Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are You Asking Why, Or Are You Praying

I had a boring moment yesterday so I took a moment to just browse through some of my Facebook friends pages and I rolled across a comment that referenced me!  Hmmm, what would a regular person do when someone else references them. Not referenced by name mind you, but referencing a comment that I made.
Well, I don't know what a regular person would do... HOWEVER, I decided to blog about it!
So to give you a brief intro, the discussion was about the horrific murders in Aurora, Colorado. I had not blogged about this tragedy because it seemed like EVERYBODY was blogging about it, talking about it, it's on TV, radio, and every other media outlet.  So I stated my condolences, and prayers for everyone involved but did not go to any blogging lengths about it.  Well, This gentleman was saying that he is asking "WHY" in the aftermath of this tragedy. And my response was that I no longer ask "WHY" when a tragedy like this happens, I just "PRAY".  I guess he could not understand my logic, my reasoning, OR my answer because upon going back through my Facebook ticker (that thing is quite handy!) I saw this...

"One of my FB friends says that she does not ask "Why" in the aftermath of the Colorado shootings. If we have stopped asking why, then we have come to accept our current plight".

I said to my self, "WOW, self! That is what I said!" So I guess he was referencing me (Even if he did selectively leave off the part where I said I PRAY)! NICE! (Hmmm, People NEVER seem to like my answers! Oh Well!)
I guess educators think they can ask the right questions and get answers. I guess preachers think they can preach the right words,and read the best scriptures and get the answers. I guess politicians think they can pass the right bills, institute the right legislation and laws and get the answers. (Let me know how all of that works out for you...)

So here's the thing people. We as humans, some as Christians can sit around and ask "WHY" until Jesus comes back and what will that gain us?  Is God Himself going to come down and say, "Well, since you are asking why let me tell you why..."  No, I don't think that is going to happen. If asking the question "WHY" after a tragedy would gain us answers or satisfaction than we would have answers for the COLUMBINE KILLINGS, the 9-11 TRAGEDY, the AURORA TRAGEDY, THE DC SNIPER, the VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE, the FORT HOOD KILLINGS, and many other senseless, tragedies in our world. We could ask why a six year old girl died and her mother did not, or why a woman who was shot in the head lived and a man about to celebrate his one year wedding anniversary did not. We could ask a million questions. But No, asking "WHY" will not give us sufficient answers to these senseless tragedies. These acts of violence, terrorism, and lunacy have no logical answers.
As a Christian I know that the world is destined for a time of death and chaos, I also know that we need to pray fervently for the world and the people in it. If praying, rather than asking why means to some that I have accepted our current plight, than so be it. YES, I have accepted that many in the world are lost, YES, I accept that Satan has many on assignment to commit senseless, inhumane acts, and YES, I TRULY believe that only God can fix this mess we call humankind! I accept that the world has come so far AWAY from the declaration printed on our money (IN GOD WE TRUST) that we are probably moving backwards!
So my question to you is, How much time do YOU spend asking WHY versus how much time do YOU spend PRAYING FOR THE WORLD, FOR GOVERNMENT, FOR YOUR COMMUNITY, FOR THE YOUTH?
Revelation 6:3-4

Second Seal: Conflict on Earth

When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see.” Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword.

Are you PRAYING or are you STILL ASKING WHY???


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Excellent post. We ask why because we have a desire to make things neat and get an understanding. 1 + 1 must equal 2. Unfortunately we don't have all the answers and it doesn't always add up, so it is essential that we pray to the ONE who does have the answers. HE knows why and can deal with it for us.

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