Thursday, August 21, 2014

Do Christians Love Homosexuals? Does God?

The world is in turmoil and that is to be expected and was foretold. Interesting enough people are really not understanding the nature of the attacks. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. We are to HATE the SIN, NOT the SINNER! But Christians seem to have a hard time separating the two. Some Christians seem to be fine with forsaking all homosexuals. Some Christians seem to be of the mind set that says, your sin, your death. What ever happened to Being the Example of Christ in the World? Whatever happened to being CHRIST LIKE? But to be fair many in an "alternative" lifestyle seem to be of the mindset of, You are either for me AND my Lifestyle or you are against me AND my Lifestyle. I have friends and family who live an alternative lifestyle and I love them all dearly and treat them the same as I treat everybody else. But yet by the world's standards I am classified as a "Homophobe"! Seriously?!?! Just because I do not agree with your lifestyle does NOT make me a Homophobe. The definition of a Homophobe is one who HATES or FEARS homosexuals. I neither HATE nor FEAR them. But I understand that the "agenda" is to create division, fear, and hatred, in order to justify or further your cause. I get that. What kills me is that many Christians fall into the trap. And many DO HATE & FEAR homosexuals and it causes them to react irrationally, irresponsibly, and stupidly.
I came across an article last week on about two lesbians who wanted to buy wedding dresses but the Christian shop owners turned them away. You can read the article for yourself HERE. I remember the whole debate with the Christian bakery (that subsequently ended up going out of business), there was also a christian photographer who refused homosexuals service.
Everyone has their own opinion on the issue and that is fine.

Me, personally speaking, have a pretty unique perspective. If I open a business, I am doing so to operate in such a way that generates revenue. Plainly put I am in business to make money! Your money is not black, white, gay, or straight. It is money and can be used to buy a million bibles, I can donate it to hundreds of Christian causes, once I get the money I can buy what I want and support any causes that I choose to support. So YES, I will gladly take your money and sell you the finest, prettiest, fliest wedding dress in creation! And while in my Christian based shop, that You CHOSE to patronize, you will hear gospel/christian music, you will hear me say "PRAISE GOD" and I will ask you, "Do YOU Know Him"? BUT, I will also treat you with the respect I treat ALL my customers with. Why? Because ALL customers deserve respect for the simple fact that out of any other shop in the world you CHOSE to come in and buy from mine! Thank you! I appreciate your business!
I also understand that there are factions with agendas who will target christian owned businesses to stir the pot so to speak. To get attention and notoriety for their cause. To that I say, you do not have to take the bait, or attend every argument you are invited to! People with a negative agenda can only cause trouble where others feed into their negative nonsense! They are not out there arguing and screaming and fighting with themselves. They need willing participants. Do NOT be a willing participant! The only reason I am posting about this is because I read something in the comments on Facebook about the wedding shop that was so IGNORANT, and so ASININE to me that I had to blog about it. Some super smart, Christian woman said, "As a business owner they should be able to sell to whoever they want to and NOT sell to whoever they do not want to sell to"....
Yes, I will give you a minute to think about that line and digest it fully.....

So.... What she just said is if you do not want to sell to someone for whatever reason you should not have to. she even said they should post a sign say who they will not sell to! Wow, So then if you do not want to sell to Black people, White people, Gay people, Muslim people it should be perfectly okay since it is your store??? So obviously DISCRIMINATION and SEGREGATION mean absolutely NOTHING to you! Or maybe it is not even about RACE, GENDER, RELIGION, or even SEXUAL ORIENTATION, maybe it is about sin. So in your store you will not sell to sinners. Not ADULTERERS, FORNICATORS, LIARS, MURDERERS, THIEVES, etc. Uh, so who WILL you sell to?! Since ALL have sinned and come short of God's glory, you must not be trying to sell to ANYBODY!!

Anytime someone comes into your place of business they should feel God's love. They should leave your establishment saying, WOW, That Christian lady was so nice to me, is that what God's love is like? As Christians we have to pick our battles OR be smarter in battle. Whatever happened to catching more with honey than with vinegar? Because I'm sure your screams about hate and sin and death are winning so many souls over to Christ... He should be proud...

*But hey this is only MY opinion, You keep right on doing whatever it is that you do!*
Ignorance Makes Me Itch....

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This post will not be accepted by a lot of people because it makes sense, it speaks of the true love of God, and it implies that Jesus died for all of us, even those who choose not to follow Him.
Wow, that's sad.
I pray that when I stand before God, He will be able to say that I lived a life that showed His love, and because of that at least one person (hopefully many many more)got save.

♫Musique♫ 25 August, 2014 19:46

WOW You spoke truth in this one. As a Christian who happens to be SGL (Same Gender Loving), it is refreshing to hear that someone loves everyone despite the sin. The last time I checked we are all sinners. Like my Granny said, some of these church folks should be careful because them same Gay people they hated will be in Heaven while they are catching Hell.

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