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To Tip Or Not To Tip, That Is The Question...

I have had many arguments, disagreements, "DISCUSSIONS" about tipping.
The recent story about a receipt being posted on an atheist website was very interesting to me.  In case you have not seen or heard about this story let me give you the short version...

A customer (who happened to be a Pastor) after eating at Applebees and getting an automatic 18% gratuity added to their check responded by writing on the receipt, "I give God 10% why do you get 18"?  A server took a picture of the receipt and then posted it to the Reddit website.  Of course knowing the magic of the Internet, this made the rounds like a dry California brush fire!  I saw this story all over Facebook and It eventually made it's way back to the person who wrote it, who I assume contacted Applebees (since the receipt was posted revealing the person's full name) in a not so pleasant state.  Eventually the server who took the picture and posted it on the Internet was fired from her job.  Do I think the person being fired was harsh? NOT AT ALL! Her post on the Internet was unprofessional. Do I think the comment on the receipt was wrong? NOT AT ALL! I think it was very apropos! (And they left a tip anyway). Do I think the comment was wrong coming from a Pastor? NOT AT ALL! Having a title does not make you any less of a person. People are human and thus have the rights to their emotions and actions.
You can read the full story HERE and HERE!

So back to my original question, DO YOU TIP?' Why or Why Not?
I have a friend who used to be a server and she and I have had many discussions about tipping.  For the record I am NOT "Anti-Tipping" HOWEVER, I do believe in tipping according to service.  Uh NO, just because you bring me a plate of food, sit it down on the table, smile and say "will that be all" does NOT mean I OWE you an automatic tip! I have had very good service and then I have had terrible service, and I ABSOLUTELY HATE places that tack on an automatic gratuity!  Who are YOU to tell ME what I should and should not give out of the kindness of my heart??  But I tell you what, This is the line I HATE the most (And the young lady said it in the article)
“We make $3.50 an hour. Most of my paychecks are less than pocket change because I have to pay taxes on the tips I make,” she explains. “After sharing my tips with hosts, bussers, and bartenders, I make less than $9/hr on average, before taxes.

OK, first of all if YOU take a job that pays YOU $3.50 an hour that is totally YOUR business, so do not expect ME to automatically give you a tip to compensate. Next do not assume that because you bring me something that I have to automatically compensate you for that and like it! But lastly  (and MOST IMPORTANTLY) keep in mind that YOU DID NOT COOK MY FOOD! If anyone deserves a tip it should be the person who is actually doing the hard work and COOKING for me! Yes, I take this personal because I have a Chef for a daughter and I remember her breaking her neck cooking awesome food and the servers getting the tips!

In this article the young woman also said,
“But because this person got embarrassed that their selfishness was made public, Applebee’s has made it clear that they would rather lose a dedicated employee than lose an angry customer. That’s a policy I can’t understand.”

I do not think "SELFISHNESS" is the culprit here. It is NOT selfish to compensate based on what you believe the service deserved. If I do not believe that the service warranted an 18% tip that you are automatically adding to my check then YES, You better know I will have something to say about it!
The customer has a right to voice their pleasure or displeasure with the franchise, because taking a picture of the receipt (with customer name on it) and posting it on the Internet is unprofessional and does cast the Applebees franchise in a bad light.

I once had a Chinese food deliver guy tell me, "Never no tip"? I was like WHAT??? Dude really?? I do NOT HAVE to tip you for doing YOUR job and driving to my house! Especially when I am already paying for your high priced food!
Best way to loose a customer! BYE!

I tip based on service, AND based on whether or not I have money for a tip! But I will NOT tip because you took a low paying job and therefore you believe I should make up the difference  Many people have jobs that pay minimum wage and they are doing much more than bring me a plate of food and a glass of water! Childcare workers, Amusement Park Attendants, Farmworkers, Movie Theater workers, Maids, Janitors, etc, the list goes on. These workers do not get automatic gratuities and they work HARD for a living!
So I guess the real question here should be, "Why are servers, bussers, waitresses, etc getting paid such HORRIBLE wages"???
What do YOU think about this debacle?


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5 People Saying Something!

