Saturday, July 5, 2014

Infused Water, My New Love!

My weight has always fluctuated but I have never been skinny or small. I also know that genetically my mother's side of the family is predispositioned to be heavy. This means I have to actively take steps to change some things physically. Generally when people see a heavy person they automatically jump to the conclusion that the person eats a lot of sweets, candy, or lots of fast foods. I do not eat a lot of either. I very rarely eat sweets, am not too fond of desserts, and I do not like chocolate. I hardly ever feast on fast foods because frankly who can afford it? Not me! I am what I call a CARBOHOLIC. Yes I made that up. I am a lover of starchy foods like pastas, rice, potatoes, but especially breads.
My love of starchy foods was I believe a combination of two factions. 1- being ancestral. My grandfather had rice and biscuits with EVERY dinner. No matter what else my grandmother cooked my grandfather always made small pot of rice, he always made fried chicken, and he always made biscuits. So the rice and bread thing, I think I can surely say I got from him. The second faction is economy. I have five children, so when they were growing up I was always conscious of having to feed this family. Rice, potatoes and pasta was always cheap. You could buy it in bulk and it would last us the month or however long I needed to stretch my dollars. It was always about making my little bit of money go as far as I could get it to go, so yes we ate LOTS of potatoes and rice!
When you fast forward some 20 odd years, and you realize the economy still sucks. Have you compared prices of foods that are good for  you to the foods that are not good for you? WOW!! Eating right is definitely not cheap. A 20lb bag of white rice will cost you about $9 but a 4 lb bag of brown rice will cost you ... $5!! I saw a bag of naval oranges in Sams Club for $9, so I kept on walking. But wheat pasta has definitely gotten cheaper so that is a good alternative to regular pasta.
So my focus now is small changes, starting with increasing my intake of water. I have never been a big water drinker, I think it is nasty! In the past I could only drink it with some lemon in it and in small doses! But I am now totally in love with INFUSED WATER! Infused water has various health benefits such as flushing you out, So I am infusing my water and detoxifying my body. The infused water is giving my body vitamins and minerals. It is a small change but it is a start. Different fruits have different benefits and adding the water is a plus. I bought 2 cases of 32 ounce jars (12 jars per case). so since 128 ounces are in a gallon, and my goal is to drink a gallon of water per day. That would mean drinking 4 - 32oz jars a day. I am now at about 3 jars a day! So I am getting there! That is also well over the recommended amount of water for daily intake! Since I am drinking so many jars of infused water, my intake of sweetened drinks (Kool aid) has decreased, so another win/win for me! My first batch of infused water contains lemons, limes, cucumbers, strawberries, and mint. I am doing some more today with mint, oranges, and lemons. Start where you ARE and MAKE SMALL CHANGES!
Changes in eating habits, increased water intake, and increased exercise are a great way to improve your health. I am not looking to be skinny, I am striving to IMPROVE ME!

Have an Awesomely Infused Day Lovelies!!

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I'm proud of you baby. Keep up the good work.

Need Culture 09 July, 2014 18:24

I've been on an increased water intake for about two months and it makes me feel so much better! I'm actually learning to like it, lol-

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