Thursday, July 16, 2015

I AM Going To Be Me, Like It Or Not!

When you see me, what do you see? A Mother, a Grandmother, a Christian, a Trouble maker, a Divorcee’, a Black Woman? Society has become very adept at labeling people to fit into what they think is an acceptable label. After labeling you then people try to “correct” or “change” you. The only changing I need is from God! Not from YOU …Society, Family, Friends, Coworkers, Neighbors, etc. I am fine with being ME, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Everybody will NOT fit into a mold, so PLEASE stop trying to mold me! Who appointed YOU to decide what is normal and acceptable? Who placed YOU in the position to judge me, what I do, what I watch, what I listen to, who I talk to, etc.

You do not know me and cannot figure me out so you label me weird, strange, different, or eclectic. But how about you just leave the labels out of it and just simply call me REGINA. I DO NOT like chocolate, I DO NOT like seafood, I DO NOT like nuts, I DO NOT like shopping, I DO NOT like small talk or chit chat, I DO NOT like making phone calls, and I’m NOT big on television. I CAN spend HOURS listening to music or reading a book. Does this make me abnormal? No, this makes me…ME!
I am an introvert with occasional extrovert tendencies. This does not mean I am anti-social, standoffish, stuck up, or awkward. I simply prefer the company of me! 
I love God, I like wine, I love my natural hair but am not to caught up in maintenance of it. I am not much of a people person BUT I love deeply! I like classical, jazz, country, R&B music, I read fiction, paranormal thrillers, cozy mysteries, I live in Texas but STILL love my native New York, I rarely watch "black movies", I prefer action, fantasy, and mystery movies. I love Star Trek and hate Star Wars! If I post BIBLE scriptures on my social media pages EVERY DAY that's because I am encouraging MYSELF FIRST and if it encourages YOU as well, then glory to God! 
I AM just being ME! It is unfortunate that YOU are having a problem with that… But that is actually YOUR problem, NOT mine.

But you know what I ABSOLUTELY HATE? the people who feel the need to adjust me to make them feel better about themselves and their choices. 
For example, you may have heard this conversation before…

Me: Oh I don’t like/Eat that.
Them: Have you ever had it?
Me: Yes, and I don’t like it.
Them: It probably was not cooked right.
Me: Uh I’m sure it was cooked properly, so and so is a good cook.
Them: Well you have not had or eaten mine. If you had mine you would like it.
Me: Rolls eyes!

Or how about this conversation…

Them: The Best Man Holiday movie was awesome! Right ?!
Me: Eh, haven’t seen it yet.
Them: WHATTT??? Girl why?
Me: Not really interested, I'll probably get around to it...Eventually.
Them: How could you not be interested? Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnut, Terrance Howard, and that other black guy, all that chocolatey goodness! We should support the works of our black actors…
Me: LOL! You mean Harold Perrineau and Uh, it was just not my type of movie. Not a fan of Taye Diggs, and Terrance Howard disgusts me. I watch movies that interest me, NOT ones that star black people just because they are black…
Them: ….. You not black!
Me: ROLLS EYES! & Shakes my head…

~Best Man Holiday~ (Still have not seen it...)

So rather than accept you and your preference they feel the need to try to change you and make it all about them. Because surely they are the authority on all that is right and you will surely bow to their greatness!

Well, Today I am here to tell you, BE YOU, and YOU UNAPOLOGETICALLY! Love the you that God created, God made you UNIQUELY YOU!


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