Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Windows 8! Feel The Excitement... Not Really.

YIKES!! My it has been a while, yes I know I have GOT to do better!
So while I have been away what has been going on in YOUR LIFE?  Care to share? So while you are gathering your notes let me tell you about my opinions of Windows 8!

Back in the beginning of the year, probably around February or so I received a post card in the mail about a class action lawsuit that I was part of. Now every now and then I get weird crap in the mail that I just toss away because it is some sort of gimmick or scheme to get you to spend money.  Like Publishers Clearing house where you might win 3 million dollars but you must first buy 100 magazines, or the cruises you might win if you book your $900 dollar flight plan today! Yes, crap like that!
But for some reason I held on to this class action post card and sat it in a pile.  A week later I actually read the card and it said that a few years ago eMachines (computers) had a faulty floppy disk drive that corrupted data, and if you had an eMachines you might be eligible to get some form of compensation. Now back in early 2000 eMachines was my first computer but I have moved about 4 times since then (have no clue how they tracked me down???), and it did have a floppy disk that had problems reading some data and yes data was corrupted sometimes.  Anyway, I had to send in some basic information, so I sent in the required information and then forgot about it.
Then around May I received a letter saying that the case was settled and I was eligible to receive a replacement computer worth $365 or I could redeem the certificate for cash.  The cash was only $62.50, so I opted for the computer.  The computer was a refurbished Gateway laptop.  So I was like, okay, whatever I can use that!
So finally I got my laptop and it is actually not bad.  It has as much space as my current laptop, even though it is a little slower, but that's cool, and it came with Windows 8 installed! YES!!! I was super excited! Windows 8, yes sir! that is that new good stuff!
Then I started using the laptop and let me tell you I absolutely HATE WINDOWS 8!  It is complicated and confusing for no reason.  They took all of your regularly used stuff and hid it somewhere in the computer and then splashed the desktop with a hole bunch of application tiles, in bright, flashy colors.  So yea, it looks awesome, all fresh new and colorful but it is not really functional OR efficient!
To use any of the applications you have to sign in and use a windows account.
It took me almost a day to figure out how to create a guest account.
The guest account had no Internet access without me having to figure out how to FIND and configure the guest wireless access.
Remember the little round windows button at the bottom that was the start button? Remember hitting that start button and having your programs, control panel, and EVERYTHING ELSE you needed right there? Well, that start button is GONE! Now to be fair let me say that you can toggle between the New, Flashy, Tiled, windows 8, and a version of the familiar windows desktop, however there is still no start button and things still are hidden!
All the software you load onto the windows 8 computer automatically puts a large tile on the desktop.
It seems to me that they took everything that was functional and hid it under tons of flashy tiles.  It is so very frustrating! UGH!!! If I play around with it for about a week or two I can probably get it to where I need (not want) it to be in order to have it function in a way that makes a semblance of sense! But uh, between school work and an impending grandchild about to burst into the world any day now I do not have the time to sit here and play with that thing!!
**Deep Sigh** I'm sure I will eventually get the hang of it but man, Microsoft should have at least left the start button (took me a while to figure out how to shut the thing down!)!

For the record I like having a laptop that I did not have to pay for!  Also for the record, I prefer Windows 7!
Do you use Windows 7 or Windows 8?  What are your thoughts?


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Omg. Can't agree more. Can't stand Win 8. Just got a touchscreen laptop and totally annoyed. Very few Windows 7 units around--everyone went running for them when h8ness came out. Trying to jump on a Win7 desktop pretty soon--if I can find one!

Thanks for the blog and yes, down with Win8!


Brandon Hudson 11 December, 2013 06:15

Nice and quite informative post. I really look forward to your other posts.

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