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Church, Unwed Mothers, And PERFECT People

Well, while browsing the web yesterday I came across an article about a well known Pastor, of a well known musical gospel family and if the story is true then I am truly appalled! True everyone has their own preference and they are entitled to their own opinions but ...WOW!
**I guess this story struck a cord with me because I empathize with the woman in this story! I could have BEEN the woman in this story! I was in her position at a time (or 2) in my life, making mistakes, falling, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and finding a way to move on. Yes I remember well being in this position, trapped in one world and trying to walk in another.**
So the story is that Pastor Marvin Winans of Perfecting Church in Detroit (Yes, Marvin Winans, of the gospel musical dynasty Winans family) has refused to bless children of unwed mothers! Well no, let me take that back... he did not refuse. He said that he would not bless children of unwed mothers IN FRONT of his congregation! His only comment to the news reporter was, No Comment. So I cannot speak on his side of this story.
Now as the Pastor of that flock I understand that he is in charge, I also understand that he may want to set a standard and teach the youth of his congregation lessons in morality, chastity, purity, and respect for the word of God. BUT, I think he is forgetting to teach them about LOVE, RESPECT, and REDEMPTION, as well as teaching them about not judging others!
According to a news report from MyfoxDetroit Charity Grace, mother of 2 year old Joshua called the Perfecting Church to inquire about her son being part of a special dedication service for children. (In case you do NOT know what a baby dedication is or means to a Christian check out the link HERE). While giving information to the person on the phone things abruptly changed when Charity said she was an unwed mother. She was told that Pastor Winans' rules/policies are that he does not dedicate children of unwed mothers in front of his congregation but that Charity could have her child blessed by an Elder of her choice on any other day of the week!...WHOA...
In my opinion not only is he ostracizing the parent but he is ostracizing the child (who had no part in the way he was conceived! He is just here as the result of actions of others). But wait isn't there a scripture about children being a Gift (Psalm 127:3 Children are a gift from the Lord, the are a reward from Him), and about Jesus saying do not hinder the children let them come to Him (Mark10:14), and didn't God say in Jeremiah that before I formed you in the womb I KNEW YOU (Jer. 1:5)? HMMMMMM, So if God called little 2 year old Joshua a gift, a blessing, a heritage, I am not understanding why this "Man of God"
would deny him the chance to be dedicated back to the very one who called him.
Now for any bible scholars out there you may try to argue that Pastor Winans is behaving spiritually because the bible says in Deuteronomy 23 that one of illegitimate birth (out of wedlock, a bastard) shall not enter the congregation/assembly, HOWEVER these were rules/laws EXPRESSLY for the families of Israel. (Yes, you cannot JUST read the bible you need to STUDY to get a proper understanding! Having been a teen mother back in the 80's I actually studied this!).
ANYWAY!!! My point (if this is actually true) is HOW DARE HE! I like Pastor Marvin, I like the Music he made, I even heard him preach twice and liked it, but THIS I do NOT like! But no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and make eras in judgement, and we all have times when God has to redirect us. I pray this is one of those AH-HA, Teaching moments. I pray this does not turn this mother away from God or harden her heart, and I pray that her hurt does not trickle down onto her son and cause him to turn away from God (Because you do know that certain behaviors or feelings can be a family curse OR a family blessing right?! You also know that certain behaviors and feelings are TAUGHT to our children, right?!). I pray that all involved learn and grow from this experience, I pray that even those NOT involved (such as myself) on the outside looking in learn something from this experience.
Check out the video of the Mom - Charity Grace.
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