Friday, October 25, 2013

Lord, Am I Dying?

Soooo, I had this pain......
This is generally how the stories start told by old people, but then when I think about it, yea I AM an old person (to folk younger than me!).
So anyway, I had this pain ...
The pain was in my arm and since this is the age of technology I started googling left arm pain and numbness. You would be surprised at the myriad of illnesses that have "Left Arm Pain" as a symptom! Heart attacks, strokes, carpel tunnel, bursitis, tennis elbow, sprains, pulled muscles, angina, indigestion, arthritis, peripheral vascular disease, nerve compression, or a number of other things.
I immediately thought... Lord, Am I Dying?? I even had the talk with my daughters about what I would want done with my remains... you know, just in case! I made it clear that I wanted to be cremated and I also told my daughters that I have a standing DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order. If it is my time to go then just let me go, I DO NOT want to be tethered to this life/world as a vegetable by machines. So cut the strings, pull the plugs, strike a match and let it burn! Of course my youngest daughter (the Diva) has all types of issues with this and will definitely go against my express wishes if the decision is up to her (which I am glad it's not!). My oldest daughter (the Chef) will obey my wishes even if she does not want to and my middle daughter (the Rebel) well, she will probably just be there with bells on no matter what the outcome!
But any way... I had this pain ...
And after a few days it got worse, so I did what anybody in their right frame of mind would do...
I did my laundry, made sure my school work was all up to date, made sure all my emails were answered, made sure my client business was all taken care of, made sure all my church work was done, because you never know when you may go in for one thing and you end up getting admitted for something else! And then about 9:30 last night I went to the emergency room at Baylor All Saints Hospital in Fort Worth. There was a girl there whose hand was sliced open, a lady who fell and broke her tailbone, a girl who had chest pains for a year and may be pregnant (eye roll at that nonsense), yea, you hear all types of stuff while sitting behind that curtain! By the way, my daughter (the Chef) watches WAY TOO MUCH Grey's Anatomy! Because she was comparing everyone to Dr. Christina Yang (Yes, the fictional doctor on the show!!).
Well anyway ... I was out of emergency by 12:30 (Not at all bad because generally an emergency visit is about 5-6 hours!). I got an exam, I got an EKG, I got some x'rays and it all boiled down to ........
And believe me I AM NOT MAD AT ALL!!! Because it could have been something else! So yes I am praising God for this pinched nerve!
So, I had this pain ...  Lord, Am I Dying ...AND GOD SAID, "NOT YET"!

**Side Note - They gave me some prescriptions for pain medication and muscle relaxers (yes, that I cannot afford to fill... smh) and sent me on my way. I am SO NOT looking forward to this bill...**


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You failed to mention that then you wanted to be huffy with your mother who was upset because because she was being concerned about not being notified.

Children; ya'll stress a person out. You better be glad I love you, or otherwise I would never forgive you for not telling me.

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