Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Don't Know About You But Daniel Fast Is Killing My Pockets...

So as you may have heard I along with the members of my church are doing the Daniel Fast.  Now if you have never heard of the Daniel Fast let me give you the short version.
Many churches start the new year off with a 21 day Daniel Fast as a time of cleansing the mind, Body, and Spirit, and a way to get a renewed word from God.  This is a time of cleansing, consecration, and renewal. Daniel in the bible did not want to defile himself by eating the royal foods and drinking wine and asked instead if he could have only fruits, vegetables and water.  This is of course the short version.  Read the actual account in Daniel 1:8-14 or better yet read all of Daniel (That's what I'm doing!).  But anyway, Christians see the start of the New Year with the Daniel Fast as a way to hear from God, get new marching orders, new assignments, and just a time of establishing a better relationship with the Lord.

Some churches or Christians have corporate prayer during the fast or they have certain prayer directives.  some start new bible study plans, etc.  But the entire point of the Daniel fast is to cleanse and receive from God.

Side Note...
** I would like to note that the scripture in Daniel chapter 1 is about Daniel being in the king's training program. Him not wanting to defile his body by eating the rich foods the King provided, and showing that his eating regimen would produce better results, so he fasted 
for 10 DAYS. And in Daniel chapter 10 verses 2 and 3, Daniel was in mourning for 3 weeks (Hence the 21 DAY FAST!) and only ate fruits and vegetables.  So I'm not entirely sure why people/churches/Pastors mix the two VERY separate occasions and come up with fasting for 21 days (Why are WE in mourning??)** But again I digress...

There are strict rules for what you can and cannot eat during the Daniel Fast.  You can only eat things grown in the ground. So all fruits and vegetables are your main items. There is no eating of any kind of meat, fish, or poultry. No sugars or sugar variations (brown sugar, syrup, etc.). No bread or bread items, nothing with yeast or leaven. No dairy items. Nothing processed or bleached.  We cannot fry or deep fry anything, but we can stir-fry lightly. We can use pure oils and seasonings. Spring or distilled water or 100% fruit juice (with NOTHING ADDED), I found out that even if it says 100% fruit juice it often contains other "stuff".   So you get my point!

It has been funny looking at pictures that people are posting online (Facebook, Instagram) of the things they have come up with for the fast. If you already live a vegan life than this would be a walk in the park for you! but people like me who love meat, cheese, eggs, etc are stretching to make this work!!  The biggest complaint I have seen and heard, online and from various people (including ME!) is the COST!  Man, not saying it is okay BUT I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND why almost half of Americans over the age of twenty are over weight or obese.  I am pretty sure Daniel did not have to buy this stuff, if so he probably would have just eaten what the king gave him! Buying fruits and vegetables, and whole wheat pasta almost killed me and that was just for ONE WEEK!  How in the world are we going to last 21 DAYS!  But I digress...
 But there were some interesting and actually tasty things being done!  I have seen a few weird things posted online that I refuse to try or even think about trying! But to each his own!  I have done a few things that work for me along with my fruit, fruit, and more fruit!
Here are a few of my favorites!

Stir fry Onions, Orange, Red, and Green Peppers, diced tomatoes, over whole wheat penne

Salsa with Whole wheat tortillas, cut, lightly coated in oil, seasoned, and baked
(Yea, so, the first batch totally burned! But batch #2 was awesome!)

Stir-fry onions, red and green peppers, carrots, broccoli, and some corn (for color!)

So it is not all bad! The baked whole wheat tortillas with salsa is definitely a keeper! It was so good!  But it can get a little boring if you do not like stuff such as mushrooms, hummus, tofu, etc. I even got an email yesterday about tofu steak!!  Not AT ALL interested in tofu ANYTHING! 
So I'm off to go find something for tonight's dinner!


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So glad to see that you did your homework. I thought it was just me. lol But it's all good. cause I'm doing it for God, not Daniel.

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