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More Death, Now What?

This is a blog post that I found hard to write.  The nature and topic of this post sensitive but needs to be said.  Of course there are many of you who will not agree with what I say.... Yea, that is totally your right. YOU DO NOT have to like or agree with my opinions, I can always agree to disagree! anyway, I digress.

In light of the shooting death of 20 children on Friday there is an out cry of outrage.  A pouring out of sorrow, a moment in time when people come together bound by unspeakable grief... for now.  In a few days or weeks or even months folk will go back to their lives doing the same things they were doing on Thursday prior to the shootings.  But the families, the parents will have to find a way to pick up the pieces of their broken lives.  They will need to find a way to move on without their child.  They will need to find a way to fill the void left by the tragic act of someone else.  I pray for them because a death is not something you just get over and no parent should have to mourn the loss of their child.  My sincere condolences, prayers, and blessings to the families of Friday's tragic deaths.

So in the meantime, everyone is suddenly involved and invested in the gun control debate! People want stricter gun control laws, some want guns banned unless you are an officer of the law.  Hmmm, I find this very interesting because since when did something being ILLEGAL stop someone from doing it?  PEOPLE commit crimes EVERY SINGLE DAY!  So why is this any different or any more a crime?  Is it because children were killed? Guess what, CHILDREN DIE EVERY DAY! I am not trying to be insensitive but children die every day and there is no public outcry.  Is it because 20 children died?  Well, around the world I am sure more than 20 deaths occur in any one day.  The death of a 5 year old is no more hurtful than the death of a 15 year old or the death of a 20 year old to that child's parent.  A friend of mine lost her son last month. He was in his early 20s but his death was no less tragic, heart wrenching, and senseless than the deaths on Friday.  His mother is still in mourning, and he left behind a son who no longer has a father.  Are we as a society now deciding which deaths are more painful according to media coverage?  The more coverage, the more tragic, and the more tragic, the more coverage!

When Jesus died on the cross I do not think he died for those 10 and under, He died for ALL OF HUMANITY!  So maybe, just maybe now is the time to turn our hearts back to Christ.  Maybe now is the time to embrace the ultimate sacrifice and understand what was done for us.  Why do people treat God as an after thought UNTIL tragedy strikes, and then the first thing they say is Why God? Why? This world is over run by evil, and society helps feed the beast.  Look at the movies, music, books, clothes, advertisements, actions, etc of the world.  You CAN NOT be surprised by actions of people when you consider the world as a whole and what WE allow and embrace.

This is NOT an issue of stricter gun control laws, it is an issue of us as a society, us as a people and how we treat one another. I saw an interview of a young lady in college who knew this young man (the shooter of the Connecticut school) since they were children.  She remembered having play dates with him when they were younger, but by the same token she had not spoken a word to him since they were in middle school.  The people interviewed are all saying what a small, close knit community this was where everyone knew each other but no one took the time to know this young man.  Does this excuse his actions OF COURSE NOT!  My point here is that we as a society have gotten away from knowing each other, loving thy neighbor, doing unto others as we want done to us.  If you put humanity on a scale, I would not be surprised to see the scale tipped in favor of evil.  We have gotten away from God and then we wonder what is wrong with our society, what is wrong with our young, what is wrong with our schools, what is wrong with US?  It is time to get back to God because only HE can fix what is wrong with our world!

We DO NOT have a gun control issue, we HAVE a soul control issue!

1 Kings 18:37 Hear me, O Lord, hear me, that this people may know that You are the Lord God, and that You have turned their hearts back to You again.”

Peace & Love All!

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I stand up and applaud you! Something was wrong in this young man's heart and in his home. The guns were just a way of being heard. We must remember he killed his mother in their home first. Then he went to kill where she worked and what she loved. Did anyone ever tell him that Jesus loves him and that he was not alone?

Pat Thacker 17 December, 2012 15:28

Hi Regina,you've really said a lot and it needs to be taken into our hearts. This is it,bottom line,this it it and it's very,very good. How often we push God aside and other people until a crisis hit's.I love this post!
Love you :-)

Gloria 17 December, 2012 18:09

First of all, thank you for your comment on my blog, Regina. Second of all, I am your newest Follower, but I think I am ALREADY a follower of yours! Please forgive me, I haven't been blogging in so long, just getting back into it... Third, are you my virtual twin? I am not saying that to be funny... I am saying that because everything you are inferring here is what I've thought. I live in a small town and everyone always says: "Oh, we care, we are all here for each other!" and you know what? The only person in my town who cares for me (and my 22 year old son) is my beloved neighbor, Angie. She is a BLESSING TO ME. So I agree with you wholeheartedly that people SAY they care, it's a small town, and they really DON'T. I also agree with you about the fact that if he would have had someone in his life helping him spiritually, it might have helped. And you know what is sad? They said the shooter's brother hasn't even seen him for two years! They said that the shooter's brother said he didn't see him since 2010. I think that was meant to show, "Hey, I didn't even know what was going on, don't blame me!" Instead I feel it is a tragedy to not see one's young, mentally challenged brother for two years. Plus, I read online that the father of the killer, after finding out what happened, just packed himself and his new wife up and left his house, no one knows where he is. How's THAT for accepting some responsibility in what your deceased son did in this situation? Anyway, I hear you, Regina. Thanks again for visiting my blog too.
Gloria p.s. sorry this is so long!

Aldon Hynes 18 December, 2012 10:18

I've been having a discussion similar to this for the past few days with a friend on Facebook and I'd like to share a slightly different perspective. We need to be careful about either/or thinking and false dichotomies.

You are right, we have a soul control issue. We always have and that is why Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of us. However, that doesn't mean we don't also have a gun control problem.

You are also right that making something illegal doesn't prevent people from doing something. However, it does make it harder and less likely. We all know that thieves break into locked houses, but that doesn't prevent us from locking our doors.

Until that glorious day when there is no more sin, I will continue to try to seek ways to make it harder for the sinful to carry out their evil ways. I will lock my doors and I seek to make it harder for the sinful to get weapons that can shoot 400 rounds per minute and large clips that allow them to get off more shots without reloading.

I pray that God will lead you in ways to help thwart the sinful as well.

Regina 18 December, 2012 10:24

People often forget that these people have problems and feelings. If certain issues (mental health issues or any other issues) are addressed PROACTIVELY instead of RE-ACTIVELY I wonder how many lives can be saved.

Jackie Seaman 18 December, 2012 10:28

Yes as a society (Believers and Non-Believers) often call on God after the fact. And in many cases even blame him when tragedy strikes. We need to do better.

Regina 18 December, 2012 10:34

It is a Pleasure!
We as a people have gotten away from Loving one another. We are wrapped up in our own lives, our own issues, our own salvation, that we ignore one of the simplest directives... To love one another. I bet much of humanity grieves the Father's heart.

Be blessed dear!

Regina 18 December, 2012 10:49

@Mr. Aldon,
Thank you Sir for your perspective! (I do not often get male commenters!) I agree we need all perspectives in order to make this work effectively. The theory and the practice should become as one.
Last I heard (I have stopped watching news coverage on this tragedy) the guns were legal and registered to the mother, I don't if that covers all of the guns or not and I am not sure how valid an issue legal guns vs illegal guns are in this instance. But since the Mother was the first person he killed what I will say is that there must have been a lot going on in this family and in this individual that we will never know about.
Until that glorious day when there is no more sin ..... INDEED! I will continue to do my part!
Be blessed in your walk and fight!

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