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Tyler Perry is Expecting A Baby And The World Just Stopped Spinning!

I do not generally blog about celebrities. Frankly, there are enough other people who spend THEIR LIFE worrying about what celebrities do, what they eat, where they sleep, who they sleep with, etc. So I tend to stay out of the celebrity scandal genre. Further more I really DO NOT CARE about what celebrities do and who they do it with. I have a hard enough time maintaining my own life! So all of that said....
I recently read that Actor, Producer, Screen Writer Tyler Perry is expecting a baby. WOOHOO! Well God Bless him!
So let me tell you why this news is upsetting so many people.
Well people are saying that he should practice what he preaches. People are saying that if he is truly a man of God, as he says he should not be having a child out of wedlock. People are saying that his "ministry" talks about not having sex until you are married, and the comments or remarks go on and on. I read these and similar comments from a post of the article which was posted on Yolanda Adams morning show page. You can read the article for yourself HERE
So this is my issue... and mind you a lot of these comments are coming from Christians who are quoting scriptures saying how wrong he is. So my position is this... THAT IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS!
"WE" (and I use we as a general term), we are so caught up in the "celebrity" that we are overlooking the "man". Tyler Perry NEVER said he was a PASTOR, PREACHER, or Man of the cloth. He is NOT a gospel singer, nor does he work in or represent a church. Tyler Perry is an ACTOR, MOVIE PRODUCER, SCREEN WRITER, and maybe even a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. So what, he has been seen with preachers, so what he prayed for Bishop Jakes, SO WHAT!
People have put this man up on a pedestal, People have made him out to be something other than a human being, People have decided that because he talks about God in his movies and plays, and because he speaks truths sometimes, than he should be held to the standard of a preacher.
WOW! So have YOU ever prayed for someone? I have. Have YOU ever talked to someone about life and said words that really moved, changed, or impacted them? I have. Does THAT make you a preacher? NO! I am a regular, ordinary, everyday person. I sometimes curse, I sometimes drink wine, I listen to a wide variety of music, I even watch movies that sometimes contain sex, or immoral behaviors. BUT I also have a relationship with God. I pray, I read my bible, and I try to live my life in a way that God would be pleased (But there are times when I fall way short)!

My question is, why do you care so much abut Tyler Perry's private life??? It has absolutely nothing to do with you. Ultimately everything Mr. Perry does is between him and GOD. And when you say, "I'm NOT Judging him, I'm just stating the facts" you really are judging him.
Stop comparing celebrities to preachers, Stop putting people on pedestals and then getting mad if they fall off in your eyes.
As for Mr. Perry, Congratulations & welcome to parenthood!

Moving On...

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Lol I love this so Caught up in other business and how they are sinning differently from you and we never look in the mirror. .. These stars lives get everyone in a frenzy!


Absolutely Love The BLOG Sis!! Your Creativity Said It All...... People Really Need To Mine Their Business!! If There Is A Real Christian Concern Then By All Means PRAY For The Situation. Children Are A Blessing No Matter How They Were Conceived Or Brought Into This Crazy World. I'm Not Promoting Premarital Just Simply Not Judging. Everyone Will. Have To Be JUDGED On That Great Day.
So Like The Old Time Singers "Sweep Around Your Own Front Door."


I made a post and judging versus an opinion is different. Even repented if it sounded like it but the way the announcement was made by Yolanda after a short time ago people wanted to lynch Leandrea Johnson
Hypocrisy is not right I don't care how much $$$ you have...New mercies every morning. I'll leave it there . Leader I think you know me well enough to know I have an opinion but I don't do things to cause people to fall ...I have my own crosses to bear. See my post...I am open to YOU for correction . Because I feel I know you well enough to know your intent toward me.


Each of us have made our own mistakes and followed after things we should not have. Example....King David. And honestly...preachers should not be held to any different standards. If we call ourselves believers/followers...we all are called to live lives worthy of the name we carry. The problem is we fall....and the name of Jesus takes the punch. So we should always remember that His name is on the line when we choose to do things that will not honor His name.
It has been a long I hope that is clearer than mud.


Well know I respect your opinion. I was born out of wedlock and not by choice. But I know I have purpose no matter what the enemy meant for evil. Not Psalmist or playwright both proclaimed to represent Jesus. Sin is sin. I don't like the way that because it's Tyler it's ok and they referred to the woman as "on again off again and not sure if on girlfriend" Now if it was a woman case in point Leandrea noone really cared about that man...They tortured her. But now some celebrate because he is a man...hypocrisy! I think we are our brothers and sisters keepers...not to the point of destruction but yes I will say u disappoint me because so many adults and children are watching and heard the message of celibacy...Clink clink!!! It's just wrong to treat a woman differently and this case I think it's all about the $...They even tried to lynch Dietrich Haddon. ..Heck I have done things not this but I was lynched....we must watch our witness is all because it could very well be our family or us. SIN IS SIN. We don't call each other to accountability enough...thus we keep on falling.


Half of us are bastard babies who parents got married after getting knocked up and divorced in the first 2 years....ijs


I'm sure he'll make an excellent dad. That's what matters.


Ok, I loved the Blog. I just have a statement. I am a minister, I am still battling daily. Satan comes at ministers harder because it is our job to get the Word out. Part of getting the Word out is how we live. We are All charged to be Holy because He is Holy. We make a valiant attempt everyday, we have to spend the first years in ministry forgiving ourselves so that we can move forward.

I don't know much about Mr. Perry I know even less about the young lady. I do know that God has chosen to Bless this on again off again relationship with a child. God got this. For everyone who has an opinion about this grown man and grown woman, check yourself.

God makes us whole your life is your ministry, don't waste it examining others.


It would have been storybook perfect if they had gotten married first, but things don't always go as planned.
CONGRATULATIONS, Tyler Perry and mate. God bless you and the little one. I'm sure you will be great parents.

left handed celebrities 09 October, 2014 03:55

Part of being famous is offering up this blank screen upon which people can project everything, and it's a sacred act, putting yourself out there. I just love being incognito.

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