Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I Can Smell Your Self Righteous Bullying... Get Over Yourself!

Guess Who's Baaacccckkkkk! Did y'all miss me??? Probably not cause I can hear the echo coming through my computer LMAO! It's all good though!

I only came back online because as usual BLACK FOLK ARE WORKING MY NERVE!!
Black people have NOT mastered UNITY but you know what they have mastered...SELF-RIGHTEOUS BULLYING in the name of all things Black! It always amazes me how black people can always vocally judge the actions, thoughts, lives, and hearts of other black people if it is not what they feel black people should be thinking and feeling.

So let me explain...

I loves me some Chrisette Michelle! However right now all over the Internet and social media black people are slamming her, discrediting her, disrespecting her, blacklisting her, etc. According to black America right now she is the biggest coon around! Why? Because she sang at Trump's inauguration. Some are saying she only did it for the check, they are saying she is a sell out, she's a coon, she's a clown, and she's the downfall of black people!... Really... Chrisette is the DOWN FALL of Black people?? HALF OF YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HER OR HER MUSIC BECAUSE SHE IS NOT MAINSTREAM OR COMMERCIAL ENOUGH FOR YOU! They are praising Jennifer Holiday who refused to sing at the inauguration, but she said she backed out due to death threats. DAMN! DEATH THREATS??? Black folk are that mad, they are threatening to KILL people just for being around Trump? Come On y'all it's NOT that serious! We have had good and bad Presidents before and we will again. Hell half of y'all didn't even like Obama until he was leaving now y'all miss him? FOH!! But folk are calling Steve Harvey a coon and sellout as well for meeting with Trump! But what is there to gain by NOT meeting with Trump or NOT singing at the inauguration? You Black folk need to get out of your feelings and get your minds right! SOMEBODY has to be present, SOMEBODY has to attend, SOMEBODY has to show up! If you all say no than God will appoint SOMEONE ELSE!

Black people are ALWAYS so quick to jump on a black band wagon and bash other black people for not being black enough! Blacks are some of the biggest bullies around. Always so righteous! Always so black! Always ready to revoke somebody else black card (They took mine long ago cause I'm not BLACK ENOUGH! LMAO). Hey I'm not mad at at Chrisette for singing. If God laid it on your heart than damn what the world says, do it! GOD CAN, GOD HAS, GOD WILL USE ANYONE HE CHOOSES TO. So if NOT ONE BLACK person decided to show up at the table who would be there to represent??
You don't know that woman or her heart but you choose to stand on your Self-Righteous podium of blackness to judge her and her entire life/career? And y'all are actually PRAISING Spike Lee for denouncing her and her Blackness? Yo! Spike Lee don't speak for me and his interpretation of blackness and Brooklyn is NOT my interpretation! I have never been a Spike Lee fan because his views of black life did not match my views of black life.
Chrisette Michele SHOWED UP when others would not! But she was there with Travis Green
(a Black gospel artist) but y'all not slamming him... but wait do y'all even know who Travis Greene is? Probably not LOL! Get Enlightened!

So I will close with this.... Bullying is NOT OKAY! Let GOD use you no matter what ANYBODY has to say! Only God knows what the plan and end game is, all you have to do is SAY YES, BE PRESENT AND DO YOUR PART! I think Travis Greene and Chrisette Michelle represented God very well!


Praise Him!!

Oh and please remember ... You don't have to agree with me! Because I actually don't care if you do or not! It's good to be back! PEACE!

Regina! (STILL ME IN 2017)

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