Shelly 03 February, 2013 13:27

I ALWAYS tip. Regardless of the service, I tip. I would feel awful if I didn't. I will keep my thoughts about what the pastor wrote on the receipt to myself.

obat maag kronis 04 February, 2013 08:44

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Pastors are people and they are not perfect. Whether or not he should have voiced his opinion, I can't say. That's between him and God to judge.

I do not like automatic gratuities. The server has to earn my tip; otherwise just give them a cup and let them stand on the corner begging for tips like other people who want a tip that they did not earn, and some of them deserve a tip more than some servers I have encountered.

If the service is good, you are guaranteed a good tip from me; but if the service is not good, then why am I tipping you?

If the owner wants me to pay just for coming into their establishment, then call it a cover charge, not a tip.

The only place I accept automatically calculated gratuities is on a cruise; but there I still expect exceptional service, and I have always gotten it.

You get what you pay for; you pay for what you get!

Aldon Hynes 05 February, 2013 10:41

Lot's of things to explore here.

Selfishness: Perhaps you are right, perhaps the Pastor wasn't being selfish. Perhaps he was just ignorant and/or uncaring.

Yes, people who prepare and serve food are paid, and treated, poorly. Businesses do this because they can get away with it. It establishes an expectation that people should get tips to make up for the poor pay, and the flip side that businesses refuse to pay well because people will make it up in tips.

Often, businesses make it very clear that a tip of 18% is not optional. This is really not different than how airlines say that you now have to pay for checking luggage. It is part of businesses efforts to make a little extra.

Likewise, it is all well and good to say that taking a poor paying job is totally that person's own business. Your right. They could just stay on unemployment or welfare. Good jobs are hard to find, and we should be encouraging people to take the best possible jobs they can get, even if it is dish washing or waiting tables.

Why are servers, etc, paid so poorly? Perhaps the biggest aspect is because people decide where to go out and eat based on how cheap the food is instead of how well the staff are paid. Personally, I avoid places like Applebees and tried to find small family owned restaurants that pay their staff well. If more people did that, there would be less of a need for big tips.

That said, I try to tip people whenever I can. Not necessarily because they have provided good service, but because I know how important those tips can be, and perhaps more importantly, because it is important to me to honor and support all of God's people.

PJ 20 February, 2013 17:37

I have to say, I think they (the Pastor and the waitress were wrong on all counts. I was a waitress for over 30 years and while I agree that a lot of waitresses don't deserved to be tipped (because of lousy service) the government has made it hard for them to make a living. When I was waitressing, the government taxed us on what we SOLD, not what we made. If I sold 300 dollars worth of food on my shift, the government taxed me 8% of the $300.00. That may not sound like a lot, but 24 dollars and sometimes more per shift adds up. That doesn't even count FICA, SS, and all the other stuff they took out. Anyway, getting off my soap box and back to your question, the Pastor's attitude was bad. I used to dislike waiting on "church people because they were so "cheap". They had the exact attitude. Yes, we give God 10% of our increase for tithes, but what happened to being Christ-minded, loving, generous, and understanding? The waitresses aren't there for their health. I have to admit I don't agree with the automatic gratuity except with large groups, (I had my share of 15 or 20 people in a group and getting a $5.00 tip IF I was lucky) and that was them running my legs off). So for large groups I agree with the (what used to be 15% gratuity). Besides, why take the company rules out on the waitress? She just works there. OH! Here's a good one! Someone once told me that they shouldn't have to tip, because that's what waitresses get paid to do. I hate to tell them, but I used to make $2.13 an hour. I bent over backward to make people's dining experience enjoyable by doing everything they asked, did side work, cleaning up, filling ketchups and stocking, cashiered, vacuumed, washed windows and many other jobs as well as catering to customers all for the big paycheck of MAYBE $60.00 a week plus tips.

So in answer to your question, if the powers that be would allow food service help to make decent wages, then I would agree with you. Until that happens, I think if people can afford to go out to eat they can afford to tip the waitress.

Sorry, if I offended anyone, my husband's cousin and I had this same discussion not too long ago. This subject is just a pet peeve of mine because I waitressed for so long. In all fairness though, there have been times when I griped at my husband because he tips no matter how bad the service, which I do not agree with. I believe that even if the government does tax the waitress, if she gives bad service, she will not learn to be more mindful if she is tipped regardless. No service, no tip.

God Bless,

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