Monday, July 7, 2014

I Wish I Was Married...

For the first time in YEARS I can honestly say I wish I was married. As a matter of fact this may be the first time I can even recall saying that! I was married before... for 12 years! I divorced in 2001 and since my divorce I have never actually said I WISH I WAS MARRIED. I have maintained that if it be God's will than it will happen again with the right mate. So I carried on with my life and once I started back to school I was focused on SCHOOL! There was no time NOR the desire to date.
But in the past week I found myself saying, "I wish I was married to a strong man of God".
But the funny thing about that statement is that it was not even a self serving desire. I did not say it because I am yearning the love, companionship or sex that comes (or should come) with marriage. All those things are beautiful, in their time and place. No, I said I wish I was married because over the past week I had an encounter with two different young men that caused me to actually stop and utter that wish.  Both young men are in their late 20's - early 30's. And both young men are caught up in situations that are seriously frustrating, angering, and confusing them.
I pray for our young men because they are lacking in instruction, support, and mentoring. Pastors, preachers, ministers, et all can not lead congregations of hundreds or thousands and do one on one mentoring/instructing with these young men. Where are all the GODLY MEN willing to be that surrogate, be that mentor, be that instructor?? We need more "boots on the ground"! Everybody cannot be up on the stage/podium! We have real everyday young men, going through real everyday situations, and they need strong men of God to talk to, to guide them, to help them grow into strong men of God. Our young men have NO CLUE how to be Godly Husbands, Fathers, or Friends. They cannot fulfill their duties because they do not know how!
So this past week I found myself saying, "I WISH I WAS MARRIED, and I wish my husband could talk to this young man". My heart breaks for young men going through struggles, with no help, with no instruction, with no leadership or guidance. I can pray a mother's prayer for them but I cannot teach a man how to be a man, that is a MAN'S job. I have son's of my own and I pray for them daily. Because they do not have the benefit of an earthly, Godly father figure in their lives and I know they are lacking that instruction, and guidance.
Since the enemy's goal is to Steal, Kill, and Destroy, who do you think his target is?? The head of the household because once you remove the head the body dies. His other target is children because if he takes them out early they will never grow to see, and actualize their God given potential and destiny.
Do you not see the attack on our young men and children??? I need more seasoned, Godly, men to stand up and lead, instruct, be examples for our young men. I don't need another men's ministry to gather for breakfast, or go bowling, or go fishing, or go golfing. I don't need them to stand around in suits, shaking hands, saying "How you doing my brother". I need the men to work with our young men, pray for AND with our young men. I need them to be an EXAMPLE of what real GODLY MEN look and act like.

I Wish I Was Married, So That My Husband Could Talk To These Young Men...

Praying For Our Young Men,

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This made me want to cry. I feel your pain and frustration, having been the spiritual mom to several young men in my time. They need so much, but what they really need are fathers.
The pastor or preacher or head of the men's ministry are men they see from afar. What our young men need is for Jesus to get on their boats; up close and personal.
Your blog helped me to see the significance of Jesus getting on Peter's boat, and eating with him and walking through life with him for 3 years. Three years and Peter went from weak and willowy to being the rock upon which the church was planted.
God help our men. They need you and we need them.

Need Culture 07 July, 2014 23:15

Nice post, Regina! I tell myself that i need to step up as mentor in a larger capacity because there are not a lot of young black men standing in this gap-

Da Mrs. 07 July, 2014 23:52

Thought provoking. I wish I could sit down with some of these men and just find out, why don't men really connect. Woman will run to someone somewhere crying out for help. Brothers don't help each other or ask for help. Maybe the approach needs to change.


~Via Facebook~
Great post!!!


~Via Facebook~

What a great post Regina!

Regina 08 July, 2014 19:17

@Need Culture - Thanks for your comment!PLEASE DO! Our young men are becoming lost. We need more unity.

By the way, thanks for the email and blessings on your new endeavor & spot! Growth & change is a wonderful thing!

Regina 08 July, 2014 19:20

@Da Mrs - Thanks for your comment! I wish I knew. I know that women are more emotional and will ask for help, men tend to ignore their emotions and feelings. But something has to change.

Jackie R. Seaman 08 July, 2014 19:21

@Mema, I wish I could do more than pray for them but God has to step in and make ways...

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