issues that most people would shy away from.
He has many good points for ways a young person can get through school and come away with something of significance that they can use later. Well spoken.
Regina, great interview.

Atasha 18 June, 2012 17:08

I enjoyed this one and it was nice to see a young man on here ;-)I can say so much about the "Business Attire" issue. He is absolutely right. My high school had "dress for success" every Monday-Wednesday, where "everyone" had to wear business attire. It gave the young men so much confidence.
However, I couldn't believe how many of the girls thought "Business Attire" meant party clothes. They had to learn the hard way and got sent home. Some grown women still need that lesson. I know I sort of went of topic here but correct business clothing is so very important.

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